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Applying for a visa to Australia


Specific details

The specifics of visa application

The Moscow Department of Immigration and Visa of the Australian Embassy accepts documents for issuing visas from residents and citizens of such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Moldova.

All completed documents must be accompanied by copies in English and notarised. If there is no possibility to leave originals of some documents in the embassy, for example a birth certificate or air ticket, then they can be replaced by copies. The originals of all documents must be certified by the seal of the organization and translated, only notarised translations are accepted.

If there is a business trip, the applicant must request a work or business visa, all documents must be attached with the official or business invitation to the country.

Visas to Australia, including a student visa to Australia, are divided into several categories.

  1. Category 600 is a tourist visa, it also allows you to attend language courses for up to 3 months. In this case provided that the duration of the training course will be from 5 to 12 academic weeks , the applicant need to undergo a medical commission. If the duration of the training course is 1; 2; 3 or 4 weeks, then a medical commission is not required;
  2. Category 573 - for Master's degree program;
  3. Category 572 - for education in high school;
  4. Category 571 - for education in secondary school;
  5. Category 570 - for training in English language courses or examinations in English (from 3 months).

Tourist visa - stay up to 3 months

In order to apply to the Australian Embassy for a tourist visa, which is valid for not more than 3 months, the following documents are required:

1. Visa fee and confirmation of his payment.

2. Application for a tourist visa in the form 1419, in which the applicant should answer questions and sign.

3. Written authorization of processing of personal data from the applicant.

4. A color photo in the size of 45mm by 35 mm, made on a white background no later than 6 months before the day of filing.

5. Passport, which should have:

- personal signature of the owner;

- one blank page for pasting a visa;

- must be valid for the whole trip;

- if in a foreign passport there are doubtful marks, it will be necessary to explain their origin;

- when presenting a new passport in the embassy, you should submit the old one, if any, or copies of the pages of the old passport. If there is no such possibility, it is necessary to indicate their numbers and visas that were there. It should be specified in the letter and the reasons why it is not possible to submit an old foreign passport.

6. Copies of all pages and marks of the national passport.

7. Proof of the strength of connection with your country and financial evidence:

- submit a certificate of employment, indicateing the current phone number, seals and signatures of the manager, director, chief accountant or the head of personnel. On the certificate you need to specify the date of employment, the monthly income and the position held. It is obligatory to indicate that the employee retains a position and workplace for the entire duration of the trip;

- on the letterhead of the company you need to briefly indicate in English the scale of operation of the company in which the applicant works;

- Founders who are not employees of the company need to provide copies of the Company's Charter and the Founders Agreement;

- provide information and advertising catalogs or booklets that confirm the company's activities;

- copies of documents for the property that is available: car, real estate, land and so on;

- documents confirming the availability of funds, for example: documents from the tax inspection, photocopies of credit cards, an extract from the bank about the presence of a bank account or a credit limit;

- a photocopy of the marriage certificate.

Students who need a visa for study in Australia, need to submit a letter from the institution that can confirm the status of the student and the fact that he has the right to study for the entire period of his absence. If a student studies for more than 4 weeks, then a full medical examination will be required.

If a child who is not yet 18 years is traveling with a parent or accompanied by a third party, then a certified consent from the second parent must be submitted and additionally the passport data of the parent with whom the child leaves. The power of attorney indicates the country and the duration of the trip.

It is also necessary to provide copies of the pages of the national passport of the parent or principal. If a student who prepares a student visa to Australia has his or her family or parents have different surnames, then it is required to provide copies of all certificates of change of surnames, about marriage / divorce, necessarily translated into English and certified by a notary.

8. Regardless of whether minors are going to travel with the applicant, photocopies of the birth certificates of all his children are needed.

9. Housewives, unemployed, pensioners and students are required to present at the embassy:

- Sponsorship letter - a notarized document from a person who will finance the trip; this document indicates the intention to provide cash to the applicant for the duration of his stay in Australia and to fully fund the trip;

- for the sponsor: a certificate of employment;

- a copy of the student's (for students) or retirement (for pensioners) certificate, and for school students - a certificate from the school;

- If the pensioner is more than 75 years old, then the embassy must provide medical insurance, issued for the entire period of stay in Australia.

Long-term courses from 3 months

For a long-term student visa to Australia, lasting from 3 months and longer, you need the following documents:

  1. The original of the passport, which must be valid for 6 months from the beginning of the trip.
  2. Color photos in the amount of 2 pieces of passport form.
  3. A certificateemployment for the parent financing the trip, which is issued on a letterhead indicating his income, position, period of work, the address of the enterprise and the telephone. It is not necessary to translate the certificate into English.
  4. Letter of the sponsor, which is issued in English in a free language, and a copy of his/her passport without the notarization.
  5. A bank statement showing the availability of funds sufficient for living and studying in Australia for the entire period of the trip.
  6. The funds on the bank card must consist of 20,000 Australian dollars a year, cover the cost of air tickets in two directions and the cost of training.
  7. The amount on the account should be shown at the rate of 1 year of training.
  8. Students need to submit to the embassy a copy of their student ID card or a certificate from employment without translation.
  9. If a student is enroled in an Australian institution for long-term studies, then copies of all education documents are required, which are certified by a notary and translated into English - a visa for study in Australia without it is not issued.
  10. For schoolchildren, a certificate from the school is required.
  11. If a student is enroled in an Australian university for higher education, then it is necessary to present a certificate of the IELTS.
  12. If a student who requires a student visa to Australia and his parents have different surnames or has his own family, then all copies of certificates of name change, marriage or divorce, certified by a notary and translated into English, are required.
  13. If the student is under of age, he/she will need consent from both parents with a certified translation for a self-study trip, as well as a copy of the birth certificate in English certified by a notary.
  14. Medical examination.
  15. Confirmation of admission to the training course (copy or original). If a visa for a long course of study is applied, then a visa for study in Australia is issued for the entire course.
  16. Obligatory medical insurance.
  17. Additionally it is recommended to submit:

- all previous passports or copies of old visas;

- certificates and certificates on the study of English;

- letter from the employer.

Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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