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Applying for visa to Malta

Malta Language camps

Specific details

Regardless of the purpose of visiting the country, you must have a visa, since the state enters the Schengen zone. Accordingly, the current Schengen visa gives the right to stay in the territory of Malta for a certain period.

A visa can be obtained at one of the visa centers in the Russian Federation. Such institutions are located in:

  • Moscow
  • Khabarovsk
  • Ufa
  • Novosibirsk
  • Nizhny Novgorod
  • Samara
  • Saratov
  • Perm
  • Omsk
  • Rostov
  • Murmansk
  • Krasnoyarsk
  • Kaliningrad
  • Krasnodar, Kazan
  • Irkutsk
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Vladivostok
  • St. Petersburg.

In the visa centers of the Embassy of Malta in the Russian Federation, documents can be submitted by applicants independently or through proxies (in the latter case, a power of attorney is required). It is submitted in free form, supported by copies of the passports of the applicant and the proxy. Accredited travel agencies also have the right to submit documents.

Schengen visa category C (short-term)

To obtain a visa, the following documents are required:

1. Valid foreign passport (with a validity period not less than 90 days from the moment of completion of the trip).

2.Colour photos (2 pcs.), corresponding to the requirements for issuing documents for travel abroad.

3. Completed in English application form. The document can be submitted in handwritten or printed form. Obligatory is the presence of the original signature of the applicant.

4. A photocopy of previously valid Schengen visas (if any).

5. Confirmation ofaccommodation in Malta. They can be:

  • Reservation of the hotel (official confirmation from the hotel with the address of the object, the period of the reservation, the personal data of the client, contact details of the responsible officer).
  • A copy of the invitation with the indication of the personal data and the details of the inviter. The latter can be a physical, legal entity. For citizens of Malta, a copy of the national passport is attached to the invitation, a copy of the residence permit for non-residents is attached. Also, a letter of guarantee is required for taking all the expenses for the stay of a foreigner in Malta on himself.
  • A copy of the reservation of the training course (for a trip on an educational program) with confirmation of payment.
  • Copies of air / sea tickets (with a fixed date).
  • Description of the route of travel in Malta.
  • Copy of pension certificate (for pensioners), student card (for students). Additionally, a sponsorship letter is provided from the person paying for the trip (with confirmation of his solvency).

6. Confirmation of financial solvency (statement of account, salary certificate, etc.). The minimum amount of cash or non-cash funds should be 48 euros per day (per person).

7. Copy of insurance policy. Insurance should cover possible medical expenses in Malta. The minimum insurance amount for the policy is 30,000 euros. The validity of the insurance is not less than the period of stay in Malta under the Schengen visa.

Visa-free transit in Malta

Transit through the territory of the country is allowed in cases when the change is made within 24 hours (the passenger must have fixed-date flights). In this case, flights must be carried out between states that are not members of the Schengen zone. In the case of visa-free transit, the tourist is not allowed to leave the Maltese airport (transit zone).

Traveling with children

When traveling with minors, the questionnaire is filled in for each of them. In addition, provides:

  • birth certificate (copy);
  • copy of the passport of the parent who completed and signed the questionnaire or guardian - in the latter case, a copy of the guardianship confirmation is required;
  • notarized consent of the second parent or guardian. Exception is made when the attendant has the exclusive right to represent the interests of the child.
  • In this case, the visa sticker of a minor traveler is pasted into the passport of the parent (if the child is recorded in it). It also requires a photo for children who are six years old.

Requirements for photos for visa documents

The application for the visa is attached 2 photos:

  • size is 3.5x4.5 cm;
  • color quality image (two backgrounds are allowed: gray, white);
  • image size is not less than 70% of the image;
  • rectangular shape (without rounding, corner, frame).

A number of other requirements are also presented. The photos must be up-to-date. Photos are taken not earlier than 6 months before applying to the visa center. The applicant must be removed to the front, without the top (coat, jacket, fur coat) or defiant clothing, sunglasses, headgear (in the latter case, an exception is allowed for religious reasons).

Processing of personal data

Each applicant must attach to the package of documents for the Maltese visa a document on consent to the processing of personal data. The form is signed by the applicant personally. The exception is minors. For them, the agreement is signed by official representatives (parent, guardian).

Visa application

In some visa centers of the Embassy of Malta documents can be submitted by applicants independently or through proxies. In the latter case, a power of attorney is required. It is served in a free form, backed up with copies of the a trustee and applicant's passports. Also, the right to file documents has accredited travel agencies.

Deadline for consideration of documents

The processing of a short-term visa for Malta usually takes no more than 5 working days.

