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2022-04-01 01:56:41

Education or sports career. What do athletes choose?

Education or sports career. What do athletes choose?

The faces of successful athletes flash through all  channels. They are the pride of the country deservedly: daily multi-hour training, constant flights and stressful conversations with journalists. They are considered machines for obtaining medals, but few people know that in addition to sports, they also receive education at the same time. Why should successful athletes spend the only minutes of rest on notes, lectures, tests and exams? 

Georgy Efremenko

According to the champion of the Universiade-2013 in rowing, he went to study purely for philosophical reasons. In the Efremenkov family, everyone has a higher education. George himself believes that mental development is the basis of everything: athletes age over time, and knowledge remains for life. It was with such thoughts that Efremenko entered the Moscow State University of Culture and Art at the Faculty of Law. 

The athlete devoted no more than 20% of his time to his studies. In his spare time, he read textbooks and wrote notes. Not everyone was sympathetic to George: some teachers showed loyalty, but for some the number of medals and grueling training was not a valid reason. 

Studying helped him in everyday life: a foreign language helped to overcome the language barrier, knowledge of laws, biomechanics and philosophy also bore fruit. Unfortunately, due to preparations for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the athlete had to be expelled from the university. 

Daria Klishina

The champion of the Universiade-2013 decided to enter the MFPU "Synergy" at the Faculty of Sports Management despite the fact that training, training camps and various competitions occupied most of her life. She lived in sports, but she could not refuse to study. Studying, according to Daria, is an integral part of development. She studied with teachers online, worked from home and learned notes during flights. 

Studying now helps Klishina to understand the intricacies of her profession. A professional athlete wants to connect her life with the world of sports and help other people. 

Larisa Korobeynikova 

A graduate of the Southern Federal University understands that she will not be able to play sports all her life. A girl needs higher education in order to engage in "ordinary" activities after the completion of her career. Between trainings, she did not rest, but read educational literature and prepared for tests. When Larissa could not get to the exams, she came later to retake. Now the athlete hopes that in the future higher education will be useful to her. 

Evgeny Kuznetsov

The winner of the 2012 Summer Olympics was born in Stavropol and graduated from school here, so he chose StGAU for higher education. Kuznetsov thinks in advance about life after a sports career, when he will have to go out into the "ordinary world". Graduates of StGAU are in good standing with many Stavropol organizations, which, according to Evgeny, will help him then quickly find a job. The man studies at the Faculty of Economics, passes exams and tests together with everyone. For Evgeny, alternating physical and mental stress is a way to achieve the highest results. 

Alexandra Patskevich

The Olympic champion-2012 went to receive a second higher education at the Lomonosov Moscow State University in a directed manner. Alexandra is constantly developing physically and mentally. Exhausting training did not allow the girl to attend lectures, so the athlete studied remotely and independently studied the training materials. Teachers in many respects go to meet Patskevich: they postpone exams and tests to one of the days when the girl does not have training or competitions. Alexandra has not yet decided what she will do after the end of her career, but she hopes that two higher educations, supported by sports successes, will help her further in life.

Alla Shishkina 

The girl believes that a person needs to develop in various spheres of life. That is why Shishkina chose the faculty of the Higher School of Cultural Policy and Management in the Humanitarian Sphere and became a student of Lomonosov Moscow State University. 

The girl received her first education in the RSUFKSMiT, becoming a specialist in recreation and tourism. After the Olympics in London, Alla decided to get a second higher education. All expenses were covered by Oleg Deripaska's foundation "Volnoe Delo", which pays for the education of Olympic medalists at Moscow State University. Shishkina believes that those who want to learn will always find time. 

The girl wants to use her education for one of the leading positions in the field of sports. After the end of her career, Alla wants not to leave the sport, but to promote it in the country. So far, Shishkina is aimed at the post of Minister of Sports, because if you set goals, then only to the maximum.

Emin Garibov

Like other athletes, Emin understands that his sports career will end someday, and then higher education will become his support. Training, of course, took place more outside the walls of the university. In his spare time, Garibov, together with former members of the national team Klochkov and Malyshkin, attended face-to-face lectures, teachers sometimes went to a meeting and shifted the dates of exams. 

After graduating from the faculty of the Pedagogical Institute of Physical Culture of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, Garibov became a certified specialist. When the current captain of the national team will work in his specialty is unknown. As an alternative, after the end of his career, the athlete plans to receive a medical education. 

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