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Academic Gymnasium in Sokolniki

Address: 6th Luchevaya prosek, 21, p.11

Description Academic Gymnasium in Sokolniki

  • Established: in 1994
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Age of students: from 1 to 18 years
  • Type of eduaction: joint, mixed
  • Type of accommodation: full time, full board
  • Language: Russian, English.

ANO SOSH "Akademicheskaya Gymnasium" is an association of kindergartens and schools of the new generation, where students from 2 to 7 years can receive a quality education. The structure of the "Academic Gymnasium" includes private kindergartens "Integral", kindergartens "Olympic", elementary school "Galileo", as well as several secondary and high schools.

The educational network is also the necessary certification for organizing and conducting Cambridge Cambridge ESOL exams and is a member of the Intel International Education for the Future program. In addition, since 2014 “Academic Gymnasium” is a participant and partner of the international program GlobalLab.

The peculiarity of the educational program in the network of educational institutions is in-depth English (from the age of three) in accordance with international standards and requirements for the Unified State Examination. Already at the stage of preschool education, students can take exams to specialists from the British Cambridge Examination Board at the level of YLE Starters. The program for middle classes in the "Academic Gymnasium" was developed jointly with the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Academic Gymnasium in Sokolniki

Program name
from 39 000 Р. / month


  • Age: from 1 year
  • Dates: September-May
  • Cost: from 39 thousand rubles / month
  • Duration of the program: from 1 month.

In the "Academic Gymnasium" preschool education is provided by the private kindergartens "Integral" and kindergarten "Olympic". Private kindergartens "Integral" provide their pupils with a high level of development and high-quality preparation of students for school. The educational process is organized according to the problem-dialogical scheme, when the teacher does not give ready-made tasks, but organizes game-based cognitive activities, during which the children themselves express their thoughts.

Activities within the kindergarten curriculum:

  • Mathematics and design, classes with a psychologist, modeling, fine arts, educational games
  • The development of oral speech through active storytelling in the lessons of the “World around”
  • Speech lessons with a speech pathologist-speech pathologist + lessons in articulation gymnastics
  • The development of emotions in various lessons - music, theater and so on.

Olympic kindergarten accepts students from 1 year old: a state-approved curriculum is implemented here, which combines academic knowledge and comprehensive development. From 3 years old begins the study of English through the creation of a gaming atmosphere and teachers who are native speakers.

Elementary School "Galileo" (grades 1-4)

  • Age: 7-11 years old
  • Dates: September-May
  • Cost: from 38 thousand rubles / month
  • Duration of the program: 4 years.

School "Galileo" - is learning from 1 to 4 class with in-depth study of a foreign language and enhanced educational program. For example, for active intellectual development, the course of mathematics overlaps with computer science and logic. In general, primary school adheres to the idea of ​​a competently-oriented education, where students receive the necessary set of ZUN (knowledge, skills, abilities) in all subjects. The set of competences for studying continuation of studies in senior and secondary schools is quite extensive, so these are skills related primarily to certain areas:

  • Self cognitive activity
  • Search and analysis of information
  • Civil society activities
  • Socio-cultural and professional activities
  • Health and healthy lifestyle.
from 48 000 Р. / month

High School (grades 5-9)

  • Age: 11-15 years old
  • Dates: September-May
  • Cost: from 48 thousand rubles / month
  • Duration of the program: 5 years.

Starting from the 5th grade, the pupils of the “Academic Gymnasium” will add a second foreign language to the program, and from the 5th to the 9th grade the main general secondary education disciplines are taught in a foreign language - this is history, biology and geography.

In grade 9, profile directions are formed in the following departments:

  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Information technology
  • Natural science
  • Socio-economic
  • Linguistic
  • Humanitarian (including jurisprudence).
from 48 000 Р. / month

High School (10-11 grades)

  • Age: 16-17 years old
  • Dates: September-May
  • Cost: from 48 thousand rubles / month
  • Program duration: 2 years.

In high school "Academic Gymnasium" the main bias of the educational program is aimed at preparing for the exam. For the successful preparation of future graduates, classes are conducted not only by local teachers, but also by university teachers. Students are trained in the following profiles:

  • Linguistic
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Economic
  • Legal.

