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2019-08-14 16:41:46

English courses abroad for foreign students

English courses abroad for foreign students

Language courses for foreign students 

You are deeply mistaken in believing that a foreign language consists only of vocabulary and a huge list of grammar and syntax rules. When deciding to learn a certain foreign language, the foreign student is completely immersed in the new linguistic and cultural environment of a foreign country, thereby becoming closely acquainted with its traditions, the mentality of local residents, and its history. The greatest effectiveness in learning a foreign language is observed in the territory of the country where this language has the status of a state language. After all, local people in everyday life on a regular basis speak it. Thus, as you can already understand, the high efficiency of learning a foreign language in most cases is achieved through full immersion in the language environment.

When deciding to study a foreign language abroad, a foreign student are guaranteed a substantial improvement in their level of knowledge of a foreign language for a short period of time, which is impossible to achieve in their homeland. In addition, when attending prestigious foreign language courses, there is a harmonious combination of the educational process and an exciting vacation, acquaintance with the traditions of the country and its local residents. Thus, the educational process becomes fascinating and informative for foreign students.

Below are the leading language boarding schools abroad, where you can effectively learn English:

  • Kaplan International English;
  • Embassy English;
  • St Giles International;
  • International House;
  • EC English;
  • ELS.

Choosing Effective English Courses for Foreign Students

The best language boarding schools abroad have now developed the widest list of language and academic programs aimed at foreign students of any age. Variations in the proposed language courses are determined by such parameters as the direction of study, the duration, as well as the intensity of the classes and the cost of the courses. However, regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed the highest level of quality educational services offered by the best language boarding schools abroad.

The most popular among foreign students is the general language program abroad because of its versatility and reasonable price. Entering any foreign advanced language boarding school, a foreign student will be able to undergo language education as part of this basic course. As for the duration of education, it varies from 1 week to 1 year, providing for classes of 15-20 hours throughout the week. Intensive language programs have also been developed, involving classes of 30-35 hours. Speaking about the format of the lessons, they can be held either individually or in traditional groups or mini-groups.

Upon reaching the age of 16, the highest demand for foreign language courses is observed. In the vast majority of cases, foreign students choose preparatory programs aimed at successfully passing international language exams, namely TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, DALF, etc., the presence of which is required upon admission to ranking colleges and universities abroad.

Please note that for admission to prestigious foreign universities, the IELTS exam is required for a score of 6.5-7 points. In addition, upon admission to leading universities, where a requirement is presented for the provision of a TOEFL certificate, the score should range from 213 points to 250 points. Thus, the level of initial knowledge of the foreign student will determine the intensity of classes and the duration of the language program.

Currently, effective specialized language courses have been developed, the target audience for which are business people, specialists of various professional fields. As part of the educational programs “foreign language for business communication”, there is a significant expansion of the professional vocabulary, the acquisition by students of communication skills at the international level. Usually, individual programs are the basis for the formation and development of English courses aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, as well as specialists. So, in the framework of the development, the level of English proficiency, the direction of activity, as well as the abilities and talents of students are taken into account. As a rule, only the best specialists who are educators and experts from various business areas are involved in teaching top managers. As you know, all large entrepreneurs and businessmen lack time, which, in turn, affects the intensity of language courses, amounting to 8-10 lessons per day. At the same time, the highest level of teaching to a certain extent determines the cost of education.

Foreign students who have the goal of improving the current level of English proficiency, as a rule, choose educational programs that harmoniously combine language classes with hobbies, sports or some other activities. So, the format of additional lessons can be as follows, namely golf and tennis lessons, yachting, rafting, rock climbing, theater, painting, choreography. In particular, for many foreign students, courses on the study of national cuisine are extremely attractive, in addition, adults are very interested in taking courses in wine tourism.

Top countries for learning English

The overwhelming majority of ranking language boarding schools have branches not only in one country, but also in other states. In this connection, the passage by foreign students of effective English language courses is possible, both in megacities and in calm, cozy provinces. The choice of a specific advanced boarding school is determined by the individual goals and preferences of the student, as well as the financial capabilities of the parents.

As you can guess, the UK is most popular among foreign students for learning English. So, in the very heart of the British capital, London, there is a predominant number of the oldest top boarding schools that offer elite English language courses. However, learning English is not limited only to England.

Malta is universally recognized as an English language learning center. Thus, language boarding schools located in Malta use the British educational system as part of their teaching. At the same time, the cost of education is significantly lower compared to the UK.

It is also worth noting that the leading language boarding schools abroad offer to the attention of foreign students a variety of educational programs that are distinguished by a high level of teaching and a rich leisure program, including various educational excursions and events of an entertaining nature. In addition, it is in the Canadian language boarding schools that a high-quality study of the French language is possible. The option of taking language courses in Canada is ideal for foreign students who intend to simultaneously improve their English and French proficiency.

The main advantages of learning English abroad

The demand and intensity of the use of the English language among all countries of the world is increasing annually. Thus, the number of people who choose it for study with the aim of free communication is increasing.

Making a decision on taking effective language courses abroad, a foreign student is provided with a truly unique opportunity to get acquainted with a new culture, creating at the same time excellent prospects for successful employment, gaining valuable experience of independent stay in a new country, making useful and interesting acquaintances. In the framework of educational programs in English abroad, only experienced and professional teachers who are well aware of all the features of grammar and pronunciation teaching are responsible for teaching.

The following are the main advantages of learning English in the best boarding schools abroad:

  • Guaranteed 100% learning efficiency through complete immersion in the language environment;
  • After completing foreign language courses, a foreign student has an excellent opportunity for successful admission to ranking universities and colleges around the world;
  • After taking language courses, foreign students have an excellent opportunity to take internships at large international companies;
  • The widest list of educational programs and English courses abroad in any direction at an affordable cost;
  • Acquiring useful and interesting acquaintances and contacts;
  • World widening;
  • A great opportunity to explore a new country.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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