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2022-02-06 12:39:02

Main features of studying at universities in distant and exotic countries

Main features of studying at universities in distant and exotic countries

The life of foreign students in different countries is different. In the article, we have collected information about the education of students in the most exotic countries of our planet: we will proceed from the internal sensations and impressions of people who lived for some time in these states.

Malaysia (on the example of HELP University)

  • In the country, the level of education is very good: in universities, serious requirements are imposed on students, and it is quite difficult to study in them. Many teachers are practitioners who understand how to apply the knowledge gained.
  • Breathing in the country is difficult, because the air is very humid. The heat is unbearable, even air conditioners installed everywhere do not save from it.
  • In cities, large buildings are located in close proximity to poor neighborhoods. The crime rate in Malaysia is quite high, and the police do their job frankly poorly.
  • The streets are teeming with insects, among which are huge flying cockroaches.
  • As for local youth, many go to study in medical universities of our country.

South Korea

  • Here, in many educational institutions, organizational issues are quickly and efficiently solved, the educational load is relatively small, so it is easy to study. Literally all teachers are passionate about their work, thanks to which the classes are not only informative, but also interesting. The format of the course differs from the other one in that students read a lot on their own, and then in the classroom they analyze everything in more detail and share their experience.
  • The curriculum includes visits to various forums and conferences, as well as group and individual work with projects.
  • Teaching takes place in English, so there are many foreign students in universities.
  • In general, Koreans are quite friendly and always come to the rescue.
  • Local cuisine is at its best, it amazes with an abundance of exotic and unusual for other dishes.
  • Most Koreans are actively involved in sports and go to the mountains, conquering low peaks.
  • In Korea, you can have an interesting and fun holiday, because in the cities there is a lot of entertainment, such as karaoke, clubs and bars.


  • Some higher education institutions in Indonesia also include primary, secondary and higher schools. The number of students often exceeds the norm, so training takes place in the evenings, in the second shift, which is very inconvenient. However, teachers at universities are wonderful: they help foreign students not only master the program, but also solve small everyday issues.
  • Indonesia is home to many peoples, each with its own history and traditions. There are places where they have long been accustomed to the fact that white-skinned guests constantly come to them. We are talking about tourist places, for example, the island of Bali. But there are also such islands where the appearance of foreigners is impressive and very pleasing to the indigenous people.


  • The duration of classes at the universities of Iran does not differ from classes. However, here, in front of pairs, students must be fed breakfast. Training takes place 5 times a week for 3 lessons per day. Time after classes is usually spent on entertainment and travel.
  • Iran is a very beautiful country with beautiful mountains and nature. But any movement by transport is difficult due to endless traffic jams and lack of traffic management.
  • Many after visiting the country remember the famous Iranian tea, especially praise tea with roses.
  • The people living there are very friendly and ready to help visitors at any time.


  • The country is one of the poorest among the Third World countries, and often visitors experience a real culture shock. The level of education also leaves much to be desired.
  • Society in the country is fragmented, while family ties, on the contrary, are very strong.
  • But nature impresses to such an extent that it is already impossible to forget its beauty. Here you can see a unique freshwater lake with sharks, picturesque tropical forests and pristine beaches that were not touched by people. The reverse side of all this beauty is frequent earthquakes, to which the indigenous people have long been accustomed.
  • As for education, it can not please because of the small choice of educational institutions and programs for training. As a rule, young people receive a bachelor's degree and go to other countries to continue their studies at more prestigious universities. Visitors believe that the matter here is not in the impossibility, but in the unwillingness to change something due to the conservative views of the local population.


  • Education in many higher educational institutions of the country is conducted in English, but there are, of course, exceptions.
  • Most of the teachers are residents of Spain, the United States and Latin America. As in Malaysia, teachers are not so much theorists as practitioners who share their rich experience with students.
  • Young people in Ecuador are very active, contributing to tourism and the sale of locally made products.
  • Student leisure is peculiar and sometimes unexpected for themselves: this is golf, and Latin American dances, and a climbing wall, and yoga, and much more.
  • The learning process is quite easy, there are always those who want to help in solving some educational problem.
  • As for the locals, these are emotional people who react violently and vividly to every little thing. Despite the fact that family traditions and native roots are valuable and important for Ecuadorians, they are friendly and open to all guests of the country.
  • In conclusion, I would like to say about the local nature. The territory of Ecuador is small, meanwhile, it accommodates picturesque mountains, dangerous jungles and beautiful beaches. In general, the impressions of this country are bright and unforgettable.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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