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Language camps for teenagers at sea abroad

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Language camps for teenagers at sea abroad

Summer holidays are the most favorite and long-awaited time of the year for every schoolboy, and the prospect of holding him for textbooks can hardly please any of the children. It is quite another matter if it is a question of a language camp on the sea somewhere abroad. The advantages of such camps and their positive influence are undeniable, for at least three reasons:

  • Constant immersion in the language environment
  • Familiarity and communication with peers from all corners of the world
  • A memorable vacation and vivid impressions.

Studying in the summer language camp has little to do with the usual school activities at the desk - here the educational process is based on interactive and game interaction, so the lessons are incredibly exciting and can interest all children. In summer language schools abroad, qualified teachers usually work, as well as in a good foreign school.

By the way, in order to go to a language camp, it is not necessary to know any foreign language perfectly, because in such places it is taught! Therefore, if you or your child's level of language skills is not so high yet, do not worry - in the language camp students are accepted with any level of language. Already in place to determine the level, you will need to undergo testing, and then all students will be grouped according to the results.

During the course you can already significantly improve your spoken English. The program of the basic language course includes 20 academic hours a week, where children work on literacy of speech, are engaged in listening, reading, writing. Guys are also taught to apply all the skills learned in real life. If you want, you can choose a more intensive training course - an intensive program includes 30 hours a week.

Another significant plus of language camps on the sea - this format of summer leisure will be to the taste of a student of any age, so it is equally suitable for small children, as well as for teenagers and even students. And if you are ready to spend a vacation at sea with benefit for the whole family, then for this case there are family camps where you can relax in a close circle of relatives and close people.

Abroad language camps are very popular, therefore the geography of summer language camps is quite extensive and will be able to satisfy any request. So, thanks to the summer language camp on the sea you can visit Spain , France, Portugal , Italy , Malta , Cyprus and even the southern part of England ! Accordingly, depending on the chosen country, you can take a course with learning English, Italian or French. The camp program also includes various excursions, so during the course you will have the opportunity to get to know a better country and learn something about the local culture and traditions.

The cost of a trip to a language camp

The price of a trip to a language camp at sea will depend on several factors: first, from the country in which the place of study is chosen, and secondly, from , What type of accommodation and food you choose. In language camps, students are usually offered several accommodation options - in camp residences, boarding houses, student hostels, hotels or in a host family.

So, in order to choose the most suitable for the child from the whole variety of summer language camps at sea abroad abroad, you should decide on the following questions:

  • Study language (English, Italian , French, etc.)
  • Location and food.

And remember that a summer camp on the sea is the kind of holiday that you have to visit. Your child will remember for a long time, and when he returns, he will certainly thank you!

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