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GBOU Education Center №218 Moscow

Address: Dmitrovskoe sh., 5A, Moscow, 127422

Description GBOU Education Center №218 Moscow

  • Established: 1939
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Students age: 2-18 years old
  • Number of students: 850 people
  • Language of instruction: Russian
  • Type of education: public coeducational school.

School No. 218 is the leading school in the northern educational district, one of the strongest schools in the city in recent years, providing high-quality academic training. Graduates consistently demonstrate high results at the All-Russian Olympiad: the school has made it into the list of the best Russian educational institutions of language, chemistry-biological and physics-related topics.

The main direction of work is the individualization of the educational process: individual curricula have been introduced. Over 20 years of work in this direction, it has been possible to build an effective system of individualization: starting from grade 5, it allows children to achieve good results, develop in the chosen directions.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in GBOU Education Center №218 Moscow

Program name

Primary education - 2-7 years.

The program is aimed at the diversified development of children from 2 to 7 years old, taking into account their age and individual characteristics, including reaching preschool age, the level of development necessary and sufficient for them to successfully master educational programs of primary general education.

Primary general education - 6-11 years.

Objectives of primary general education:

  • Qualitative development of the software requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard
  • Mastering by teachers of methods of forming universal educational actions
  • Support and psychological and pedagogical support for children with individual educational needs.
  • Modernization of the management system to ensure the fulfillment of the tasks of the Federal State Educational Standard.

Basic general education - 11-15 years old.

Tasks of basic general education:

  • Formation, development of the student's personality, its originality
  • Creation of conditions for the formation of personal success
  • Formation of a single educational space, where the learning process becomes continuous, interconnected, helping to make adequate choices.

Secondary general education - 16-18 years old.

The educational activity of the school at the level of secondary general education is aimed at implementing the model of a specialized school. To teach each subject according to the technology of individual curricula in grades 10-11, study groups are created, which include students who have chosen the same study programs. Thus, the traditional classroom-lesson system of teaching is being replaced by a subject-group one. Study groups for a number of subjects are formed in accordance with the choice of students, which determines the number of these study groups.

Accommodation, housing and food

The school provides hot lunches and dinners.

Events GBOU Education Center №218 Moscow

  • As part of the annual arts festival, students, their parents and teachers show their creativity and stage skills, and the intellectual marathon prepares for regional and city competitions.
  • The school theater puts on plays in English.
  • On vacation, students go on ecological expeditions to the Khibiny, rest in a mathematics camp in the Arkhangelsk region.
  • The "Mathematical Vertical" project is aimed at multipurpose pre-profile training. Graduates of the project successfully study in high school in specialized, pre-professional, academic, IT-classes, enter the leading universities of the city. Students in the classes of the "Mathematical Vertical" project will learn to apply mathematical knowledge in modern professions.

Technical studios:

  • Digital laboratory "NAURASHA" (2 classes)
  • Computer technology, programming, robotics
  • Lego programming
  • Lego construction and modeling, Scratch programming.

Sport sections:

  • OFP
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Karate
  • Swimming
  • Dance sport
  • Football
  • Mini football
  • Jujutsu
  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • Tennis.

Music sections:

  • Vocal ensemble
  • Choral studio (grades 1-4)
  • Fundamentals of theatrical and musical creativity "Musical Watercolors"
  • Fundamentals of theatrical and musical creativity "Theatrical stage" (grades 5-6)
  • Flute Vocal and instrumental ensemble "Melodiya".

Museology - "Museums: history, culture, literature" (grade 9).


  • Education Center 218 applies an individual approach, adaptability, flexibility and variability of education, implements a multi-stage model of a multidisciplinary school. The condition for the implementation of this model is a constant change in the content of education.
  • The school teaches children to independently build the trajectory of their own development, therefore, education in primary school has been built on a developmental system for many years, and in secondary and high school, education forms the ability to foresee the consequences of decisions made and be responsible for their choice.
  • To implement the model at school, an educational space has been created and is constantly developing, the elements of which are: a system of extracurricular modules; stratal differentiation in grades 6-7; system of propaedeutic courses; individual curriculum for grades 8-11; a three-level system of training programs (basic, specialized, advanced levels); a wide range of additional education, development of planning and design skills.
  • The organizational model contains mechanisms that ensure the possibility of educational and social lift for students.
  • GBOU School No. 218 for a number of years has shown a consistently high result of the quality of education, which is confirmed by the results of the school students at the state final certification, the results of independent diagnostics, the victories of children at the Olympiads at various levels.
  • More than 80% of graduates gain 220 USE points.
  • For more than ten years, the school has open mathematical circles, circles in chemistry, physics and literature.
  • Since 1991, the school has a Saturday preparatory department for kids "Filippok" with entertaining lessons in mathematics, foreign languages, speech development.

Equipment GBOU Education Center №218 Moscow

  • The classrooms are equipped with a teacher's computer with Internet access, multimedia equipment.
  • ICT students can master in three specially equipped classrooms.
  • Two PC-based language laboratories are equipped for learning a foreign language.
  • Technology lessons are held in the carpentry and locksmith shops, home economics office.
  • In OBZH lessons, students learn to provide first aid on modern simulators, acquire skills in handling weapons in a specially equipped electronic dash.
  • The school has a reading room and a library fund.
  • For physical education and sports, the school has large and small gyms. In the structural divisions of the school there are premises for sports activities and games with preschoolers with a full range of sports equipment + a swimming pool that meets the SanPin standards. There is a universal sports ground for outdoor sports. All computers are integrated into a corporate network, there is sound and projection equipment for assembly halls, and Wi-Fi wireless technology operates in each building.
  • There is a catering unit with a washing room, utility room, refrigerators, electric stoves, in preschool units there are kitchens for cooking.
  • The school is guarded by a private security organization, a "panic button", a video surveillance system, and a fire alarm are installed.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

Preschool groups:

  • Reception of children in groups - from 7.00 to 8.00.
  • The duration of stay of pupils in preschool groups is from 7.00 to 19.00.

School departments:

  • Beginning of classes: 8.30
  • Duration of the lesson: in grades 2-11 - 45 minutes, in grades 1 - 40 minutes.
  • In grades 1-4 - a 5-day school week, Saturday is an educational day.
  • In grades 5-6 - a 5-day school week, Saturday is an educational day.
  • In grades 7-11 - 5/6-day academic week (Vuchetich St., 6 / Dmitrovskoe highway, 5A).

Cost of additional services:

  • Developing - from 2000 rubles / month
  • Educational - from 3000 rubles / month
  • Foreign languages - from 3000 rubles / month
  • Dance studio - from 1000 rubles / month

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

When enrolling in grade 1, parents provide a birth certificate, apply for enrollment. For enrollment of students, parents / legal representatives provide an extract of grades for the last 2 years.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

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Recommendations on when to apply

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