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Tutor at home in Moscow

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Tutor at home in Moscow

A tutor at home in Moscow for students will provide the necessary training for studying abroad - an adequate language level and deep academic knowledge. As practice shows, it is almost impossible to successfully transfer to a foreign school without the help of a tutor. The most effective are classes in a foreign language, and classes in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics in English are especially in demand. Private lessons have many advantages, and the price range is very wide.

The main advantages of tutoring classes for students:


  • What is the difference between tutoring for student from group lessons? An experienced teacher will be able to assess the level of knowledge of his ward, take into account its features and form an individual curriculum, carefully and sensitively monitoring progress.
  • Excellent preparation for admission to Russian and foreign schools and university. Teachers who are engaged in “pulling up” students for exams are well aware of the specifics of entrance examinations and with great success prepare students. A good option is to study in a specialized subject with a native speaker (for example, biology in English in Moscow).
  • The home study format provides the lesson in optimal intensity, there is no school atmosphere, which affects the student’s attentiveness and discipline.
  • The possibility of distance learning - studying on Skype with the competent organization of lessons will save time and add convenience, because you just need to turn on the computer and start the lesson.

Tutoring in English in Moscow


Today, subject classes in English are in great demand due to the high efficiency of such programs. Classes in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics with a private tutor become many times more effective when they are conducted by an experienced teacher-native speaker, and the language of instruction is English. This is a huge contribution to the development of linguistic skills: in this format, the student receives valuable language practice, overcomes the communicative barrier and masters a new layer of vocabulary - academic. Such a form of education will be useful to any student, but for those who are thinking about studying abroad, such an experience is simply necessary. However, finding qualified native speakers in Moscow is not easy - SMAPSE It also guarantees high-quality teaching services and optimal prices.

How much does it cost to deal with a tutor in Moscow


The cost of classes with a private teacher at home is affected by various nuances, first of all, the qualification of a tutor. It is worth noting that the student does not always need a teacher with high qualifications - it all depends on the language level: the higher it is, the more experienced and qualified the mentor should be.

Affects the cost and location of the lessons: distance education considered the most economical option. Then there are classes at home with the teacher, and if we are talking about the teacher with a home visit, then the cost of the lesson will add the cost of the trip.


The best tutors for students from SMAPSE company


You can get quality services from the best private tutors by contacting SMAPSE. SMAPSE experts will help you find a professional tutor for any purpose:

  • A wide selection of teachers for learning foreign languages
  • High-quality educational services for students in the main subjects from the school list: mathematics, foreign languages, biology, chemistry, physics
  • SMAPSE portal employs strong native-speaking teachers for subject classes in English, which will help prepare for study at a foreign school and pull up special subjects
  • Qualified teachers - both Russian and native speakers - are well versed in the specifics of studying for admission to foreign educational institutions and know what to look for in order to successfully pass exams
  • You will find a flexible system of prices, discounts and pleasant bonuses.
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