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Do you want to become our agent?

Do you want to become our agent?


Recruiting Agent for Study Abroad

Commission for Agents

55 - 2500 dollars per customer

(Your commission depends on the type and duration of the course chosen by your client. The minimum commission starts from 55 dollars for two-week programs. The commission is paid after the client's successful joining the program.)

Official duties

  • Regular notification of educational institutions, companies, individuals in your region about educational services of the portal;
  • Attracting clients for study abroad;
  • Timely notification of employees about interested customers by e-mail with sending full contact and passport data;
  • Making of a positive image and recognition of the educational portal;
  • The possibility of free trips abroad when customer groups formed;


Confidence, the desire to successfully cooperate, activity, responsibility, determination, independence, ability to work in a multitask mode, the ability to manage your time, the ability to clearly and quickly carry out tasks, well-bread speech, communication skills, results orientation, positive attitude to direct sales, high capacity to work.


To make a positive image of the company, you should carefully study the portal and get acquainted with the company's products.

1. We cooperate with foreign language schools, educational institutions of primary and secondary education, private schools and colleges, higher education institutions.

2. Programs that we can offer are divided into 6 main types: language courses, primary and secondary education, higher education, preparation for exams, courses for business people or corporate training, seasonal camps on vacation for children.

3. The geography of partners: Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Malta, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico, Cuba, China, Colombia.

4. We also provide full visa support for the listed countries. Information on visas and documents is available on the portal in the section - VISAS.

5. We provide translations of documents and there is no need to do it by clients themself, just send us a copy.

6. Keep in mind that we also offer additional distance learning of English using the online platform developed by British specialists. Programs are very affordable (cheap) and you also get your commissions.

7. We offer specially offered educational programs with discounts! Profitable, affordable!

8. We do not charge additional fees for educational programs !!!

9. We offer child care services in the country of study! Parents can be calm and confident in their children's safety and their support.

10. You should be sure that you have no the duties to enrollment, visa support, contacts with foreign educational institutions, etc. - all these are our tasks and responsibilities, which we perfectly caru out.

11. Your main task is to bring to the client understanding that with the help of us he will find the most suitable education for him and he will be helped with everything. From there it is our business.

12. If you need printed materials for educational institutions, there are brochures on the schools pages on portal. If you need brochures about our company, we can send it to you by e-mail for printing.

13. We have offices in Moscow and London and you should not be confused, if you are in other regions. We successfully work with rezidents all over the world. The Internet possibilities and technologies allow us to carry out most of the services.

14. Our payments to you. You should have no worries about possible non-payment of your comissions. We are a team of professionals who maintain their reputation. Our companies are registered in the UK and Russia and we always wait for you for a cup of tea in our offices. It is profitable for us to pay you to stimulate your further profitable work with us!

15. Our specialists regularly write interesting articles about education, creating an information base on the portal.

16. We are not only aimed at assistance in study abroad, we seek to create general awareness of the availability of foreign education, the prospects of such education. We try to make the readers' understanding of the systems and differences in foreign education. We give clients the opportunity to see, hear and choose from a huge list of courses and educational institutions.

17. We try our best to support our agents as much as possible, listen to their suggestions and can write interesting information articles offered by them.

If you have any questions about cooperation and work with us, please call or contact us:
Moscow 8-495-374-64-01
Russia 8-800-775-54-97 - free call

Your comment/review/question:
Hello, we are an educational agency engaged in sending students to study in Canada. At the moment we have a 9th grade student who would like to go to Pickering College in Canada from September 2018. We do not have an agency agreement with this school, but we would like to receive a commission for the student, in case of a successful start of studies. Is it possible to make his enrollment through you? If this is possible, how much will it cost your services, what should be the results of the student's toefl / ielts? What other requirements for admission? What will be our commission? We will do the visa ourselves to Canada. Thank you
Smapse Manager
Hello Sergey! Thank you for your comment! For cooperation please write to our email address We are ready to cooperate with agents, we can send you the terms and conditions of the contract for review by email. mail.
Smapse Manager
Hello Sergey! Thank you for your comment! For cooperation please write to our email address We are ready to cooperate with agents, we can send you the terms and conditions of the contract for review by email. mail.
Good day! I live in the city of Kemerovo, I plan to organize educational tours abroad. Tell me on what terms we could cooperate with you?
Smapse Manager
Hello Pavel! Thank you for your comment! For cooperation please write to our email address
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