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Center "Smena"

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Description of Center "Smena"

  • Year of foundation: 1985
  • Location: Sukko, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
  • Age of students: 11-17
  • Number of students: 3000
  • Language of instruction: Russian
  • Type: summer camp.

The center "Smena" occupies a leading position in the organization of summer and off-season children's recreation and the implementation of additional education programs. This is one of the flagship camps along with the Crimean "Artek", the Kuban "Orlyonok" and the Primorsky "Ocean".

It was founded in 1985 as an all-Union labor camp "Working Shift" for students of vocational schools from all over the Soviet Union. It consisted of two divisions - the year-round "Blue Valley" and the summer "Priboy" with a total capacity of 720 seats.

In 1986, the system of profile shifts that still exists was laid. Since 1989, the Youth Leisure Center has functioned on the basis of the camp. The structure of the WDC includes:

  • political club "Glasnost",
  • poetic theater "TOM",
  • club "What? Where is? When?",
  • art studio,
  • Cinema and Video Club,
  •  Club "Economy and Youth",
  • sports club "Olimp",
  • medical and health club "Health",
  • club "Ecology".

Since 1993, the Ministry of Education has become the sole founder, the camp loses its connection with the Komsomol. Since 2004 it has had its current name - "Smena".

It is located on the sea coast 15 minutes south of Anapa, in the area of the Utrish Reserve in the Sukko Valley. This place has long been famous for useful and clean air, saturated with ions of sea salt water, ozone and phytoncides of juniper and endemic conifers of Utrish.

Over the years, from a relatively small camp it has turned into a network of 8 camps with a total capacity of over 3 thousand people:

  • «Stolitsa Lazurnaya»
  • «Olimp»
  • «Zvezdnyy»
  • «Pearl»
  • «Yuzhny»
  • "Shady"
  • "Radiant".

In 2015, the camps, while maintaining the administrative structure, were reorganized into 3 clusters: leadership, sports and art.

On the basis of the center, more than 30 programs of various orientations are implemented - from health and recreational to career guidance. The camp has become a traditional venue for large all-Russian and international youth and children's forums, business festivals, leadership modules.

In 2017, it became the first camp in Russia where a remote school system was applied, which allowed high school students to visit the center without interrupting the school curriculum. At the same time, within the framework of the "Smena", the All-Russian Educational and Center for Professional Skills and Increasing the Prestige of Working Specialties was opened. More than 200 organizations of various profiles cooperate with the center.

Every year the camp holds 17 shifts: 4 summer sessions lasting 21 days and 13 shortened ones lasting 14 days.

Educational process

The educational and recreational process is built in accordance with the approved daily routine:

  • 7.30 – Rise
  • 7:45-8:00 – Charging;
  • 8:00-8:30 — Shower, brushing, washing, etc .;
  • 8:30-9:00 – Breakfast;
  • 9:00- 0:00 – Sports, creativity, career guidance;
  • 10:00-12:00 – Sea bathing (no more than 10-20 minutes), air-sun baths;
  • 13:00-14.00 – Lunch
  • 14.00-16.00 – Sleep hour
  • 16.00-16:15 — Afternoon snack
  • 16:30-18:00 – Sea bathing (no more than 10-20 minutes), air-sun baths. Physical culture and recreational activities (according to the schedule)
  • 19:00-19:30 – Dinner
  • 19.30-20.00 – Preparation for the evening event
  • 20.00-21.30 – Evening cultural and entertainment events
  • 21:30-21:45 – Second dinner
  • 21:45 — Summing up the results of the day. Evening hygiene procedures
  • 22.00 – Rebound from the junior squads
  • 23.00 – Rebound from the senior detachments.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in Center "Smena"

Program name
Ask for calculation
01.06.2022 - 28.08.2022
from 79800.00 ₽ / 21 day
from 79800.00 ₽ / 21 day
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Accommodation, meals, prices

The total territory exceeds 20 hectares. On this space there are 3 camps - "Leader-Smena", "Sport-Smena", "Art-Smena" - with a total capacity of up to 3 thousand people. Each camp serves as a base for the implementation of one program.

"Leader Smena"/program "City of Masters"

The camp operates year-round and accommodates up to 700 people. Children are accommodated in a three-storey residential building equipped with a dining room, Internet access, a large cinema and concert hall, a medical center and several classrooms. The building is equipped with heating and air conditioning systems.

The housing stock consists of rooms with a bathroom and a shower, designed to accommodate 4-6 children.

"Sport-Smena"/"Olympic Academy" program

Once called "Olympus", now - a year-round sports and educational camp, designed for three hundred young athletes. It is closely tied to collaboration with sports societies and federations in various sports disciplines.

The building has 3 residential floors with two types of rooms: designed for 3-4 people with amenities in the room and two or three with amenities on the floor. In addition, in the basement there is a gym and a conference hall with a capacity of 90 seats.

