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Sasha Garden Lyceum

Address: st. Frunze, 6A, St. Petersburg, 196070

Description Sasha Garden Lyceum

  • Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Founded: 1988
  • Age of students: 2-11 years
  • Type of education: joint
  • Language of instruction: Russian.

Sasha Lyceum Garden has been leading the history since 1988 and offers high-quality pre-school (from 2 to 7 years old), primary school education (from 7 to 11 years old), additional developmental programs, summer shifts and school stays on Saturdays. Over a 30-year period of work, the educational institution graduated about 1700 children, education is based on state standards, the best examples of world and Russian private education. Education for children begins at the age of 3 under the unified program "School 2100". Graduates are determined in the best schools of the city: Physics and Mathematics Gymnasium No. 366 of the Moscow Region, Spanish-English School No. 205 of the Frunze District, Gymnasium No. 56 of the Petrograd District, the NOU “School of Radio, Television and Show Business”, the NOU “Diplomat”, etc.

The Lyceum Garden "Sasha" is located at ul. Frunze, house 6 (m. Victory Park).

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Sasha Garden Lyceum

Program name



  • Nursery group
  • Junior group
  • Middle group
  • Senior group
  • Preparatory group.

Preparation for school in basic subjects is carried out 3 times a week for 1.5 hours, 3 subjects are studied. The teacher gives assignments to consolidate the studied, the teacher in the kindergarten helps to perform fixing tasks (all educators have a secondary special or higher education), fixing tasks in English helps the educational teacher to complete. English lessons are held 5 times a week, filling groups of kindergarten - 10-12 people, 3 teachers work with them at the same time. In intellectual studies, the group is divided into 2 subgroups: continuing and beginners.


  • Literacy
  • Speech development
  • Introduction to the basics of mathematics
  • Acquaintance with the outside world
  • Acquaintance with fiction
  • Fundamentals of applied art (training in modeling, drawing, application)
  • Primary music education (singing, piano)
  • Chess
  • English language training
  • Physical Culture
  • Rhythmoplasty
  • Construction
  • Speech therapist classes
  • Ecology
  • Posing by the method of E. N. Potapova
  • Life Safety Basics
  • Educational games in all lessons.

Educators use modern teaching materials, equipment:

  • Educational board games
  • Multimedia
  • Cognitive films
  • Interactive programs.

Group classes are held:

  • Learning English with an experienced teacher
  • The basics of acting
  • Fundamentals of fine art, modeling.

Much attention is paid to physical development:

  • Training lesson
  • Basics of martial arts
  • Breathing exercises.

Primary School

The child is in primary school for four years from 1 to 4 grade. Small classes, not more than 10 people, allow teachers to convey educational material to each child, to reveal its potential. The main task of elementary school is to teach the child to learn, instill a desire, the ability to work.

Learning English begins with grade 1, German begins to learn from grade 2.

Subjects studied under the state program (state standard):

  • Russian language
  • Literary reading
  • Maths
  • Computer science
  • The world
  • Music
  • Physical Culture
  • art
  • Technology (design, modeling, application)
  • English.
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Summer camp

The summer camp in kindergarten offers an interesting, useful pastime. Participants learn English in a playful way, go through various master classes, read fiction, design, experiment, draw in sand, on paper, travel around the city.

Accommodation, housing and food

  • The kindergarten works from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., offers students 4 meals a day, food is prepared on filtered water, during the day the children drink imported Devonian water.
  • Children are provided with home cooking, sleeping, walking, vitamin therapy (Immunal, Centrum, Pikovit, Sanasol, Fish Oil, Hematogen, rosehip syrup, Iodine asset), herbal teas, vitamin teas, oxygen cocktail (as agreed with parents).
  • The dishes are washed in dishwashers with filtered water at a temperature of 65 ° C.

Events Sasha Garden Lyceum

Kindergarten students attend additional events:

  • Pool - once a week
  • Physiotherapy exercises - 2 hours / week.
  • Chinese breathing exercises - 3 hours / week
  • Excursions to the puppet theater, museum, around the city or the countryside, the demonstration of theatrical performances in the walls of the Lyceum - 1 time / week.
  • Physical education classes in the classroom and out of class (physical education lessons, outdoor sports, swimming pool, martial arts, exercise therapy, breathing exercises).

The curriculum of students of the school is supplemented by a diverse cultural program - excursions, concerts of classical music, visits to theaters, exhibitions and art galleries of the city, which develops horizons and helps the formation of a comprehensively developed personality.

