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St. Petersburg Military Order of Zhukov Institute of national guard troops of the Russian Federation

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Description of St. Petersburg Military Order of Zhukov Institute of national guard troops of the Russian Federation

  • Location: St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • Age of students: 16+;
  • Type: mixed;
  • Language of instruction: Russian.

The date of foundation of the institute is considered to be October 12, 1944, when, by decision of the USSR government, the Central School of the GULAG of the NKVD of the USSR was established in the village of Krasnaya Glinka of the Kuibyshev region to train the leading personnel of the camp sector. In its current state, the military institute was established on April 5, 2016.

The functions and powers of the founder of the institute are carried out by the Federal Service of the National Guard troops of Russia.

Faculties and colleges

The structure of the Institute includes the following faculties: 

  • Command;
  • Military-political     work;
  • Training of highly qualified personnel and additional professional education.

Scientific achievements

The results of scientific work, inventions and rationalization proposals are introduced into educational activities and into the service and combat activities of Rosgvardia.

The Institute has a scientific school in the direction of scientific research "Education and training of military personnel; moral and psychological support for the activities of units and subdivisions" under the leadership of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of the Higher School of the Russian Federation Slepov V.Ya., which is included in the Register of Leading Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Schools of St. Petersburg.

The scientific work of cadets at the Institute is integrated both into educational activities and into scientific research conducted in extracurricular time within the framework of the work of the circles of the military-scientific society of cadets in the departments and in the scientific departments of the university.

In total, the Institute has 17 scientific circles and 12 scientific sections.

Things to know about

The scientific potential of the Institute consists of 37 doctors of sciences, 102 candidates of science, 32 professors, 54 associate professors. In addition, the university employs 14 people who have been awarded honorary titles of the Russian Federation, and 10 employees who have been awarded honorary titles of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in St. Petersburg Military Order of Zhukov Institute of national guard troops of the Russian Federation

Program name
All year round
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There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Accommodation, meals, prices

The personnel of the military institute are stationed in two military towns. On the territory of the military town No. 1 there are 2 barrack-type buildings with a total area of 2621.84 square meters. meters. Cadets of 1-5 courses and BOPM soldiers live in the barracks, the sleeping quarters are fully equipped with the necessary furniture and equipment.

In the training center there are 3 barracks for 320 people, with a total area of 2300 square meters. meters.

Students are fully provided with a complex of social and domestic services - both in the point of permanent deployment and in the training center. Places of accommodation of personnel are equipped with the necessary number of toilet rooms, washbasins, shower cabins for the floor barrack section. There are rooms for household services, which are equipped with household equipment and repair materials, rooms for storing uniforms, rooms for drying shoes and uniforms.

Meals for the personnel of the military institute are organized in the canteen (cadet) for 1000 seats, in the dining room (soldier's) for 100 seats and in the dining room (for cadets and soldiers) of the training center for 100 seats per shift, using a self-service line.

Bath and laundry services for soldiers and cadets are organized in the relevant combine of the institute.

Activities St. Petersburg Military Order of Zhukov Institute of national guard troops of the Russian Federation

In the military institute on a regular basis are carried out: 

  • solemn events dedicated to the celebration of state holidays, Days of Military Glory, memorable dates of Russia and the National Guard troops; 
  • solemn events dedicated to the conduct of military rituals and events to preserve the traditions of the National Guard troops and the military institute;
  • photo exhibitions and art thematic exhibitions, including those with the participation of invited persons;
  • film screenings;
  • concerts of amateur performances and creative teams.

At least once a quarter, cadets restore order at the monuments assigned to the institute, located in the Krasnoselsky and Kirovsky districts of St. Petersburg. 

The national teams of the Institute participate in the Spartakiad of Rosgvardia, in competitions of the St. Petersburg and Leningrad regional organization of the Public-State Association "All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Society "Dynamo"" in military-applied, service-applied and other sports.

The institute conducts training sessions in 14 kinds of sports.

