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Lyceum No. 1523 at NRNU MEPhI

Address: Maple Blvd, 21, Moscow, 115407

Description Lyceum No. 1523 at NRNU MEPhI

  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Students age - from 14 to 18 years old
  • Forms of study: full-time, part-time and part-time
  • Subdivisions of education: basic and secondary.

Lyceum No. 1523 was previously a school founded in 1988, and at the moment it is a part of the Pre-University of NRNU MEPhI. The Lyceum is included in the list of 16 best schools in Russia - in 2007 the medalists graduated from their studies, receiving a total of 6 gold and 5 silver medals. A feature of this educational institution is the preparation of students with a high level of knowledge in physics and mathematics.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Lyceum No. 1523 at NRNU MEPhI

Program name

Education in lyceum №1523 - from 8 to 11 grades. Lessons are held in the format of lectures, laboratory work, seminars and research project activities.

Basic education (14-16 years old / 8 and 9 grades): a program containing basic subjects, in-depth study of the technical direction and disciplines selected for passing the State Academy of Arts.

Education in lyceum №1523 - from 8 to 11 grades. Lessons are held in the format of lectures, laboratory work, seminars and research project activities.

Secondary education (16-18 years old / 10 and 11 grades): a program consisting of general education subjects, in-depth study of the technical direction and disciplines selected for passing the exam.

Training profiles of grades 8-11 of Lyceum No. 1523:

  1. Physics and mathematics
  2. Physicochemical
  3. Information technology.

Profile classes include no more than 15-16 students.

Accommodation, housing and food

Meals at Lyceum 1523 are organized in the canteen for 150 seats.

Events Lyceum No. 1523 at NRNU MEPhI

Additional education in Lyceum No. 1523 is presented in a technical orientation in the form of circles on the topics:

  • Robotics
  • Layout and modeling of technical objects
  • Electronics, electrical engineering
  • Study of technical devices and mechanisms
  • Ship modeling.

Students also organize theater performances and performances at school concerts.

After school hours, students of the Lyceum take part in:

  • sports competitions and creative contests
  • school and city events
  • environmental conferences
  • subject Olympiads.

Extracurricular activities and educational process are carried out by the department for the development of creative abilities, the creative experimental center "LYCEIST" and the fitness center.

For seventh-graders, the school holds a competition of technical works "The master's work is afraid" throughout the academic year, success in which will help in admission to the lyceum.


  • High level of training in the technical profile
  • Additional education and extracurricular development
  • Participation in subject Olympiads
  • Profile classes
  • Cooperation with NRNU MEPhI and preparation for admission.

Equipment Lyceum No. 1523 at NRNU MEPhI

All classrooms of the Lyceum are maximally equipped for effective and comfortable learning - they use:

  • interactive whiteboards and whiteboards
  • multimedia projectors
  • TVs
  • video players
  • tape recorders
  • drawing tools.

Also, pupils use all the necessary equipment: models, methodological literature, didactic materials.

The chemistry and physics laboratories contain the reagents, sets of models, collections of chemical elements, tables and guidelines for the study.

The library of the Lyceum contains more than 4000 books, including fiction, methodological and educational literature. Students can also borrow the necessary books from the library of NRNU MEPhI, the fund of which is more than a million copies.

In the building of the lyceum there are 2 sports and 1 gym, provided with sports equipment for physical education, sports games and events.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

The academic year lasts from September 1 to May 29 and is 34 weeks.

The training program is divided into:

  • trimesters in grades 8-9:
  1. September 1-November 14
  2. November 23-February 20
  3. March 1-May 29.
  • half a year for grades 10-11:
  1. September 1-December 30
  2. January 11-May 29.

Holidays for all classes:

  • October 5-11
  • November 16-22
  • December 31-January 10
  • February 22-28
  • April 5-11
  • May 29 / the end of the exam and the exam-31 August.

The academic week lasts 6 days - from Monday to Saturday. One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

  1. Electronic registration (application submission) on the official website of NRNU MEPhI
  2. Personal documents of the future lyceum student:
  • Statement
  • 2 photos of 4x6 size (on matte paper)
  • Copy of 2-3 and 5 pages of the passport (in the absence of a passport - a copy of the birth certificate and a certificate from the place of registration)
  • Consent of the parent / legal representative to the processing of personal data.
  1. Achievement portfolio
  2. Certificate of completion of basic education (for those entering grades 10-11)
  3. Test tests
  4. Independent diagnostics of MCCO.

Acceptance of applications and entrance examinations are held in February-May.

According to the test results, those who entered the Lyceum will be on the list published on the official website of the Lyceum.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Lyceum No. 1523 at NRNU MEPhI reviews

Recommendations on when to apply

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