Valid term of a visa

Short-term Schengen visas for Malta are issued for a period of not more than 1 month. The actual period of stay in the country is determined by the dates of the flight, the hotel reservation, and also by the dates indicated in the invitation. Short-term visas are single entry.

At the same time, according to the standard Schengen visa in the countries of the zone, you can legally stay 90 days within six months. To calculate the residence time, a special calculator is developed. To familiarize with it and make calculations it is possible on a site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of EU .

Payment of consular fee

The Schengen visa provides for a one-time consular fee of 60 euros and a service fee. The sums in case of denial of the visa to the payer are not returned.

The service fee is paid by all applicants without exception.

From payment of consular fee are released:

  • Relatives of EU citizens (children, spouses, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, as well as adopted children, guardians, trustees), citizens of the Russian Federation who live legally in the EU;
  • Graduate students, students, schoolchildren, their teachers accompanying them (the purpose of the trip is educational tourism, internships, exchange studies);
  • Persons with disabilities and their accompanying persons;
  • Goers abroad for humanitarian purposes (emergency treatment, attendance at a funeral, caring for a sick relative); While confirming the purpose of the trip;
  • Participants of creative, sports, scientific programs.

Please note: additionally during the flight each guest of Malta must complete the registration card (issued on the plane). Documents are filled out separately for each person, including children, inscribed in their parents' passports.

Visa in the canceled passport

Valid vasa, including a study visa for Malta, is not shifted from the old (overdue, spoiled) passport to a new one. The applicant must submit to the visa department a standard package of documents in accordance with the chosen category of visa.

Long-term study visa

Long-term study visa

Long-term or “national” visas (single or multiple) are valid for visits lasting more than 90 days (visa type D) only in the territory of the Schengen country whose diplomatic mission issued the visa, and for transit through the territory of other Schengen countries for no more than five days.

The rules regarding stays of more than 90 days in Malta are the responsibility of the Maltese authorities, and third-country nationals applying for a Malta visa for a long-term visit will initially be issued “national visas” in order to further obtain a residence permit in Malta.

For the attention of applicants: for basic documents such as birth certificate, certificate of marriage, school diplomas / certificates issued in the Republic of Malta or the Russian Federation, a notarized apostilled translation may be requested. Official documents issued with an apostille will not require additional certification to be recognized by another state party to the convention.

List of documents:

  1. One (1) duly completed visa application form in English and signed by the applicant.
  2. A valid passport valid for at least three (3) months after the expiration of the visa, containing at least 2 blank pages.
  3. One (1) photocopy of your foreign passport (if applicable). Blank pages do not need to be photocopied
  4. Two (2) recent passport-size photographs, 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm on a white background. The image in the photographs should be similar to the applicant.
  5. Confirmation of the reservation of a hotel (s) for the entire period of travel in the Schengen countries. If the applicant stays with the family, a written confirmation from the inviting family with a description of the intention to place the applicant with him during the entire travel period + copy of the ID card or passport of the inviting person. In the case of residence in the family or residence of the school, confirmation from the school on the official form. Applicants planning to stay in Malta in an apartment must be provided with a lease of real estate and a receipt for rent
  6. Confirmed round-trip ticket reservations (airplane, ferry, etc.)
  7. Confirmation of a valid insurance policy, individual or group, with a minimum insurance coverage of 30,000 euros for the Schengen area: copy + original.
  8. A letter of admission to a school / institute / university in Malta indicating the details of the course and duration of study, with the seal of the school / institute / university and the signature of the director of the school / rector of the institute (university).
  9. Confirmation of sufficient and regular personal financial resources (bank statement or certificate of purchase of foreign currency or a letter from the bank about the availability of a credit limit on a credit card). Sponsorship letter and sponsor financial guarantees if the applicant does not pay for the trip on his own. The required amount for a day stay - 50 euros. The amount provided should be sufficient for a minimum of 91 days. The validity period of financial documents is 1 calendar month.
  10. A letter from the Department of Citizenship and Emigration Affairs, if the course of study involves obtaining an academic qualification (higher education).
  11. Copy of a civil passport: pages containing biographical data and information about the address of permanent registration in Russia.


  1. A copy of the first page and the page with the registration of the passport of the parent who signed the application form and sponsorship letter. In the case of guardianship, documentary evidence showing the status of the guardian.
  2. Consent from both parents or official guardian (original + copy / notarized copy). If the child travels with one of the parents - consent from the second parent (original + copy / notarized copy). The document should contain wording on its coverage of Malta and the Schengen countries.
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