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Applying for visa to Malaysia

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Visa to Malaysia

Malaysia is becoming more and more popular among tourists every year - an important fact of popularity is the visa-free stay in the country for a month, which, of course, is extremely convenient for a tourist. Those who decided to stay in this hospitable country, will need to issue a visa to Malaysia. Visa-free stay in the country for longer than one month is fraught with a fine and compulsory deportation, as well as further problems with re-entry.

Visa-free entry

If you are visiting Malaysia solely for tourist purposes and do not plan to stay in its territory for more than a month, you will only need to show the passport and provide fingerprints (scanned by a special device) at the customs control. In some cases, you may be asked to show the back air ticket and a financial confirmation of your solvency - it will take at least $ 500 to convince the customs officers that you plan to rest for no more than a month and return to your country.

Please note that the validity of the passport must be at least six months longer than the estimated date of return.

Then each newcomer fills in a special immigration card (in English), after which a stamp is applied in the passport with the date of entry into the territory of Malaysia - it also indicates the date you must leave the country.


It is not uncommon for a tourist to want to extend his vacation for more than a month (most often this was not the intention). In this case (if you do not want to return to your home country again and fly again) you can make a visa-run (border run) - this is a kind of way of a legitimate, albeit cunning enough, visa extension.

For a visa, you need to travel to another country for a minimum period (from 1 day), and then go back to Malaysia. Most tourists choose neighboring Thailand. The nearest city of neighboring Thailand is Hyattay. It is possible to visit by ferry, train and other public transport.

When you re-cross the Malaysian border, you will again be stamped, that will allow you to stay in the country for another month. Please note that you can use this method no more than twice in a row - otherwise you risk attracting undesirable attention of the authorities.

How can I extend my visa through the immigration office?

If you are planning to stay in Malaysia for a long time, it makes sense to apply to the official immigration office before the end of the visa-free residence permit. If the custom agrees with your reasons (why you need to stay in the country), visa-free stay will be extended and you will be given a Special pass. Consider that the authorities are reluctant to make such concessions, and most likely, the extension will be possible only once.

If you have already run out of the visa-free limit in 30 days, but want to stay in the country, immediately contact the immigration center. Each day of the delay entails a fine of about 10 US dollars, and if you are late with the departure for more than a month, it is considered that this time you spent in the country illegally, and the fine will amount to about $ 1000. Be ready to show your return tickets in the center!

Refusal of entry

A very small number of citizens are refused entry. Reasons for failure can be several:

  • For women, this is a pregnancy for more than 6 months. From this rule there is an exception: the right to enter is given if you are passing the country in transit, that is, you will not stay there for more than 3 days;
  • Absence of an official stamp from the country of exit;
  • If you have two foreign passports - the reason for refusal may be the absence of a stamp from the country of departure in the document that you present on the Malaysian border.

When is a visa required for entry?

It is logical: a visa to Malaysia will be required when you plan to spend more than 1 month in the country. You need to apply to the Embassy of Malaysia, get a full consultation and collect the required package of documents.

Required documents:

  • Valid Passport;
  • The questionnaire, filled in English;
  • Copy of the passport;
  • Tickets for the plane (best - in both directions, return tickets are required);
  • Two color photos;
  • Confirmation of accommodation for the entire stay (hotel, hostel or hotel reservation, invitation to work or an invitation from a resident of the country of destination).

It is better to take care of documents in advance, as the procedure for processing and issuing a visa can take up to 14 business days; the minimum period is 3 days. The validity of the visa to Malaysia is usually 2 or 4 months, it can be extended for the same period. Children under 16 years registered into your visa; if you are traveling by invitation from a resident of the country, then the children also must be indicated in it.

For students

First you need to get an invitation and enroll to one of the Malay universities. You will certainly need to confirm your financial solvency, that you have enough money for training, accommodation and meals for the entire period of your stay. If you comply with all these conditions, you can enter the country by the rules of visa-free regime, and already on its territory to issue a student visa - you need to apply to the department of your university.

The following package of documents will be required:

  • Passport (we remind you that the period of validity must be at least six months);
  • Two photos;
  • Application form, completed in English (2 copies);
  • Invitation to study from the university;
  • Return tickets (fixed date is mandatory);
  • Certificates, certificates and diplomas of the international sample on education;
  • Permission to enter Malaysia from the authorities.

Visa to Malaysia is multiple, issued usually for 3-12 months. Only the authorities of Malaysia have the right to issue it, while changing the university you will have to change your visa, because the formats of documents for each institution are different.

For workers and specialists

The process is roughly the same: you can enter the country on a visa-free stay, and already there you will get a work permit and a visa of the appropriate sample. Usually it is issued by the Immigration Department. All documents are submitted by your employer, he also pays all costs and fees for visa processing. The following package of documents will be required:

  • Passport;
  • Employment contract;
  • Three photos of 3 * 4 cm (color or black and white - does not matter much).

Please note that work without a visa in Malaysia is severely punished by the authorities, so be sure to wait for the visa to be issued before proceeding to the chosen work activity!

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