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2021-02-16 00:01:01

TOP-10 most interesting vacancies for college graduates

TOP-10 most interesting vacancies for college graduates

All over the world, the cost of training in secondary vocational education institutions is rising sharply. In the the United States , where experts estimate that $ 1 trillion in student loan debt exceeds U.S. credit card debt, families are rethinking the traditional path to career success and turning their attention not to a prestigious university degree, but to a much less status , but no less promising vocational school-shny. Rather, not so - overseas, Susa are called Community college - local colleges. Training in them is not four years, but two years, but, according to experts, in 2020-2025 graduates of local sharags will become specialists in demand on the labor market.

Our situation is different - in the nineties only the lazy director of the route did not add the word "college" to the number of the haven of the humiliated and insulted. At its peak, there were 2,500 colleges in Moscow alone, more than secondary schools! In the 2000s, the trend continued, but by the mid-tenths, the government introduced a grain of rationalism into the staunch bulwark of insanity, which was the college system, and at once deprived hundreds of accreditation, and in others it carried out reorganizations and checks.


It took five years for a college diploma to become more valuable than the paper on which it was printed. Perhaps the whole point is that the option has become popular abroad, but I want to believe: we have learned to measure what we want and what is possible, saving tens and hundreds of thousands on higher education.

According to Rosstat estimates, the average rate of growth in the number of vacancies by 2025 will be 4%, while the number of rates for vocational school graduates will increase by 18%. Junior specialists have a shorter payback period, which, combined with average earnings, means that these graduates pay off their education in an average of 2 years. Moreover, positions requiring only an associate's degree sometimes pay more than those requiring a bachelor's or master's degree. Why study in addition to school and have a lot of debt if the job will not bring so much money?

We offer a list of 10 interesting jobs for college graduates.

Make-up artist

Makeup is not the same as a regular make-up or haircut for a Friday party after work. Theatrical and cinematic make-up looks intimidating live, but on stage the brightness and unnaturalness of the colors have to be divided by the distance from the stage to the audience stands, and in the cinema these calculations are carried out by the camera lens. The task of the make-up artist is to calculate the proportions so that everything looks natural.


A dog is a friend of man, and a dog handler is a friend, comrade and brother of that friend with four legs. And the tail. With a wet nose. Cynologists train guide dogs, search and service animals, and those, in turn, serve in the army, police, the Ministry of Emergency Situations - wherever a person cannot cope for one reason or another.


There is a whole team behind the driver's back, without whose efforts no victory can be achieved, no matter how good the car is. Knowing the device of a car in the smallest detail, being able to find and fix a malfunction, returning units broken into the trash to life is akin to the art of a surgeon.


Children's books will not be able to open the door to a fairy tale if they do not complement the handle of this door with visual images. To illustrate them, you need to be an extra-class specialist (and so that childhood plays at least in one place).


Engraving is a way to make an ordinary thing extraordinary. Unusual inscription, filigree carving, graceful notches can make the most ordinary object a work of art. Engraving can be done on metal, as well as on bone, plastic and other materials.

Mine surveyor

A mine surveyor is not only a car and a rock band, but also a person who, with the help of sensitive instruments, is able to look deep into the earth and give an answer - is there something valuable or not. These specialists are needed not only at ore deposits - mine surveyors are responsible for the safety of the work, therefore they control the construction of tunnels, subways, mines and wells.


With the advent of gadgets, it may seem that watches are a thing of the past, remaining somewhere in the era of boiled jeans and queues for sausages in glass containers, but this is not so. The watch remains part of a business suit and a gift for graduation, the boy's majority, and for a girl - a fashion accessory that emphasizes the image.


Collecting flowers in a bouquet seems to be a non-trivial task - in practice, it is very difficult to ensure that your broom does not fall apart at the first opportunity and you can look at it without shuddering. This is a seasonal profession: on holidays, such as March 8 and Valentine's Day, September 1 and Teacher's Day, florists plow like damned. And on other days, three to five visitors will be for joy. If you have a light hand, you can easily acquire clients.

Costume designer

With the costume designer, the fourth dimension appears in theater and cinema - time. By the costume, we understand what time the character is from, where he lives, with whom he communicates, what habits he has, even before he opens his mouth in the frame. A good suit can often lengthen a mediocre film, and mediocre work in this direction will add nerves to the producer and cause merciless fire from criticism (hello, The Witcher from Netflix!).


More often called public catering technologies, and the newly minted specialist, respectively, a technologist. The demand for catering, which rose sharply after the collapse of the USSR, has not yet disappeared — bars, restaurants, cafes and taverns are opening in cities every now and then. The coronavirus pandemic does not stop, especially since it is rumored to be on the decline.

The ability to make awesome dumplings, pies or God knows what else from second-rate minced meat and flour, bypassing the insidious requirements of sanitary standards and not seasoning the dish with salmonellosis, is always in the price.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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