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Where do graduates of Russian schools study?

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Where do graduates of Russian schools study?

Today more than 50,000 Russians study at the Bachelor's degree programs and Masters , as well as MBA . Almost the same year they leave the country for the purpose of learning the language. Russian students are selected for training by developed and actively developing countries. Experts in the field of international education compiled a rating of the most popular areas.

After the diploma to England, Germany, China

The rating of popular educational directions is headed by Great Britain . In this country, Russian students are striving to receive a basic higher education. Also popular are the British Master's programs. Many go to English counties to study English. In total, more than 14,000 Russians study at the student programs in Britain today. About 20,000 receive an MBA degree from prestigious universities, improve their English proficiency in courses. Russian students choose mainly financial, business specialization. Attention is also drawn to programs on art, design, foreign philology.

The second place in the rating was firmly entrenched Germany . German educational programs (including English and bilingual) attract Russian students in terms of value and quality. Diplomas received in universities of Germany are highly quoted in the world. More than 12,000 Russian students study in the country.

The third place in the ranking is PRC . Chinese colleges and universities have selected more than 11,000 Russians. Mostly students from the Far Eastern region, Siberia study in the country. China attracts the opportunity to get high-quality education, to optimize the costs of training. According to statistics, every 20th Russian student receives a government scholarship. In Chinese colleges and universities, foreigners study marketing, management, agriculture, jurisprudence, and Chinese.

America, Canada, France: great opportunities for those wishing to study

Universities USA , France and Canada, too, attract the attention of Russian students. In America, foreigners choose mainly financial, marketing, administrative direction. In universities, colleges, professional courses in the country today, more than 5,000 Russians study. Education in the US is distinguished by its high cost and prestige. Diploma of each of the leading universities of the country opens up to its owner a huge career prospects.

In a country of sophisticated culture, France , Russian students are pragmatically studying management and business. Also popular is the humanitarian direction. Many Russians choose bachelor and master's programs in art.

Canada attracts the opportunity of bilingual education. The country's universities are among the best in the world. In Canadian educational institutions, Russian students choose mostly accurate, natural sciences, business, management.

Available education abroad

Those wishing to receive engineering specialization, to study physics or chemistry are often chosen by South Korean universities. In this country, high-quality profile education is offered, which meets international standards.

For diplomas in art and design, Russians go to Italy . More than 1000 students today study on undergraduate, master's, fashion, applied disciplines. Also in the country are popular directions of tourism, business. Training in specialized schools, universities is affordable.

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