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Pacheville: Malta Nightlife Center

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Pacheville: Malta Nightlife Center

Pacheville is a town adjacent to St. Julian: the locals call Pacheville a part of this city, and not an individual - the size is small, only 2 blocks. Pacheville's peculiarity is in a huge number of nightly entertainment: bars, clubs, restaurants. This is Maltese Las Vegas, in which there is nothing special to do during the day, but at night life is in full swing: locals and tourists come to visit cool discos and other places and remember the night for life.

Pacheville History

The town was founded in the 1910-1920s, when the prominent lawyer and developer Dr. Giuseppe Pace (1890-1971) built several seaside residences in the St. Julian area, a small bay between the Draconar Peninsula and Portomaso. Some of the residences exist today, they are surrounded by multi-storey apartments and hotels.

Pace’s houses were originally leased to a number of British troops who were stationed in the adjacent barracks of St. Andrew and St. George. Between the two world wars, some of the early residences in Pacheville began to be leased to the Maltese. With the arrival of locals in the St. Julian area, Dr. Pace decided to finance the construction of the chapel.

After the war, the areas around the town were mostly farming communities surrounded by fields, and in Pacheville itself there were only a few restaurants. The slow transition to the tourist center began in the 1960s when two major hotel corporations, Sheraton and Hilton, developed five-star hotel facilities in the area. At the same time, many bars and clubs began to open in the area in view of the growing number of British troops and tourists residing in St. Julian, St. Andrews and Pembroke. Over the years, bars, restaurants, discos, strip clubs and hotels have been opened.

Main objects

Three clubs of Pacheville are known throughout Europe and beyond — these are the names of institutions, remembering which, young people want to return to them and again fall into the ocean of joy and fun:

  • Disco Axis
  • Salsa Bar Fuego
  • Club Plush.


The club is one of the TOP 10 nightclubs in the world: incredible sound and lighting effects are created here, the best DJs are constantly invited, and the power of the sound system is one of the largest in the world - 20 kW. The club consists of 4 separate halls and bars, the largest hall accommodates 2 thousand people.


In the evening - this is a free school of Latin dances, at night - a hot club where young people practically live in the style of tango, rumba and salsa. On the ground floor of the building there is a club with a bar, on the second floor there is a cozy hookah room.


The club is the most popular among the Maltese, its peculiarity is in a large open area: the dance floor under the starry sky is surrounded by soft sofas, where you can relax comfortably. There are several indoor venues in the club, including a VIP zone. The club is considered the most pathos and prestigious in the country, but everyone can get into it, observing simple rules.

Interesting Facts

  • Paceville has a club for sexual minorities with the interesting name Klozet
  • Inside and near each establishment, plainclothes police officers are constantly present, ensuring order and preventing delinquency
  • Near Pacheville there is a free beach of Saint George
  • The Axis Club was visited by 5 million people, which is 12 times the population of Malta.


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