Cultural and leisure work of the Institute is organized by: 

  • Military Institute Club;
  • library;
  • reading room with equipment for Internet access;
  • Museum of the Military Institute;
  • amateur art groups "Voice of the Guard";
  • dance ensemble "Movement";
  • vocal and instrumental ensemble "Honor and Glory";
  • photo circle "Vzglyad";
  • creative teams of other organizations and institutions of Rosgvardia and the Krasnoselsky district of the city of St. Petersburg.

Facilities and equipment at St. Petersburg Military Order of Zhukov Institute of national guard troops of the Russian Federation

The main objects of the material and technical base of the Institute are located on four land plots with a total area of 160.8 hectares in 92 buildings and structures in two military towns:

  • military town No. 1 (point of permanent deployment), located at the address: St. Petersburg, Letchika Pilyutova Street, 1;
  • military town No. 2 (training center of the military institute), located in the village of Moloskovitsy, Leningrad region.

In total, the military institute has 116 classrooms for conducting educational activities:

  • 98 auditoriums at the permanent location, comprising 44 specialized classrooms and 32 platoon auditoriums;
  • 10 classrooms in the training center of the military institute;
  • 7 lecture halls (6 in the point of permanent deployment and 1 in the training center of the institute) with a total capacity for 646 people;
  • club of the military institute (assembly hall) with a capacity of 380 people.

In addition, the following are used in the educational activities of the Institute:

  • methodical office;
  • 14 offices of departments;
  • 74 teachers' offices;
  • sports complex, including:
    • sports hall; 
    • a battlefield;
    • functional training site - up to 100 people;
    • gymnastics ground with a gymnastics town and multi-span equipment - up to 100 people;
  • parade ground;
  • guard town;
  • the command post of the military institute;
  • hall of the Academic Council of the Military Institute;
  • training center for psychological assistance and rehabilitation of Rosgvardia;
  • reading room with a subscriber point of access to the Internet;
  • 2 libraries.

For better conduct of training sessions at the departments, more than 250 units of various technical means of teaching are used. The Military Institute has 15 computer classes for internet access. Total number of PC units is 840.

Library and information support of educational, research, cultural and educational activities of the Institute is carried out by the general and special libraries of the university, the reading room. The total fund of the library of the Military Institute is 94,798 units.

All platoon classrooms, lecture halls and the club are equipped with videoconferencing systems, both using the military institute's internal network and using the Internet.

The training center of the military institute is located 90 km from the institute and is able to accommodate two cadet companies (200 people) to work out the main professional educational programs of higher education. In the training center of the military institute there are heated barracks, a park and an operating refueling point.

The field training and material base of the training center of the military institute includes:

  • military shooting range;
  • training facility "Tactical field";
  • autodrome training facility;
  • the training facility "Closed area for the training of drivers of category C vehicles";
  • driving section of combat vehicles;
  • the "Outpost in the State of Emergency Area" training facility;
  • engineering town;
  • CBRN Protection Town;
  • communication platform;
  • parade ground;
  • gymnastics town with a volleyball court;
  • a single obstacle course;
  • stadium;
  • academic building.

For medical support, a military polyclinic with an infirmary for 35 beds is used, which has an outpatient clinic, the placement of offices in which is carried out on the basis of the principles of phasing and taking into account the sequence of medical care provided.

Pre-medical and sanitary care, including in emergency and emergency forms, is provided in pre-medical reception rooms. Paramedics are placed here, medical books are stored, examinations and anthropometric studies are carried out.

Medical care is provided in specially equipped rooms:

  • surgical unit, where the "clean" and "purulent" dressing rooms are placed, the surgeon's office;
  • the offices of general practitioners are compactly located, designed for outpatient reception of patients, medical examinations and examinations of military personnel;
  • the dental unit is located in three rooms, one of which is used to receive patients, and the other two - to provide therapeutic dental care, tooth extraction and other surgical interventions. 

