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Language camp for children 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years old

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Language camp for children 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years old

International language camps is an excellent learning option for children, teenagers, school children, Russian students and foreigners. Such a language camp abroad successfully combines the opportunity to tighten the language, have a great time, and also gain experience of communication with peers from different countries - the USA, England, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and many others.

Since the foreign children in the camp abroad will be in the same group, they will somehow have to communicate with each other both during and after classes. Being in a language camp abroad regardless of the country in which it is located, children learn to interact with each other, despite the possible language barrier or cultural differences. All this helps them acquire valuable skills that will certainly help them in their adult life.

Children's language camps abroad: in Switzerland, Austria, England, USA, Spain, Germany

Today, this type of training is very widespread around the world, and in different countries there are more and more training centers providing relevant services. The range of language camps is quite wide, so you can easily choose the appropriate option for both a 12-year-old child and a 16-year-old teenager, for high school students or for those already preparing for admission to a higher education institution.

Here are some options for language camps for children and adolescents in countries abroad:

  • England offers to all comers several options for teaching English in the heart of the country - London! This is the Embassy Summer Docklands, Whitgift Summer School,European Center (EC), Kaplan for pupils from 11-17 years old). There are also courses in other cities: LSI in Cambridge, LAL in Berkhamsted , Embassy Summer University of Sussex in Brighton, Embassy Summer Oxford Headington in Oxford and many others. Cost of study inThe language camps in the UK range from $ 500 per week.
  • Some of these camps can also be found in other countries - for example, the USA also has an LSI program for young people 11-17 years old, Who do not mind a couple of weeks in New York, or in Boston (FLS Boston Common), Los Angeles (GEOS),San Francisco (St. Giles) and not only. If you choose English language courses in America , then they will cost you in an amount starting from $ 1000 per week.
  • Not only English but also French or German children and adolescents will be able to study in the language camps in Switzerland: Swiss Education Academy SEA, Village Camps , fRilingue (Lezen), Institut Monte Rosa (Montreux), etc. Cost: from 1 450 CHF / week.
  • Young connoisseurs of the German language will be able to immerse themselves in its unique atmosphere by going to the language camps in Austria (Village Camps,ActiLingua ) Cost from 879 € / week. Or visit not less entourage courses in several places in Germany: DID Deutsch-Institut (Aschaffenburg), Humboldt-Institut(Bad Schussenried) or GLS Adventure (Munich). Cost: from 550 € per week.
  • But if your child's dream is to learn to speak not only in English, but also in Spanish, then he has a direct road to language camps like Proyecto Español, Enfocamp, [999.40 ] FC Real Madrid and others. Training in the camps of Spain near the sea or in the center of the mainland will cost the parents from 365 € for one week.

Such camps are ready to receive pupils of different ages in each of the seasons of the year - in winter, in spring, in summer, in autumn. In addition to the division by language, they can additionally differ in the subjects. For example, it is a camp with a sporting bias (football, basketball, surfing) or creative (music, theater, painting).

If you do not want to choose a camp with a program designed for some specialization, universal international language camps for children and teenagers that combine a combined course of study and rest will suit you. During the summer holidays, language camps for young people located on the sea are especially popular.

The children's camp of the English language is an excellent variant of an exciting pastime at any time of the year, which every child will surely remember with enthusiasm!

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