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Questions and Answers: Insurance of travelers abroad

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Questions and Answers: Insurance of travelers abroad

Insurance for tourists and insurance for students abroad is a must, necessary and very useful thing. In this article we will consider the most common questions and try to give them a clear answer so that you understand the features of obtaining, using and filing an insurance policy from the search engines of the best insurance comparison .

What is Comparison.Ru ? What is the principle of work?

This is not a single insurance company, but an online service for selecting insurance and comparing the most profitable insurance options, depending on the goals, terms and other features of your trip. They do not distinguish one company and do not advertise a certain insurer: helps you to make an optimal choice among the most profitable offers, to arrange an insurance policy in just 10 minutes and get valuable tips and tips - no matter which country you go to.

In a convenient and understandable form, you will need to choose the country and dates of the trip, determine the number of travelers and additional insurance options: perhaps you want to insure your luggage, car, engage in active and extreme sports? Be sure to specify the full name and birth date of each traveler. After the key parameters are determined, you will be shown the best variants of insurance policies in different companies - you will choose the most liked and pay it in any convenient way. Immediately after payment, your insurance policy will be on your e-mail, plus you will receive an SMS with its number and emergency service phone numbers. Print policy is very easy - at any convenient time, go to your personal page on Compare.Ru, download or save it, print it out and do not forget to take it on a trip!

What is included in the insurance?

A full set of services for an insurance policy you can determine yourself. In the basic version (necessary for obtaining a visa), always includes medical insurance (outpatient and inpatient treatment, emergency dentistry and necessary medications, transportation to the clinic and, if necessary, sending an urgent plane to your home country). You can activate luggage insurance, insurance against accidents, non-departure or cancellation of the trip, insure the car, buy an extended policy for extreme sportsmen, etc.

What is an insurance e-policy?

The electronic policy on its "powers" and legal force is completely equivalent to the usual paper variant - it is certified by a signature and facsimile. That's just it appears in your e-mail right after payment - there is no need to waste time on a trip to the office of the insurance company: you can print it out yourself at any free time.

Proposals of which insurance companies provide Compared.Ru ?

All key, largest national and international companies, recognized leaders of the insurance market (in parentheses we indicated European and global partners of Russian organizations):

  • Tinkoff Insurance (Europ Assistance)
  • Liberty (Class Assistance)
  • VTB Insurance (Global Voyager Assistance)
  • ARSENAL (Balt Assistance)
  • AlfaStrahovanie (Class Assistance)
  • Consent (AP Companies)
  • Absolute Insurance (Europ Assistance)
  • Renaissance (AP Companies, First Assistance)
  • ERV (Euro-Center Holding)
  • Asus Assistance, Remed Assistance, Smile Assistance
  • Rosgosstrakh (Balt Assistance, Europ Assistance, Fidelitas Assistance, Global Voyager Assistance, Savitar Group)
  • Zetta Insurance (AP Companies)
  • Russian Standard (AP Companies)
  • Support Balt Insurance
  • RESO (Europ Assistance, Fidelitas Assistance, Remed Assistance).

How can I pay for a policy, is it safe? What is the commission for payment on the site Compared.Ru ? Maybe it's more profitable to take it directly from the insurance company?

The site offers a variety of payment options - you can choose the most convenient for you:

  • Bank cards (VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro Mastercard)
  • Electronic money (Yandex.dengi,, Qiwi, WebMoney)
  • Pay for the formed account through AlfaFlyk
  • Cash in terminals Qiwi
  • Cash in the terminals or cashiers of Euroset, Svyaznoy or Sberbank.

Data transfer from your card is carried out with the strictest security measures: the authorization server of the bank is used over a secure channel (SSL 3.0 protocol), and all data is encrypted - they are stored only on a special, well-protected server of the payment system.

The site Compared.Ru does not charge a commission from clients for processing the policy - you pay only the amount that the insurance company directly exposed. The site works according to the current insurance tariffs established by the companies - and sometimes even offers significant discounts: on the aggregator website, organizations are forced to fight for each client, as they get in direct comparison with their competitors, and healthy competition generates beneficial offers.

How can I get my insurance policy ? Do I have to print it out?

As we mentioned, the e-insurance policy will be available in your Personal Area immediately after payment, and will also be sent to your e-mail address specified at registration. Your mobile phone will receive an SMS with a policy number and service phone numbers, which you can contact in an emergency. If you chose to pay by credit card, you will receive a link to download the completed policy immediately after the payment is made.

We recommend printing an electronic policy - at least you will need it to apply for a visa and (most often) for passage of border services and customs. Also you can show it if necessary on the screen of your mobile phone - and when calling for an emergency help line, you just need to give his number, and your data will be received by the company-insurer.

Such a policy is exactly suitable for obtaining a visa?

All insurance companies cooperating with Compan.Ru, provide insurance policies in full compliance with the requirements of consulates and embassies - they are ideal for processing any visa. All changes and amendments to the legislation and regulations are monitored on a regular basis and are immediately corrected in the issued policies.

For example, a standard Schengen visa requires a policy with an insurance coverage of at least 30,000 euros - this is the basic option, which can easily be increased to 50,000 or 100,000 euros. For a trip to the United States and a corresponding visa, insurance coverage must be at least $ 50,000, so the corresponding insurance in the United States has the base exactly that amount. Similar coverage is recommended for Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as for Australia (this is associated with costly local medical care). Buy insurance in Australia

Can I return an insurance policy ?

You can return the policy and the money spent before the insurance policy begins - just send a notice to the official website of Comparison.Ru . Within 5-15 business days (depending on your bank), money will be returned to the specified card.

What should I do if the insured event has occurred? Who will pay my expenses and how?

If on your trip there was an insurance event - immediately call the customer service (the number will be sent to your mobile phone, as well as indicated in the issued policy) and register your appeal, explain the essence of the situation. Usually the insurance company even suggests calling the client back so that on the trip you do not spend money on international roaming.

If the insured event is recognized as valid (for example, you are sick or injured), the insurer immediately selects a doctor and clinic for you, organizes your transportation and pays all expenses directly. If, for example, you are in a wild or sparsely populated area where online payment is not accepted and only cash is needed - you can take all the medical expenses: do not worry, upon returning to your home country they will all be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Can I buy a policy for another person? Can I buy a policy if I have already gone on a trip? Can a citizen of another country, not the Russian Federation, use the service?

Yes, yes and yes! You can buy an insurance policy for any relative, friend or acquaintance - the main thing is that the buyer himself at the time of registration of the policy for more than 18 years. The policy can be bought and decorated anywhere in the world - for this purpose there is a special column "I'm already on a trip", and the service will independently choose for you insurance companies that are available for circulation and abroad. Russian insurance agents represented at Compared.Ru work with citizens of any country of the world - again, for this there is a special column "I am not a citizen of Russia", where you can tick off at registration, and with experts of the emergency line you can explain how to Russian, and English.

How do insurance companies track policies purchased at the Compare.Ru ?

All data from the policy you made on the site immediately sent to the selected insurance company and stored in its database. In addition, each insurer has a personal account on the site, where all the data of new and old customers are monitored on-line.

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