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Year of study in Europe - the cost of education in schools and universities in Europe for the Russian

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Year of study in Europe - the cost of education in schools and universities in Europe for the Russian

Getting an education in Europe is one of the most popular and prestigious options for children, schoolchildren and teenagers. There are a lot of people who want to get high-quality education and a solid diploma. Very attractive educational conditions that can not be found anywhere else in the world, unique culture and art will enrich the horizon and become a successful representative of the globalized world.

The European system of education is based on centuries of experience and traditions: educational institutions open in the 14th and 16th centuries work here, and programs still retain the basic educational principles that have been taught by outstanding people, politicians, diplomats, writers and scientists. Leaders of world ratings are British, French, Spanish and German educational institutions: they set the tone for all other European educational centers. Europe is attractive because here you can find a course for the soul and for the wallet: from elite schools of Britain for aristocrats to quality Czech schools at reasonable prices.

In Europe, for schoolchildren and students, an ideal environment for the improvement of language skills, perhaps the study of the second foreign language, and, of course, the acquisition of a sought after profession that opens enviable prospects has been formed. As for prices, the range is quite wide, as are the options for programs in Europe.

Year of study in Europe for students: Bachelor and Master

What are the prices for education in European universities ? For the successful selection of the educational center, the following indicators should be taken into account, which directly affect pricing - a place in the rating of the institution, terms of training, location and additional benefits. Below are the averaged prices in various European countries.

European educational institutions attract students from all over the world with their indicators: for example, the educational center in Britain will be very expensive, but the diplomas of the universities of Britain and - Oxford , Cambridge and others - are so prestigious that they promise a successful fast career after graduation. The first rate of the bachelor will cost 9-14 thousand pounds sterling, the most expensive specialties - medicine, jurisprudence - will cost even more, in 20-40 thousand pounds sterling. Bachelor's programs last 3-4 years, and master's programs usually last 1 year. Quite different prices can be found in Poland or the Czech Republic , where the tuition fee for a bachelor's program is about 4,000 euros per year. For the Russians in the Czech university there are free programs in the Czech language. In Spain, master's programs will cost 4-5 thousand euros.

In general, higher education programs can be divided into three categories - economical (Standart), affordable (Premium) and expensive (Luxe). Economical options include universities in Austria , Germany , Greece, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Finland and France . In the above countries in public universities, education is either free or fairly affordable.

The second category, Premium, can be attributed to Hungary, Spain, Italy , Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Switzerland . Prices here range from 1500 euros to 14,000, but there are big discounts for those who study in the national language.

The most expensive countries include England and the United Kingdom , Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands. Prices here are very high, from 10 thousand euros a year + expensive accommodation and meals.

The cost of studying at the school for children in Europe

The cost of training is influenced by the type of study, the type of school, location, duration of the program and the rating of the institution. The most affordable prices can be found in public schools (from 5,800 euros per academic year); in private boarding schools, training will be much higher, but, as practice shows, to study here is more effective and more comfortable: small classes, the most modern equipment and experienced teachers will provide serious training.

For the youngest, there are family programs, on which it is recommended to be with the parent, and for older children 6-7 years old you can try teaching in an elementary school. Training with the possibility of living in a boarding school is usually possible for children who have reached the age of 12.

For secondary school students there is a wide choice of programs: for the first acquaintance with study abroad, short-term programs in the summer language camp, where flexible programs operate and you can choose the most suitable for age, prices and intensity, are perfect.

For students who are ready to study in private boarding schools , you can consider the option of studying for one year or more. The cost of studying in a French school is 18 thousand euros per semester, in Switzerland - from 96 thousand CHF per year, in Italy - from 15 thousand euros per semester.

Year of teaching English in Europe for Russian and foreigners

In European educational institutions of various types - both language centers and international private schools - one can get excellent language training for later life abroad, take courses of academic or business English. The courses that combine academic training in the chosen direction with the study of language are popular. The ranking of prices for summer programs by countries is about the same as the prices for studying at a university. The highest prices in England - from 3-4 thousand pounds sterling for 14 days, in Germany programs for the summer start from 900 euros, and in Spain very popular football camps, the cost of which will be from 3600 euros for 2 weeks.

For those who study at the university is not far off, courses for pre-university preparation have been developed . Within a few years, the children will be able to adapt to the new environment, improve communicative and other language skills, obtain a prestigious certificate that increases the chances of enrolling in a top university.

Study after 9,10,11 classes in Europe: opportunities and prices

Particularly relevant is the issue of studying after school for Russian graduates, because because of the existing retail in education they can not be enrolled in a European university right after school. Additional training will be required at special courses A-Level , Foundation , International Baccalaureate . Study in these areas is a great opportunity to tighten academic knowledge, adapt to the new environment and get a prestigious certificate that practically guarantees admission to the university. After some programs, provided that they are well educated, the children are immediately enrolled in the second year of the university. The prices for training on these programs are quite high: 30 thousand (year) - Great Britain, 2319 euros (12 weeks) - Spain, 3600 euros (7 months) - Czech Republic.

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