In order to ensure the treatment and diagnostic process in the clinic, the following are deployed:

  • clinical laboratory, which is designed to conduct an established list of general clinical analyzes;
  • physiotherapy room in two adjacent rooms, one of which is used for electro- and heat therapy, and the second for light therapy;
  • X-ray room in a separate building, has rooms for a fluorographic room, an X-ray room, the development of X-ray images and films and an X-ray laboratory technician;
  • procedural polyclinics for performing medical appointments to outpatients, providing emergency medical care for acute diseases, injuries and poisoning.

In the outpatient clinic, a pharmacy of the polyclinic is deployed as part of the assistant, washing and material rooms (premises).

Admission dates and extra charges

The educational process is organized in semesters (autumn and spring), each of which ends with a test-examination session. 

Additional costs of applicants include the payment of a screening examination for the use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and alcohol.

Enrolment process

Persons from among the citizens who have completed and not performed military service, who have expressed a desire to enter the institute, submit an application to the military commissariat at the place of military registration before April 1. Candidates from among the military personnel submit a report on command at the place of military service until March 1.

Personal files of selected candidates are sent to the admission committee of the institute. The application (report) shall be accompanied by:

  • a copy of the birth certificate;
  • a copy of the identity and citizenship document;
  • autobiography;
  • characteristics from the place of work, study or military service;
  • a copy of the document on secondary general education / secondary vocational education;
  • three photos (4.5x6 cm);
  • a copy of the service card (for military personnel);
  • materials of a special inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia;
  • a medical examination card with medical documents (ECG, certificates from narcological, tuberculosis and psychoneurological dispensaries, a certificate from an infectious disease specialist, an X-ray of the paranasal sinuses, FLG in direct and lateral projections, blood sugar, HIV, biochemical and general analyzes, Wasserman reaction);
  • certificate of the absence of medical contraindications for working with the use of information constituting a state secret.

The admission committee of the university considers the documents of candidates, determines the compliance of selected candidates with the requirements and makes a decision on admission (non-admission) to professional selection. To participate in the professional selection, the candidate upon arrival at the admission committee of the institute is provided with:

  • passport;
  • a military ID card or a certificate of a citizen subject to conscription for military service;
  • a document on education and (or) on qualifications (with a copy);
  • information on the availability of special rights (benefits) and individual achievements, supporting documents.

Upon arrival, each candidate undergoes a military medical commission and a screening examination for the use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and alcohol.

Enrolment statistics

The competition at the time of enrollment in the faculties was (person per place):

  • Faculty (command) – 1.1;
  • Faculty (moral and psychological support) – 0.78.

According to the results of the professional selection in 2021, the plan for completing the 1st course of the institute was partially completed:

  • faculty (command) – 100%;
  • Faculty (moral and psychological support) – 78.7%.


Upon completion of training, graduates of the institute are assigned the first officer rank of lieutenant, after which they are sent for further military service to military units and associations (formations) of Rosgvardia.

All graduates after graduation from the institute are appointed to military positions in accordance with their military specialty.

Entry requirements, how to apply, what is required to enrol

Admission to the military institute is carried out on a competitive basis on the basis of the results of a professional selection, due to the admission of students to the federal state military service under a contract.

Male Russian citizens with secondary general or secondary vocational education (only if there are results of the Unified State Exam), who have passed the test in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, are considered as candidates, from among:

  • citizens who have not performed military service, between the ages of 16 and 22;
  • citizens who have performed military service and military personnel performing military service under conscription , until they reach the age of 24 years;
  • military personnel performing military service under contract (except for officers) - until they reach the age of 27 years.

Citizens of the Russian Federation who have dual citizenship cannot be considered as candidates for admission to the institute.

The minimum number of USE points required for admission:

  • in Russian — 36;
  • in history, 32;
  • in social studies, 42;
  • in biology — 36.

Scholarships St. Petersburg Military Order of Zhukov Institute of national guard troops of the Russian Federation

Cadets of the Military Institute are provided with a salary. Every year, according to the report, cadets who have concluded a contract are paid additional material assistance in the amount of 60,000 rubles.

The Council of Veterans of the Military Institute annually awards two of the best cadets of the 5th year (from each faculty) the Prize named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Colonel M.V. Ashik.

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

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