"Art-Change"/program "Academy of Creativity"

It works in the summer, nationwide creative and creative programs and shifts are implemented on the basis of the site. Guests are accommodated in two-storey buildings for 4-6 people per room, each equipped with a toilet and shower, or in cottages (room capacity - 3-6 people, shower and toilet for 2 rooms).

Five meals a day with elements of the buffet are organized, implying a variety of hot and cold dishes, the possibility of organizing dietary nutrition due to health indications. The dining rooms are equipped with modern air conditioning systems.

Activities Center "Smena"

The All-Russian Children's Center "Smena" is a landmark platform designed to serve not only as a recreational and recreational facility, but also as a development center for young Russians seeking self-improvement and creative realization.

Everything that happens is continuously recorded by the junkors of the local newspaper "Nasha Smena", discussed on the air of "Smena FM", demonstrated on "Smena-TV". Participating in the programs, teenagers not only gain new knowledge, skills, but also acquire connections with like-minded people from all over our big country.

Life in the camp is built around three main programs that allow all pupils of the camp without exception to reveal their talents in one of the areas: professional, sports or creative.

City of Masters Program

Within the framework of this unparalleled platform of international class - in the center "Park of the Future", where children will have the opportunity to get acquainted with various sets of professional skills and competencies: service and design, industrial and industrial, construction, transport, information and communication, as well as professions of the future.

Olympic Academy Program

By choosing this program for your child, you will help him to make progress in sports success, get acquainted and get master classes from Olympic champions or prize-winners of other international competitions.

Program "Academy of Creativity"

Among the most important priorities of this program should be identified platforms for innovation, which brought together high-class mentors in various fields - from volunteer projects to entrepreneurial topics.


  • Camp Smena has been chosen by the Russian Government as a platform for WorldSkills-JuniorSkills;
  • Own pebble beach with a lifeguard post and all the necessary equipment;
  • Leadership club, which includes 6 thematic sites (television studio, business center, project incubator, technopark, high-tech laboratory, library);
  • A variety of walking and bus excursions in Anapa and the surrounding area, visiting the planetarium.

Facilities and equipment at Center "Smena"

The camp is located on the coast of the sea. The beach is pebbly, equipped with barriers for the organization of safe recreation on the water, observation towers, a lifeguard post on the waters, a medical center, a toilet connected to the central sewerage, shady canopies and changing cabins.

On the territory of "Smena" there is a medical building that provides all necessary medical care and is equipped with:

  • Insulators;
  • Offices of specialized specialists;
  • Treatment rooms;
  • A full-fledged X-ray room;
  • Round-the-clock medical post.

If it is necessary to treat in a hospital, hospitalization is carried out in a medical institution with which an agreement on the provision of medical services is established.

Throughout the camp there is access to high-speed wireless Internet.

The sports infrastructure of the camp is considered one of the best in Russia, allowing to hold national level competitions and camps in 18 sports disciplines. The Olympic swimming pool with a length of 50 and a width of 21 meters is equipped with 8 tracks and a modernized water treatment system, a modular system that allows you to form bathing areas for classes in various disciplines, from synchronized swimming and water polo to water aerobics. For the convenience of athletes, there are locker rooms with showers with direct access to the pool, storage cabins, dryers, stands for spectators;

The multifunctional sports complex includes the following facilities:

  • Football field with artificial opening and stands with a roof for 1500 seats;
  • Mini-football field measuring 42 * 24 meters with artificial turf, equipped with handball equipment and tennis and volleyball racks, basketball rings;
  • Athletics tracks with a length of 380 meters with artificial turf;
  • Basketball and volleyball courts with synthetic turf.

In addition, on the territory there is a universal indoor sports complex with a gym 44 * 22 meters, stands, a couple of toilets, locker rooms; gym, sambo and freestyle wrestling hall.

Admission dates and extra charges

The price includes accommodation according to the selected category, meals, primary medical care, various cultural and leisure activities, sports orientation, library services and Internet access.

Transfer (travel by rail with medical and police escort, arrival by plane) is paid separately.

Entry requirements, how to apply, what is required to enrol

It is necessary to provide a number of documents, including:

  • Birth certificate + 3 copies;
  • Medical policy + 3 copies;
  • Certificate in the form 079 / u (must be obtained no later than 10 days before the trip) + 3 copies;
  • Application and questionnaire for parents;
  • Consent to the processing of personal data;
  • Consent to medical intervention;
  • Certificate of vaccinations (or refusal to vaccinate, issued in the clinic and certified by a round seal);
  • Dermatologist's conclusion on the absence of contagious skin diseases;
  • Reference for self/worm and enterobiasis;
  • Power of attorney for transfer;
  • Characteristics of the student (if available - information on preventive accounting in the CDN / PDN / ZP);
  • A completed copy of the camp voucher.

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

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