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Applying for visa to France


Specific details

Terms of visa processing

The applicants' documents are processing within 14 days. The package is submitted to the embassy by the tourist personally or by a student / schoolchild applying for a student French visa, accompanied by parents: attendance at the scheduled interview is compulsory, no delays are allowed.

Guarantees of visa obtaining

The process of obtaining a visa, including a visa for study in France, type D, depends on many objective factors. Providing a full package of documents and a questionnaire filled in without errors is not a guarantee of visa processing.

Where to submit documents

Documents for a visa (including a student French visa) are submitted to the French Embassy, it is necessary to make an appointment.

Visa Guarantee

The process of obtaining a visa, including a visa for studying in France type D, depends on many objective factors. Providing a full package of documents and a questionnaire filled out without errors does not guarantee a visa.

Tourist visa / study up to 3 months

Documents for a tourist visa to France (in general, similar documents are requested for visa for study in France, type D):

1. Application form filled in the appropriate way;

2. Valid passport (the minimum period of validity is 3 months after the end of the visa). The document has special requirements: mandatory signature and at least 2 blank pages;

3. The canceled international passport (if any);

4. The second passport (valid), if any;

5. Copies of the national passport (clear, qualitative, facsimile not accepted);

6. 2 photos (actual, made no more than 6 months ago, clear, matte, colored, without ovals, on a light background, size - 3.5 * 4.5 cm);

7. Confirmation from the place of work (standard certificate on the letterhead with stamped seal);

8. Confirmation of financial solvency (statement of account);

9. Proof of accommodation (booking confirmation;

10. Copy of tickets (booking confirmation);

11. Insurance policy (original + copy), issued in accordance with the requirements of the Schengen;

For the tourist at the expense of the sponsor, students, minors and pensioners there are some more requested documents^

Sponsors provide sponsorship letter. It is accompanied by a copy of the sponsor's ID (national passport), a document confirming a relative relationship with the tourist (if available).

For minors, the package of documents excludes confirmation of employment and financial solvency. But it is supplemented by a birth certificate (copy), a notarized consent of the parents or one of them, if the child travels accompanied by another. The document is signed a maximum of one month prior to the moment of applying for a visa.

Pensioners provide a copy of the pension certificate.

Schoolchildren, students will need a certificate from their place of study.

For students, there is a special procedure for applying for a student French visa. To receive a three-month French visa, they provide to the embassy:

  • application form;
  • copy and original of the current foreign passport (the requirements for the document are standard);
  • full copies, originals of canceled passports (if any);
  • a copy of the national passport;
  • 2 photos of the established patern;
  • birth certificate (copy + original);
  • copy and original passport of the parent accompanying the student at the embassy;
  • certificate from employment of parents (guardians) indicating salary;
  • certificate from the place of study (standard, on the company letterhead), a copy of the student's record book, student's card, schoolchildren provide only a certificate;
  • invitation from the French side (copy + original);
  • confirmation of accomodation (can be specified in the invitation);
  • for minors - parents' consent (notarized);
  • an extract from the sponsor's of the trip account ;
  • language certificates (if available);
  • insurance policy (original + copy);
  • copies of tickets there and back;
  • it is additionally recommended to provide documents that are indirectly related to the trip (motivation letter for the school, etc.).

Long-term visa D - study

To obtain a long-term visa (this includes a student's French visa for 3 months or more), students are provided to the French Embassy:

  • 2 questionnaires filled in French;
  • Three recent photographs of the established patern (with a light, but not white background, size 35 * 45 mm, without ovals and angles);
  • Valid passport (issued less than 10 years ago, having 2 or more empty turns) + a copy of the page with personal data and photos;
  • National passport and its full copy;
  • A certificate of enrolment to a college or university in France;
  • Diploma or certificate with a loose leaf;
  • For working students applying for a visa for study in France of type D: certificateof employment (with information about the salary), work record book;
  • For students who need a student French visa: a certificate from the college, university, etc .;
  • Confirmation of financial solvency - an extract from the account (the minimum required amount of funds on the account for stay in France is 615 euros / month, if the student travels at the expense of the sponsor, financial documents are drawn up for him);
  • Confirmation of accommodation for at least 3 months of stay in the country (hotel reservation, confirmation of settlement in an educational institution, application from a physical person for housing, etc.). It is mandatory to indicate the address of residence in France;
  • Form of sponsorship letter from the consulate (for students of dependents);
  • The consulate letterhead with the cost of flights

The Embassy has the right to request additional documents when preparing a student's French visa. Their number and list are determined on an individual basis.

Important nuances

All documents, except passports, are provided complete with a translation (notarized) in French.

Documents for a visa for study in France of type D 2 are given in separate sets: copies and originals. The latter return after verification.

Lack of originals or copies, bad quality of the latter - sufficient reason for refusing a French visa.

Important nuances

  • All documents, except for the passport, are provided complete with a translation (certified by a notary) into French.
  • Documents for a visa for study in France type D are submitted in 2 separate sets : copies and originals. The latter are returned after verification.
  • Lack of originals or photocopies, poor quality of the latter is a sufficient reason for refusing a French visa.
Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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