Extracurricular activities of students, additional education include:

  • Learning two foreign languages from the 1st grade to English, from the 2nd grade to German (classes, games, school theater, walking, tours, classes with a native speaker)
  • Computer science
  • Preparation and annual participation in the regional and international creativity competition "Odyssey of the Mind" - trips to different cities of Russia and Europe
  • Exploring the hometown of St. Petersburg (excursions, quizzes, games)
  • Chess (training sessions, tournaments)
  • Swimming (classes with an experienced trainer in one of the best pools)
  • Theater visits, independent productions
  • Theater lessons
  • Workshops on making dolls
  • Creative workshop (competitions, exhibitions of student works)
  • Developing games (B.P. and L.A. Nikitin), intellectual games, quizzes, subject Olympiads
  • Rhetoric
  • Club "Young Naturalist" (watching popular science films about nature on the big screen of a school cinema, reading scientific publications, quizzes, thematic classes in zoological museums)
  • Rhythmoplasty
  • Choral singing
  • Private Piano Classes
  • Individual vocal lessons
  • Sports holidays and competitions
  • Calendar holidays
  • Concerts
  • School Theater Performances
  • Visiting exhibitions
  • Invitation of artists, musicians.


  • Sasha Lyceum Garden invites qualified teachers who are respectful of children who are ready to help them broaden their horizons, grow intellectually, and set high cultural and aesthetic standards.
  • The educational process is based on a combination of classical education with new forms of education aimed at general educational, spiritual, intellectual development of students.
  • A team of teachers, together with a psychologist, identifies the individual characteristics of each child, in the class of 6-8 students, this allows to maximize open and develop the abilities of each.
  • Teaching is conducted without homework, the maximum assimilation of the material is carried out in the lesson, the teacher directs home reading, gives creative assignments for the development of individual abilities of students.
  • The Sasha Lyceum Garden maintains an atmosphere of general culture: a high level of relationships, goodwill, strong educational motivation, and a creative spirit.
  • School students wear a beautiful modern school, sports uniform.
  • The educational institution offers children full medical care.
  • Every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., children can have fun, take part in competitions, master classes, prove themselves in drawing, making crafts, decorating decorative items (for example, such as a samovar, a candlestick, animal figurines, etc.), cooking. During the spare time, young people walk, eat, relax, each participant of the "Happy Saturday" gets a prize.

Equipment Sasha Garden Lyceum

All premises of the garden are equipped with modern equipment, including computers, audio and video equipment, necessary for organizing more effective, visual education.

The spacious cafe is decorated in the Russian style, here you can see painted walls, dishes, toys, crafts. A varied menu is compiled in accordance with the recommendations of pediatric doctors, nutritionists. The cafe hosts breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, celebrates birthdays, Shrovetide, and other holidays.


  • 4 study rooms
  • Practice room
  • Gym
  • Bedrooms for preschoolers, first graders
  • Library
  • Children playground.

In each group there are video cameras (parents can watch their children at any time in the lyceum, view the recording), an air ionizer, bactericidal lamps, a variety of equipment, including and Swedish Bioptron.

The school is provided with everything necessary for solving educational and educational tasks: there are computers, TVs, DVDs, synthesizers, music centers, etc.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

  • Five day school week
  • Classroom system
  • The curriculum for grades 1-4 is focused on a 4-year period of development of primary education programs.

Duration of the school year:

  • Grade 1 - 33 school weeks
  • Grades 2-4 - 34 academic weeks
  • The school year is divided into four quarters
  • Extra week break in 1st grade
  • Lesson duration in 1st grade - 35 minutes, in grades 2-4 - 45 minutes
  • The duration of the breaks is 15-30 minutes
  • Extra week break for first graders (February).

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

List of documents for admission to school and kindergarten:

  • Formalized contract
  • Copy of passports of parents
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of SNILS
  • Copy of medical insurance policy
  • A medical card in the form of F26 with a medical examination
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Medical certificates: general blood count, general urinalysis, feces for worm eggs, enterobiasis. The tests are valid 10 days before the day the child arrives at the educational institution.

List of doctors for admission to kindergarten:

  • Pediatrician
  • Oculist
  • Otorhinolaryngologist
  • Surgeon, orthopedist
  • Neurologist
  • Dermatologist
  • Dentist.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Sasha Garden Lyceum reviews

Recommendations on when to apply

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- we recommend to apply 6-9 months before the start of the course (some camps and schools offer discounts for early booking or for lengthy study programs)
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- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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