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Orthodox Gymnasium of St. Basil the Great Zaitsevo

Address: Kokoshkino, 1, Zaitsevo, Moscow Region, 141006

Description Orthodox Gymnasium of St. Basil the Great Zaitsevo

  • Location: Zaitsevo village, Moscow, Russia
  • Language of instruction: Russian
  • Type: private.

Gymnasium of St. Basil the Great - a private Orthodox gymnasium in Russia. The educational institution is classical, in its work and curricula it relies on centuries-old experience and the best traditions of national education.

The main goal of the gymnasium is not just to educate children, but also to educate in them high moral ideals based on the Orthodox faith. In order to achieve the goal, the program has come a long way in becoming and today, in addition to the subjects required for all schools, it includes:

  • Studying Orthodox Theology
  • Ancient languages: Church Slavonic and Latin.

The educational process in the school of St. Basil the Great is a painstaking work on the embodiment in the student of the image of Christ himself, the formation of mind and thinking, the development of physical, creative abilities.

The highest goal is to grow true patriots of Russia, who preserve history, values and ideals, profess the Orthodox faith, are a real example for younger generations.

Features of the educational process:

  • Early learning of foreign languages
  • Learning multiple languages at once to choose from
  • Involvement in project activities
  • Studying the Law of God, the foundations of Orthodox culture.

At the gymnasium there is a preschool educational institution - kindergarten "Cornflowers":

  • An environment is organized in the garden that helps the child's organic physical and emotional development
  • Only interested employees work here, for whom the comfort of the child comes first
  • Effective methods are being introduced to help stable and high-quality mental development of children.

Students are required to attend Sunday and holiday services in the church of St. Basil the Great on the territory of the complex.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Orthodox Gymnasium of St. Basil the Great Zaitsevo

Program name


  • Children age: 3+
  • Duration of study: 3 years
  • Language of instruction: Russian.

Kindergarten "Cornflowers" is open for children 3-7 years old from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.15 (Friday until 16.15). The main task is the intellectual, moral and aesthetic development of children in an easy, playful, fascinating way, the physical and psychological education of a small person.

Twice a week, children can visit the pool (learn how to swim, do children's aqua aerobics), go to the sports hall for active games, they have a music studio and a puppet theater, an iso-studio, the Russian Izba folk art museum and even an Orthodox prayer corner.

Primary School

  • Children age: 6+
  • Form of study: full-time
  • Duration of study: 4 years
  • Language of instruction: Russian.

The course fully complies with the requirements of the Russian Federation. Already at this stage, the study of English begins, the basics of project work are mastered, in addition, children begin to study the Church Slavonic language, the Law of God and the foundations of Orthodox culture.

high school

  • Children age: 9+
  • Form of study: full-time
  • Duration of study: 7 years
  • Language of instruction: Russian.

The educational process in the middle grades is distinguished by the following:

  • in-depth study of English + study of a second foreign language of your choice (French / German)
  • active design, research
  • the subject "Fundamentals of the Orthodox Faith (God's Law)" is introduced
  • additional consultations in preparation for passing the GIA (for graduates of the 9th grade).

Events Orthodox Gymnasium of St. Basil the Great Zaitsevo

All students must attend additional classes:

  • Painting class. Teacher - Petr Vladimirovich Fokeev, graduate of Moscow State University, member of the International Art Fund.
  • Icon painting class. Especially for children, a unique course of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for children of primary and secondary schools was developed.
  • Ceramics class
  • Vocals.


  • Parenting in the spirit of the Orthodox faith
  • Careful selection of faculty and staff
  • Comprehensive help and support for each student
  • Non-standard, advanced training programs
  • Saturated spiritual life
  • Location of the complex in the forest, in a clean ecological zone
  • High school performance in the exam
  • Mandatory temple attendance and extracurricular activities
  • The special atmosphere that prevails in the complex
  • Friendly relations between teachers and students.

Equipment Orthodox Gymnasium of St. Basil the Great Zaitsevo

The complex is located 19 km from Moscow, in the village Zaitsevo - an ecologically clean place in the forest. The complex consists of a school building, a kindergarten, a temple and outbuildings. All structures are equipped with the necessary equipment and furniture.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

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