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WABE International Private Boarding School

Address: Eggerstedter Weg 19, 25421 Pinneberg
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Description WABE International Private Boarding School

  • Established: 2016
  • Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Pinneberg, Germany
  • Students age: 5-18
  • Number of students: 160
  • Type of training: blended
  • Type of accommodation: residence for students over 16 years old
  • Language of instruction: German-English, English (for students over 16).

WABE Boarding School is a private school in Hamburg with International Baccalaureate training programs for children and adolescents from 5 to 18 years old. The educational institution is accredited as a school with an international baccalaureate program, which confirms its compliance with the highest standards in education.

The educational institution seeks to expand the scope of classical education through attention to the interests of students, making them active participants in the educational process. As with any IB school, at WABE Boarding School the learning process goes beyond the classroom thanks to the constant interaction of students and teachers.

Although the main language of instruction is English, the curriculum includes a sufficient number of hours of study in German in order to confidently master the second language.

The school offers advanced training programs that will help:

  • To acquire relevant knowledge in the conditions of superfast development of science and society
  • To master a variety of skills that will help meet social and professional challenges.
  • Get a comprehensive development, which includes: emotional intelligence, social skills, intelligence, as the ability to adapt to new conditions and acquire new knowledge
  • Gain Comprehensive Competency
  • Master the skills of effective problem solving
  • Get a quality education that will help meet the digital age with confidence and a desire to change the world for the better.

The school was founded in 2016: it has a modern building located in a green and spacious area. One of the key advantages of the school is its modern infrastructure with top-level equipment.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in WABE International Private Boarding School

Program name
from 4 090 € / year

Primary school

  • Age: 5-10
  • Language: German, English
  • Campus accommodation: not included.

The children study in a comprehensive program that combines an international curriculum with the school’s own achievements. The school is accredited as IB World School and is aimed at both local and foreign children. The main language of instruction is English, but the school introduces hours of instruction in German into the curriculum.

Program Objectives:

  • Development of activity and enterprise of children
  • Promotion of cognitive interest
  • Creating the conditions for natural and conscious motivation
  • Holistic personality development
  • Emphasis on social development and emotional intelligence.

The educational process includes a variety of formats - project work, experiments, as well as practice aimed at the development of socio-emotional intelligence. While studying, the key is the Upcycled Fish art project, which will introduce children to the types of art and help them learn different skills and understand the role of art in society.

from 4 090 € / year

Middle school

  • Age: 10-16
  • Language: German, English
  • Campus accommodation: not included.

In the middle classes, children continue to master fundamental school subjects and develop creativity. The How Can We Bring the Soul of Jazz into the Heart of Digital Music? Project, which shows the connection between art and digital technology, helps develop creative thinking and teamwork.

Students study the following areas:

  • Studies in language and literature
  • Language acquisition
  • Individuals and societies
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • The arts.
from 36 000 € / year

IB Diploma Program

  • Age: 16-18
  • English language
  • Campus Accommodation: Included.

Of all the IB programs, the Diploma Program is especially appreciated. Those who are going to enter foreign universities receive several significant advantages at the end of the program:

  • International IB diploma is accepted in most countries of the world and is highly appreciated by admissions committees.
  • Upon admission to universities, students will not have to take additional exams - admission commissions will only consider the IB Diploma Program certificate
  • This program is considered one of the best options for preparing for high school.

As part of the Diploma Program, students focus on:

  • Studying 3-4 priority disciplines of your choice
  • Language skills improvement
  • In-depth study of the professional field (the guys study them at the level of the 1st year of university)
  • Mastering academic skills
  • Development of analytical thinking
  • Active preparation for high school
  • The development of self-confidence, the ability to convey your point of view and work in a team.

Accommodation, housing and food

Students live in residences on the school grounds in rooms for 2 people. The school campus is located in a rural area in a green and spacious area.


  • Weekly cleaning
  • Laundries
  • Kitchens
  • Shared living rooms
  • TV

Children eat in the school cafeteria: a choice of meat, fish, vegetarian menus and other types of diet food are offered. On weekends, children eat in canteens located in school residences.

Students live in small groups under the supervision of a curator, who live together with students in the same residence. A family atmosphere is maintained in school residences: the children live in comfortable rooms, gather in common spacious living rooms, where they can gain strength and spend time chatting with their peers. Pupils receive individual attention and live in a closed guarded area.

Events WABE International Private Boarding School

On weekdays after class, students can choose one of the sections or clubs according to their interests:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Debate
  • Music
  • Scientific circles
  • Business club
  • Yoga
  • Horseback riding.

At the weekend for children, excursions, visits to the theater, cinema, and music concerts are organized.


  • A rare opportunity to attend the IB program in Germany. WABE Boarding School is one of several German schools where you can take this program.
  • Possibility to learn several languages perfectly: children study in a bilingual environment, attending classes in German and English
  • Acquaintance with representatives of different nationalities thanks to study at the international campus
  • Focus on leadership skills
  • Emphasis on innovation, the pursuit of change, the balance between individuality and group work
  • Acquaintance with German culture and a wide selection of leisure activities due to living in the developed region of Hamburg
  • The opportunity to get the most from training due to modern equipment and top-class infrastructure
  • Comfortable conditions for study and constant interaction with the teacher, training in small classes.

Equipment WABE International Private Boarding School

The school is located near Hamburg, which can be reached in 30 minutes by bus. Hamburg is a commercial and cultural center known for its cultural life and beautiful architecture. The unique look of the city is added by numerous bridges, of which there are even more than in Venice! It is no coincidence that the city is in the TOP-20 of the most beautiful places in Europe.

The Germans call Hamburg their musical center, because legendary composers such as Johann Brahms and the most famous wedding march Jacob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy were born in it. Hamburg is also the birthplace of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The beaches of the Baltic and North Sea are located not far from Hamburg, where students go to spend time in the fresh air, enjoy water sports and horse riding.

The school itself is located in the small cozy town of Pinneberg. The building of the educational institution was built in 2016. School Infrastructure:

  • Gym
  • Climbing wall
  • Maclab
  • Sound recording studio
  • Music Classes with Instruments
  • Scientific laboratories with the latest equipment
  • Art studio
  • Library
  • Outdoor sports fields, fields and jumps.

Other facts about Hamburg:

  • Population: 1.8 million
  • Here is the largest port in Europe
  • The city is known for two football teams HSV and St. Pauli, the new concert hall.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

  • Students pay an entrance fee of 700 €
  • Training materials are paid once a year - 500 €.

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

Children pass entrance tests in mathematics and English, collect a package of documents.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

WABE International Private Boarding School reviews

Hello! I would like to know where children under 16 can live.
Good afternoon, Olga. Please indicate the age of the child so that we can answer your question. Information and additional questions can be sent to us by mail:
Hello, how much does it cost to study for a year with campus accommodation?
Smapse Manager
Good afternoon, the cost of tuition and living starts from 36,000 euros per academic year.
Olya Grinenko
Hello, I would like to ask how much will it cost to study with accommodation in this school
Good afternoon, I wrote to you in the mail.
Hello,I’m applying to join this school next year or after next year
Smapse manager
Good day! Fine! We highly recommend this school.
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Official representatives. Submission of documents and admission free of charge
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