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Why study abroad? Choose: United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland

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Why study abroad? Choose: United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland

No one needs to be persuaded that education abroad is a modern, prestigious and qualitative preparation of the child for a successful independent life, a fast career, work in the international community.

Among the top countries, the most popular among students from Russia, you can note the United Kingdom , the United States , Switzerland and Canada . What is the reason for such success and relevance, what are the main advantages of training in these countries?

  • Highly listed, prestigious diplomas. A completed study abroad provides a way to the best universities, and subsequently - to the best workplaces of the whole world
  • Quality, comprehensive, balanced education. In foreign schools, students are taught to think, analyze and learn, and the number of dull cramming of paragraphs is practically zero. Great attention is paid to the development of creative and sports skills, social, moral and spiritual qualities, career orientation, development of basic academic skills - graduates of the best foreign schools are fully prepared for independent successful life, motivated and ambitious
  • Multicultural community. The best schools in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland accept children from all over the world: from an early age, students learn to respect someone else's point of view, other appearance and languages, culture and customs, learn to interact with representatives of different national identities
  • Active learning of foreign languages. Graduates of foreign schools do not just perfectly know the English language - they are successful in studying other European languages, often they take Chinese, Arabic and others. All this expands opportunities for higher education and employment, makes students the true citizens of the world
  • Education of independence and responsibility. Of course, separation from the family by children is most often not easy. But it is the education on the closed campus that teaches students to be independent, to correctly allocate their time, to take care of themselves, to answer for words and deeds, to experience failures and successes, to find opportunities for development and self-improvement - graduates are fully ready to go through life confidently, with their head held high , not expecting the indispensable support.

Of course, it is worth noting and excellent chances of entering the university if you have completed a good school in the US, UK, Switzerland or Canada. A more balanced and quality education, a longer term of study (12-13 years instead of Russian 11), prestigious diplomas of international educational programs - all this makes enrollment in the best world universities much easier and easier. That is why many parents from Russia, wishing to give the child a high-quality higher education, send him to a foreign school in the 8th and 9th grades, giving the opportunity to adapt to the new environment and prepare for the main educational areas, to tighten the language level.

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