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The first European gymnasium of Peter the Great

Address: Chelobitevskoe sh., 9, Nagornoe, Moscow region, 127543

Description The first European gymnasium of Peter the Great

  • Established: in 2012
  • Location: Moscow region, Fr. Mytishchi, village Nagornoye, Russia
  • Age of students: 2.5– 17 years.
  • Type of eduaction: joint (mixed)
  • Type of stay: on campus residence
  • Language of instruction: Russian.

The first European Peter the Great Gymnasium is a unique educational institution, a joint project of the structures:

  • Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture;
  • Austrian-Russian Friendship Society.

Thanks to such founders, studying in a gymnasium simultaneously meets the requirements of Russian and European educational standards and opens up opportunities for its graduates to enter higher education institutions in Europe on equal terms with applicants living in EU countries.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in The first European gymnasium of Peter the Great

Program name
from 1 035 000 Р. / year

Preschool education

Pre-school education in the gymnasium is implemented in the form of the kindergarten “Child prodigy” for children from 2.5 to 7 years old. In addition to education in writing, reading, counting, development of memory and thinking, the author programs are practiced:

  • "School of good manners";
  • "Young Culinary";
  • "Little Genius";
  • "Do good";
  • "Experimenter".

You can attend kindergarten in one of three formats:

  • in a full day group;
  • in preparation for school;
  • full board with accommodation in double or quadruple rooms.
from 1 035 000 Р. / year

Elementary education

The primary education program for pupils from the first to the fourth grade is implemented in the framework of the “kindergarten - primary school” system, which allows leveling the stress during the transition to school. Throughout the course of elementary school, teachers see their main goal in:

  • develop in children skills of self-control and introspection;
  • develop students' ability to cooperate with their classmates in the process of solving common problems;
  • form schoolchildren's logical thinking;
  • help pupils to develop skills of independent work.
from 1 035 000 Р. / year

secondary school

Features of teaching adolescents in the First European Peter the Great Gymnasium:

  • special emphasis on the humanities, foreign languages;
  • in-depth study of the exact sciences (in comparison with government secondary school programs);
  • computer science and programming in English;
  • specialization in the 10th grade and further targeted training for admission to the desired university.

The secondary school program for students in grades 5-11 involves the study of two types of subjects:

  • basic binding:
    • Russian, English, German,
    • mathematics, the world, technology,
    • choreography, music, art;
  • optional optional:
    • German and English with a carrier, preparation for Cambridge exams,
    • economy, chess, speech classes,
    • swimming, guitar, ballroom dancing, piano.
from 1 035 000 Р. / year

Profile education

The program of specialized education for students of the tenth and eleventh grades of the first European gymnasium is carried out in the form of weekly electives. Their total duration is one academic year, and they are organized with the direct assistance of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. For visiting high school students and schoolchildren from other educational institutions of the same age, 3 courses are available to choose from:

  • "Financial control";
  • "World Finance" (English program);
  • "Preparing for the exam."

Upon completion of the programs, you must confirm your knowledge on the final test, after successfully passing which students receive:

  • additional points to the exam;
  • Certificate of Financial University, giving an advantage to its holder in the case of equality of points with another applicant.

Matura Academy

Since 2012, an agreement with the Austrian Ministry of Education has been in effect, under which the First European Gymnasium has the right to carry out pre-mathematics schoolchildren’s training (Matura is also an examination grade and an official certificate confirming that it has completed full secondary education in the European format).

Course benefits:

  • enhanced study of English and German;
  • training in high school programs in Austria;
  • easy and quick adaptation in case of entering the European school institution;
  • internship in prestigious Austrian schools;
  • creating a portfolio for admission to foreign universities;
  • the opportunity to receive a certificate of secondary education of the European sample, which allows to avoid additional preparatory courses and passing the language exam in case of admission to Austrian universities.

Accommodation, housing and food

The first European Peter the Great Gymnasium accepts stuednts from all over Russia, therefore, a residence for students living on a full board basis is provided on its territory. The guesthouse is available in 2 formats:

  • five-day stay (students go home on weekends);
  • accommodation "from vacation to vacation" (high-school students live on campus for the entire academic year with the exception of vacation periods).

Features of accommodation in the guest house:

  • teachers and educators accompany students around the clock;
  • the entire campus is guarded, ongoing video surveillance;
  • students are provided with a varied program of excursions and walks;
  • a choice of double or quadruple rooms;
  • Medical and psychological assistance is available to high school students at any time.

The gymnasium has its own kitchen and dining room, where chefs prepare tasty and healthy food. Full-time hot meals are provided for those living on campus, fresh fruit and vegetables are always available for all students in the canteen of the educational institution.

Events The first European gymnasium of Peter the Great

The mission of the First European Peter the Great Gymnasium sees the comprehensive disclosure of the potential of its students, therefore, there are several areas of extracurricular activities:

  • sports direction:
    • football,
    • team games
    • chess,
    • Sambo;
  • Music Studio "Virtuoso":
    • choir
    • vocals,
    • piano, guitar;
  • artistic and aesthetic direction:
    • choreography,
    • dance studio "Like",
    • art studio "Young Artist";
  • general direction:
    • speaking practice with native speakers of English and German,
    • robotics,
    • programming for toddlers and high school students,
    • preparation for the Cambridge exams.


  • An opportunity to receive 2 state certificates: European (Matura) + Russian.
  • The educational process is carried out in 3 languages: Russian, German, English.
  • Study in small groups: the maximum number of students in a class is 12 people.
  • The priority of graduates of the gymnasium in the case of admission to the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • Winner of the international competition "Mathematics without Borders" (Bulgaria, 2015).
  • Holder of the international certificate of the European sample "School, where literacy flourishes."
  • The gymnasium has 5 foreign partner schools (in Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, on Malta), where students can take internships.

Equipment The first European gymnasium of Peter the Great

The gymnasium is located in the village of Nagornoye of the Moscow region and has a branch (kindergarten "Wunderkind" and elementary school from first to third grade), which is located in the city of Moscow.

In the school building there are 36 equipped classrooms, 25 electronic boards, and also:

  • computer classes;
  • library with room for reading;
  • sports Hall;
  • concert hall;
  • art studio.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

The beginning of the school year in the gymnasium is September 4, the date of its completion depends on the age of students :

  • May 31 for students 1-8, as well as 10 classes;
  • May 25 for grades 9 and 11 (with the subsequent passing of state final examinations).

The educational process is divided into trimesters:

  • Term I: 04.09 - 30.11;
  • The second trimester: 01.12 -28.02;
  • Term III: 01.03–31.05.

The cost of education at the First European Peter the Great Gymnasium depends on the educational program and on the conditions for attending school (board or full-time education):

  • 675 000 RUB: half board (weekdays from 8:30 to 18:00);
  • 945 000 RUB: board (weekdays with overnight stay);
  • 1 035 000 RUB: board with accommodation (the whole academic year, except for holidays).

Prices are for a period of one academic year. The gymnasium has a discount system:

  • 10% when teaching a second child;
  • 5% if paid per year;
  • 3% if paid for 6 months;
  • 10% each when teaching twins / twin.

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

Since the administration of the gymnasium realizes how important it is for parents to be confident in the correctness of their choice of school, a free trial week is in effect at the educational institution (you only need to pay for meals).

It is necessary to specify all the details of enrollment in the gymnasium individually.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

The first European gymnasium of Peter the Great reviews

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