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2022-02-06 12:37:32

A unique train in Peru that looks like a five-star hotel

A unique train in Peru that looks like a five-star hotel

A modern traveler can not be surprised by much, but in Peru they were able to do it. The newest 5 * hotel appeared in the country, running to the best and most interesting sights of the country. On board are luxurious rooms, a restaurant, the highest level of service and cool excursion programs.

The route of the amazing train runs high in the mountains, between the settlements of Cusco and Arequiba: there is something to look at, there are also excellent places for walking. The height ranges from two and a little to almost five thousand meters, since the Andes Mountains are very relief and diverse.

On the route, travelers will be able to look at the unprecedentedly beautiful highlands, the Pacific coast, virgin jungles, magnificent lakes, deep abysses and deserts resembling Mars in their appearance. And all this is available for inspection from the train window, even if you are just going on a visit or a business trip!

But it is better for respectable travelers to still pay attention to the composition of belmond Andean Explorer. It has only extra-class cars and a couple of restaurants. In addition to traveling to interesting and picturesque places, the train makes several stops where tourists can see with their own eyes the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, visit the temple of Viracocha or see the high-altitude Andean sunset, sit in a chaise longue on a high bank and enjoy the sunset on the Pacific Ocean. For a fee (and how else?) it is possible to take a boat trip on the only navigable lake on the planet Titicaca and get acquainted with the Uru people living on floating islands.

The brightest impressions are provided not only by the beauties of nature, but also in cities. The historic quarters of Arequipa and the magnificent buildings of Cusco will not leave indifferent even the most melancholic guests. In the first case, we are talking about magnificent examples of the colonial Spanish style, and the building material is volcanic tuff sparkling in the sun. Here you should appreciate the ancient stones of the holy monastery of Catalina, the Mario Vargas Museum, where the famous mummy is exhibited, as well as just stroll through the narrow streets and taste street food.

In the Inca capital of Cusco, you should see the ruins of the Inca Roca Palace, temples, archaeological parks and the Sacred Inca Valley, where, according to legends, this nation was born. Another important point can be a planetarium, where they will talk about the astronomical knowledge and ideas of the ancient Indians, and an ethnographic museum, in which you will be told about how this great civilization developed, swept away by the winds of war.

Luxury Train

The train is a real super luxury hotel of extra class. Two super rooms with a separate living room and bathroom, another 32 are double, 20 are designed for one person, and in the remaining 12 guests are waiting for the traditional four beds, as in an ordinary compartment car. In total, 68 people can ride on the train, not counting almost the same number of butlers, maids, kitchen staff, manager and assistant and machine team.

All compartments are decorated in a unique author's style and are equipped with everything necessary for a highly comfortable trip: beds are soft, bed linen is chic, crisp with freshness and starch, each has a large number of lockers and drawers, tables, private bathrooms, as well as a media center and a special call, with which you can call the service in the room at any time. On the call, a butler comes to you, who will decide whether he can solve the problem on his own or whether it will require the help of other crew members. Thanks to the same call, you can order food to the room, although there are two restaurants with a total capacity of 54 people, a bar and a lounge sector.

In the rear part of the train there are two saloon-type cars - in the best traditions of films about the "Orient Express" or traveling by water. Here, the inhabitants of the miracle train can relax, play cards, enjoy live music (among the guests or temporary staff of the train there are often local musical groups) - or just get acquainted with the neighbors and enjoy communication that does not oblige to anything.

The most recent car is a true find for lovers of unusual sensations. Half of the walls of the car are cut, which allows you to ride with the wind. The only thing that separates this platform from the outboard landscape is the wrought iron railings and a light roof. There are sofas, tables and a few waiters serving meals and offering blankets and pillows if anyone is frozen.

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