Also, graduates of the gymnasium are guaranteed to receive an international certificate in English from the Cambridge Examination Board (UK) Cambridge ESOL.

05.06.2019 -20.07.2019
from 46 500 Р. / month

Summer camp "Cottage in Sokolniki"

  • Age: 1-7 years
  • Dates: June-August
  • Cost: 46.5 thousand rubles / month, 3.8 thousand rubles / day
  • Program duration: 2 years.

The Academic Gymnasium also has a summer camp, where children from 1 to 7 years old can have fun and learn English. The camp is open all summer on schedule from 7 to 22 hours from Monday to Friday. The daily program includes walks in the fresh air, games and competitions, reading fiction and educational activities. Also for young students provided 6 meals a day.

“Dacha in Sokolniki” offers its pupils the entire structure of an elite kindergarten: it is an equipped playground, an indoor pool, comfortable rooms for study and recreation, a good dining room with balanced meals. Experienced teachers (including English-speaking teachers), as well as a psychologist and a speech therapist work with children.

Accommodation, housing and food

The administration of the “Academic Gymnasium” carefully organizes meals for its students. The menu is developed taking into account the age characteristics of the growing body of students. The diet is varied, balanced and includes all the necessary vitamins, which helps students maintain energy throughout the day.

As for the accommodation conditions, the “Academic Gymnasium” provides for these purposes pensions - for each age its own: the kindergarten “Olympic” kindergarten, the “Galileo” primary school, and the “Academic Gymnasium” school.

The residential buildings have everything you need for a comfortable stay: bedrooms, shower rooms, toilet, playground and more. The territory of the guesthouse is usually fenced with a reliable fence around the perimeter with special controls. There is always an educator in the building who is ready to help pupils of the gymnasium on various issues.

Events Academic Gymnasium in Sokolniki

In all institutions of the “Academic Gymnasium”, special attention is paid to extracurricular activities of students. The following groups and sections are available for students in all departments of the gymnasium:

  • Tennis (in the hall)
  • Aikido
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Chess
  • Painting
  • Modeling
  • Author's doll studio
  • Dance and choreography studio
  • Playing the flute
  • Playing the piano
  • Individual vocal classes and others.

On weekends, the guys go on excursions, attend classes at sports centers outside the school.

Equipment Academic Gymnasium in Sokolniki

The territory of the Academic Gymnasium is located in the forest zone of Sokolniki Park.

"Academic Gymnasium" is well equipped, has all the necessary conditions and facilities for a productive educational process. The infrastructure of the center includes more than 20 classrooms, a dance hall, a library-library, linguistic classrooms, a canteen, a medical center, and sports fields (for football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, tennis, and not only). The classrooms are equipped with furniture and modern appliances: interactive boards, plasma panels, comfortable desks and so on.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

Cost of programs:

  • Kindergarten - from 39 thousand rubles / month
  • Primary school "Galileo" (grades 1-4) - from 38 thousand rubles / month
  • Middle classes (5-9 classes) - from 48 thousand rubles / month
  • Senior classes (10-11 classes) - from 48 thousand rubles / month
  • Summer camp - 46.5 thousand rubles / month, 3.8 thousand rubles / day

The price includes:

  • Education according to the program
  • Organization of extracurricular activities of students
  • Textbooks, workbooks, office
  • Excursion program (at least once a month)
  • 3 meals a day
  • Medical, psychological and speech therapy support.

Additional cost items:

  • One-time entry fee - 49 thousand rubles.
  • Use of transport services
  • All types of individual classes.

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

When enrolling in a school or kindergarten of the “Academic Gymnasium”, all those who wish to do so must complete the following points:

  • Meet the conditions of study
  • Bring a child for 1-2 trial days in school
  • Enter into a contract
  • Read the house rules.

To admit a student to the “Academic Gymnasium”, you will need a standard set of documents:

  • Copy of student's birth certificate / passport
  • Medical record
  • Insurance policy
  • Personal business with academic success of the candidate.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

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