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Year of study in Switzerland - the cost of education in schools and universities in Switzerland for Russian

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Year of study in Switzerland - the cost of education in schools and universities in Switzerland for Russian

Swiss education has a reputation for prestigious and elite education for children and adults. In this country a large number of high-quality schools, colleges and universities are opened, completely independent of any educational standards, thanks to which they not only meet modern requirements and tendencies, but also create innovative approaches in pedagogy. Those who are interested in current educational programs and modern scientific and technical base go there. Swiss research centers working at educational institutions are one of the strongest and most developed. Training in a country with four national languages can be an excellent base in learning several foreign languages, not to mention the practice of English, which although not official, can be used here everywhere - the local population is fluent in spoken English .

The main feature of the Swiss education system is the absence of any cliches and standards: in each canton, its own admission rules, enrollment procedures, its teaching methods and academic programs are developed. The language of instruction depends on the canton and the type of educational institution: you can choose from a certificate of the British, American, German, French, international and Italian models.

With regard to prices for education, the diversity of courses and educational institutions generates a wide range of prices, but in general, Switzerland is considered a country of premium education - the cost in educational institutions is quite high and is formed on the basis of certain indicators. This will be further discussed.

Year of study in Switzerland for students: Bachelor and Master

Features pricing in European countries are directly related to such factors as the type of educational institution, its location, the option of placement, the duration of the selected course. Basically, in accordance with these indicators, educational institutions publish the cost of education in their schools and universities, but in addition to the above, there are many more nuances that are resolved individually. For example, many children require an additional course of studying a foreign language based on the chosen educational institution, other students want to develop a certain kind of sport or creativity - all this is agreed with the managers of SMAPSE company or representatives of the school.

Higher education for foreigners can be obtained at public and private universities on the national or Bologna system. Popular programs in Switzerland are bachelor's and master's programs: students from abroad often come here to master the professions from the sphere of hotel management and business, medicine, programming and finance. The cost of studying at a bachelor's degree is about 10,000 francs for a trimester, while the student will be able to listen to any lectures of his choice regardless of the faculty. Prices for training for masters are not very different. The terms of study for bachelors will be 3-4 years, and for masters 1-2 years.

Tuition fees in Swiss schools for children, courses for adults

In Swiss educational institutions for Russians there are many options for studying, you can choose the option of accommodation - in a host family or in a boarding school. However, residence in a residence usually requires reaching the age of twelve. In general, the children can enter the school already at the pre-school stage - they have programs for the youngest (a family type of courses that involves training with the parent).

And now, for older children, excellent self-study programs have been developed. Usually at the age of 10-12 years, the children positively perceive the experience of studying abroad, make new friends and live happily in boarding schools. Education in boarding schools in schools is built on the best European programs: GCSE , A-Level, International Baccalaureate, Abitur , Swiss Maturit. The compulsory program includes the study of several foreign languages, and the living conditions often correspond to the level of comfort of five-star hotels. Prices for training in them are appropriate - from 40 thousand francs a year.

For children who are not sure of their language skills, it is recommended to start acquaintance with Swiss education from short-term programs, for example, from a summer camp . Duration of vacation changes ranges from a week to a month - life in language camps is rich and interesting, children immerse themselves in the language environment and in the shortest time reach impressive linguistic progress. For two weeks in the camp, parents should be prepared to pay at least 1,200 francs.

In the best language schools in Europe, you can also find programs for adults for various purposes: academic English, business English, speaking course and much more, costing from 800 francs a week.

Studying after 9,10,11 classes in Switzerland: opportunities and prices

In the last grades of secondary school, parents and pupils begin to think about further education - and it is fine when there is an opportunity to study abroad. But because of the difference in systems, entry into a European university is possible only through additional courses in the country of instruction. It can be study in the graduation classes of the Swiss private boarding school on popular A-Level programs, International Baccalaureate (the price of these programs is scattered in the range of 60-90 thousand francs per year). The duration of the programs is 1-2 years. A distinctive feature of the last classes of the school is the intensive preparation for the university : the students usually already know where they will go and study the profile subjects. As a result, students receive high academic knowledge and a prestigious certificate that opens the doors of the best universities in Europe.

Another option for university preparation is special programs based on universities or language schools: Foundation , University Pathway , Year One. For foreigners, this is a great chance to improve language skills and tighten knowledge of the school curriculum. Certificates of such courses are a sign of quality and a guarantor of good preparation, they give significant advantages to incoming students. The cost of such programs is from 6000 francs per trimester.

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