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Legal Education in England, UK

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Legal Education in England, UK

To study jurisprudence in England and Great Britain and get a legal education in these countries - the decision is correct and deliberate. First, the British education system as a whole has established itself as one of the most qualitative and thorough on the planet. Secondly, the foundations of British law are very common in the world, one way or another court systems work in many countries.

In the UK for Russian students you can get a bachelor's, master's, doctor's degree, you can pass an internship or advanced training program, and the training is almost always done on real cases, examples from life, there are practices and lectures with famous specialists. In the process of studying not only profile knowledge is directly studied in the chosen legal profession, but also a large number of related disciplines: this makes the graduates more qualified, and therefore, in demand on the international labor market.

Below we present for you a list of the most popular, ranked and in-demand universities offering courses in the field of "Jurisprudence":

The term of study in the undergraduate program is usually less than in Russian universities - from 1 to 3 years. This is due to the fact that students begin to study the foundation already in the graduating classes of the secondary school (Sixth Form), having decided on their future specialization, and they are already entering the university with some knowledge.

The cost of training is quite high, especially in the top universities of Oxbridge: about 13-14 thousand pounds a year, excluding residency. However, investments will pay off almost immediately after the release: the legal education of the British model is very highly valued in the world, and the vast majority of students find a prestigious and highly paid position almost immediately after graduation.

What to do?

The first and perhaps most important requirement for foreigners is a perfect knowledge of English at the level of the carrier. Most likely, you will be asked to present the certificate of the international TOEFL exam (from 230) or IELTS (from 7.0). It will also be very useful for foreign students to take preparatory courses: so you can not only update and update knowledge, but also supplement the vocabulary of vocabulary, learn specific idioms and grammatical forms typical for the legal field.

The big advantage will be the certificate of secondary education of the English school: at least three subjects the final grade should be no lower than A. If you are planning to get a first higher education (do not have a bachelor's degree), it makes sense to pass a programFoundation , A-level or IB (international Baccalaureat): they effectively and comprehensively prepare foreign students for study in Britain and other foreign countries.

For gifted and stubborn students it is possible to receive a grant or scholarship for training. If you do not have the opportunity to get a basic higher education (bachelor's degree) abroad - it is worthwhile to finish the Russian university that issues international diplomas, and after that to file documents with the British universities.

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