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Foxcroft Academy Private School

Address: 975 W Main St, Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426, USA
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Description Foxcroft Academy Private School

  • Founded: in 1823
  • Location: Dover Foxcroft, Maine, USA
  • Age of the pupils: from 13 years
  • Total number of students: 455
  • Number of foreign students: 105
  • Average number of students in the class: 16
  • Type of accommodation: residence
  • Type of training: mixed
  • Language of instruction: English.

Foxcroft Academy - a popular private school in America, whose motto is the phrase "Knowledge is power". It received its recognition in the international arena and is one of the oldest schools in the United States. Currently, students from different countries of the world are being trained at the academy - Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, the Czech Republic, etc.

The Foxcroft Academy builds an academic program in line with international standards and requirements to prepare its students for entry into an independent life. More than 150 diverse educational disciplines will allow each student to find their own way and do their favorite hobby. Graduates of the school become active citizens of the modern world who possess the necessary knowledge and skills for further development, both career, creative and social. The basic principles of the school are aimed at creating a safe world for children and adolescents.

The Academy of Foxcroft strives to make the learning process entertaining and effective due to the use of the newest teaching methods and developed infrastructure base. So, the school has a unique program "each student - his iPad", allowing students to keep up to date. Graduates of the academy show significant successes and enter prestigious higher educational institutions of the USA - UCLA, USC, North western University, Smith College, University of California, University of Virginia, etc., having excellent training and a high level of knowledge. Also, students show significant achievements in the field of sports (for example, American football or basketball). Over the past few years, the Academy's students have won more than 4 prestigious Sportsmanship Awards.

Elite school Foxcroft prepares future leaders who have received an excellent knowledge base, who can critically think and defend their ideas. During the training, students receive all the skills and skills necessary to build a successful future:

  • Striving for knowledge and discoveries
  • Ability to think independently and make decisions
  • Effective communication skills
  • Creative approach to problems
  • Practical application of theoretical knowledge
  • Team work skills
  • Responsible attitude to tasks
  • Developed sense of social responsibility
  • Active participation in public life.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Foxcroft Academy Private School

Program name
from 51 750 $ / year

Foxcroft Academy provides a wide range of disciplines of varying complexity and focus. There is a system of credits at the school: for the period of study for obtaining a certificate of secondary education, students need to recruit at least 24 credits (at least 6 annually). Each item is valued in a different amount of loans: for example, English - 4 credits, art - 1 credit, and mathematics - 3 credits.

The school offers the following disciplines for study, of which 25 belong to the fine arts, and 24 - to technical subjects:

  • English Language and Literature
  • Natural sciences, which include chemistry, biology and physics
  • Mathematics
  • Social sciences, which consist of the history of the United States, the history of world civilizations, etc.
  • Foreign languages ​​and culture
  • Scientific and technical education
  • Physical education or course "healthy lifestyle"
  • Theater or Fine Arts
  • Individual lessons, etc.

The 10 items of increased complexity include:

  • Statistics
  • English language and essays
  • Mathematical analysis
  • English Literature and Composition
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • History of the USA
  • Studio art
  • Economy.

In addition, for children there are very interesting courses on driving, law, computer repair and much more.

To complete the training, children also need to spend 36 hours on social work:

  • 9th grade - 6 hours
  • Grade 10 - 8
  • Grade 11 - 10
  • 12th grade - 12.

The cost of schooling for one academic year is 41,000 $. The price includes full board accommodation.

Accommodation and food

The Foxcroft Academy provides a unique safe environment in which students learn to live independently and learn the culture of different countries. Students of Foxcroft Academy live in one of the residences:

  • Herd Hall - comfortable hostel, designed for 60 students + 6 rooms for teachers and their families. It was opened in 2009.
  • The Lodge is a modern building, accommodating 36 students + 4 rooms for teachers.

Students live in comfortable rooms for 2-3 people. Each residence has Wi-Fi, kitchens and recreation areas, where students can meet their friends in their spare time. For students who receive high marks (above 3.5), there are special single rooms.

Students form the most interesting and vibrant community in which they learn, create wonderful memories and build friendly relations. On weekends there is a huge amount of unforgettable events and excursions for children and teenagers living in the hostel.

Events Foxcroft Academy Private School

The unique location of the school creates a wide range of activities for students who are keen on active recreation. Students can try themselves in swimming or rafting, go hiking or cycling. In winter, children and adolescents will be able to do skiing, snowboarding, skating or snowmobiling. Students can also do the following sports under the guidance of experienced tutors:

  • American football
  • Field hockey
  • Basketball
  • Cross country
  • Athletics
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Softball
  • Fighting, etc.

For students who are keen on creativity, there is also a huge number of sections and circles:

  • Orchestra / String Orchestra
  • Musical Ensembles
  • Jazz band
  • Choir
  • Rock band
  • Playing a musical instrument - guitar, piano or percussion
  • Classes in ceramics
  • Studio art
  • Sculptural welding
  • Filming
  • The photo
  • Theater Workshop.

Special interest for teenagers is represented by the theater group and film art lessons - so, children can try themselves in writing scripts and scenes or become a real actor in the musical! Classes are conducted by popular screenwriter Bobby Keniston. In the classroom, students put their own ideas, which are held entirely under the guidance of students - from creating a script to working on stage. Since 2010, there has been a circle of cinema art, which every year acquires more and more popularity: the pupils are involved in the production of films and occupy leading positions in many famous film contests.

Equipment Foxcroft Academy Private School

Foxcroft Academy is located in the small rural town of Dover Foxcroft in Maine and covers an area of ​​125 acres, which has everything you need for a comfortable and efficient learning:

  • 2 new hostels
  • 5 modern sports fields
  • 4 tennis courts
  • Basketball ground
  • The main building where lessons and lectures take place.

Term dates and fees

The cost of training per 1 student for 1 academic year (with full board) is 41,000 $.

Additional expenses:

  • Flight and round trip
  • Costs for visa processing and translation of documents
  • Bank charges
  • Medical insurance
  • Filing for documents
  • Activities not included in the training program
  • Additional leisure activities and excursions
  • SAT / TOEFL Exam
  • Insurance for refusing to study - $ 1836
  • Pocket costs.

Extra fees:

  • Medical insurance 1900 USD
  • Deposit for a course/programme 5000 USD

Entry requirements and extra fees how to apply, what is required to enrol

Teaching in the school can take place adolescents aged 14 to 18 years, who provided all the necessary documents (in English):

  • The results of an international TOEFL / IELTS language test or the passing of an internal school language test
  • Report card student
  • Recommendations from teachers
  • Motivation letter.

Also all applicants are interviewed by Skype.


Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Foxcroft Academy Private School reviews

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