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Year of study in the US - the cost of education in schools and universities in America for the Russian

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Year of study in the US - the cost of education in schools and universities in America for the Russian

In the United States there are dozens of academic and linguistic programs for schoolchildren and students, which are very popular among those wishing to study abroad. The secret of the success of educational institutions in America lies in a competently thought-out system of education with its own specifics: the main values of education in the West is the combination of theory and practice, as well as a reference to the logical continuation of education from one step to another. Therefore, to study at American educational centers means to lay the foundation for further successful studies at home or abroad.

The Western system of education has absorbed the long-term experience of English-language educational programs, and today American education guarantees linguistic progress and profound academic knowledge. A clear advantage for foreigners will be the absence of any age restrictions and fixed terms: for students of any age and at any time of the year there will be quality educational courses that meet all the requirements of foreign students.

Many private institutions have firmly occupied the tops of respectable ratings and tops: the certificate obtained in such institutions is very prestigious and will give its owner great advantages. Of course, the listed advantages and comfortable accommodation conditions affect the prices for study. About prices, we'll talk further and get acquainted with the main programs for children and adults.

Year of study in the USA for students: Bachelor and Master

How are prices for training in American universities formed ? This affects a variety of factors: the cost of the course is directly affected by the length of the program, the availability of additional classes and the rating of the institution. To get acquainted below are approximate prices for existing programs, but to calculate the exact amount in each individual case it is recommended to consult SMAPSE consultants.

In the US there are top universities in the Ivy League, known throughout the world - Stanford , Princeton , Harvard , Yale University . It's no wonder that many school leavers dream of enrolling in glorified universities or moving from a domestic university. In the case of admission to the bachelor's program for 1 course, training can cost $ 11,000-$ 50000 per year. Master's programs will cost around $ 20,000- $ 4,000,000 a year. According to foreign standards, to get a bachelor's degree you need to study 3-4 years, and for a master's degree - 1 year.

The cost of teaching in the US school for children

As a rule, the cost of studying in an American school is slightly lower than at a university. But here also the pricing is influenced by different indicators, therefore in elite schools the training will cost on a par with the American university. Fortunately, there is a wide range of foreign language courses in the USA, so here you can easily find the best option for yourself in terms of price, quality, age, goals and needs of the student.

You can start learning from the earliest programs for children who have reached the age of three: for the youngest, there are family programs, and from 6-7 years old students are already trained on their own.

Summer courses for children of both the senior and younger age are perfect. The programs in the children's camps are so flexible that you can choose the duration (from 14 days to a month), the intensity (for children with zero language knowledge, for those continuing, aimed at enrolling in an American school), and of course the sightseeing and entertainment. The cost of studying for summer courses for children and teenagers will range from $ 1500 per week.

For those who study long periods of study, the programs of private boarding schools that can be chosen for training (many students come for one year of study) are perfect. Bording schools are invited to teach children from 7 to 18 years. The price will be from 25000 $ -60000 $ per year.

Year of teaching English in the US for Russian and foreigners

For schoolchildren and students, aimed at obtaining language practice abroad, there is a special course in English as a second language, or ESL. The goal of the program is to intensively study English as a second native language, and thanks to a complete immersion in the language environment, the children achieve tremendous results.

For those who wish to study in the USA, there is a wide range of programs: language courses for the summer, study at a private boarding school, various combined courses that combine language training and academic training in the chosen discipline. For adults, there are business courses in a certain direction (top management, management, finance, etc.). Prices for training courses are scattered in the range of $ 1000-2500 for 2 weeks. Typically, the tuition fee also includes expenses for accommodation, meals, excursions and entertainment.

Those guys who are preparing to enter the school or university of the United States, as soon as possible will be the program of academic preparation - a certificate of passing such a course increases the chances of enrolling at times. The price of such programs depends on the duration, conditions of placement and location of the educational center.

Studying after 9,10,11 classes in the USA: opportunities and prices

During this period, school graduates are usually interested in preparatory programs for the university, such as A-Level , Foundation , International Baccalaureate . For a year or two, the guys will be able to tighten the knowledge of the school curriculum, especially profile subjects, and improve language skills. It is especially recommended to consider these courses for Russian schoolchildren, who will not be able to enter the American university right after the end of the national school because of the difference in the educational systems of the US and Russia. The cost of training for them will be 20,000 $ -60000 $ per year. Usually the cost does not include and is paid additionally for the costs of air travel, medical insurance, visa fees, registration fees and deposit.

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