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2022-02-06 12:39:21

Main reasons why public schools will never disappear

Main reasons why public schools will never disappear

Public schools, for which no funds are allocated for repairs, textbooks, new equipment, inevitably resort to funding from the budget of parents. But for the same amount, children would have the opportunity to go to a private school or receive mixed home education (independent work and tutoring)!

Learning Inefficiency

Parents whose children go to mainstream schools have long identified a number of critical shortcomings.

  1. Poor performance of children associated with weak motivation of teachers. Teachers tend to persuade students to additional classes, while classes are paid, and they are conducted by the same school teachers.
  2. Secondary schools cannot always boast of material support. To replace old computers, as well as the purchase of new balls in the gym or desks for students, the educational institution does not have money. And the building is constantly in need of repair.
  3. In public schools, according to parents, there is a very high level of bureaucracy, which has a bad effect on the education of children and the introduction of new innovations in the educational process.
  4. In the classes of such schools there are always at least 15 people. It happens that the number of one can exceed 30 students! Here immediately there is a problem of lack of experienced teachers who are able to correctly present their subject to such an orava.

At the same time, parents believe that schools have stopped teaching students to learn. Students are presented with large amounts of information, but at the same time they are not given the principle of processing the knowledge gained. Teachers do not have time to fulfill the standard curriculum, which does not include such useful topics as planning personal time, working with large text sources, researching the usefulness of the discipline. The time that could be allocated for the study of these issues is allocated to consolidate the material covered.

In Britain, there was even a study according to which sixth-grade students trained in information processing learned physics much better than twelfth-grade students who received it in the form of lectures.

Private schools and tutors

Private schools differ greatly from public schools not only in their way of teaching, but also in their funding.

  1. The reputation of a private school or the value of a tutor directly depends on the feedback of previous students. The more positive feedback they receive, the more likely they are to increase the number of potential students.
  2. The success of students in learning increases the level of income of the educational institution. Teachers, like students, dramatically increase motivational indicators. For private schools, the success of each student is important.
  3. Private schools are interested in increasing the level of innovation within the educational institution, as well as the motivation of teachers and students. The management of private schools does everything to provide the pedagogical staff of the school and their wards as financially as possible.

Also, private schools are free to choose the approach of training. For example, in one of the Moscow schools, the composition of classes changes in almost every lesson - this is due to the speed of mastering the material received by each student. This psychological method is practically not common in secondary schools, which try to act according to classical teaching methods.

The need for comprehensive schools

However, even despite the obvious shortcomings, public schools perfectly cope with one of the most important functions - socialization. Pupils of secondary schools are constantly forced to interact with teachers, overcome conflicts and learn to communicate with classmates. And although the level and quality of knowledge of subjects taught in school is low, the social aspect, which teaches the child to live in society and work in a team, is one of the values of public schools.

The Future of Public Schools

Secondary schools should soon completely change their format. They will optimize, change their structure and cease to be an institution for obtaining knowledge in a certain subject, the aspect of collectivization will increase in them and training in virtual communication will appear. Children will begin to participate in long-term projects on platforms with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

There is also an assumption that there will be an emphasis on the predisposition of students to specific subjects. For example, if a child is better at foreign languages and computer science, then he will be able to study these subjects in depth in the future. The rest of the disciplines will be taught to him in a minimized, basic format.

I would like to believe that these changes in the future will change the quality of education received by children, and the state will support educational institutions in their desire to develop and introduce new technologies in teaching methods to improve the educational process.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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