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Tuition in the UAE for Russians - the cost of studying in the UAE for Russians

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Tuition in the UAE for Russians - the cost of studying in the UAE for Russians

Arab Emirates is a prestigious and popular option for studying abroad for those students who want to learn the language in one of the most beautiful places in the world. This country is in tops as the best place for a tourist holiday.

The advantages of studying in the UAE for Russian

  • In this country, students from abroad will find a wide range of educational institutions - from language courses for a short period to higher education programs
  • Here you can learn not only English , but also Arabic or any other foreign language, as here there is a real intercultural atmosphere
  • The local population of cities is fluent in English, so the student will be able to practice a lot of conversational skills
  • Language and international schools with children and adults are taught by native speakers
  • The fundamentals of the training methodology in the UAE are the principles of educational systems in the United Kingdom and the United States
  • The study can be combined with an amazing rest - there is a pastime for every taste: diving, underwater safari, fishing, safari on camels or jeeps, skiing on the sand, excursions to temples and much more.

Up-to-date information for schoolchildren from abroad

Secondary education can be obtained in public and private schools: as a rule, local citizens study in public schools, private foreigners prefer. In the country there are a lot of immigrants from whole families from abroad, that's why the training system is aimed at foreign students:

  • Almost 30% of private schools work under the program of the British educational module
  • There are many American and Indian schools (their number is slightly less than British ones)

In third place are French, German, Canadian, Iranian schools.

The UAE system of teaching at the school stage

Elementary education

This is the first stage of the compulsory level of education, which takes 6 classes, from 6 to 12 years. Most often up to grade 7, children learn together, and then boys and girls learn separately.

Preparatory classes

From the 12th to the 15th year the children continue the secondary education program: profile subjects are added and the Arabic language and Islam are compulsorily studied.

high school

From the age of 15 to 18, children study at the final stage of the average twelve-year education, after which they take examinations in mathematics, language and disciplines indicated in the curriculum.

List of documents for admission to school in the UAE:

  • Arabic and English copies of the birth certificate of a copy of the child's passport
  • Copy of the passport of the parent
  • Personal file from the previous place of study, translated into English
  • Photos and more.

Up-to-date information for enrolled in universities UAE

  • There are two types of universities in the country: public and private: only UAE citizens can enter government ones, foreigners can not study there even for a fee. But the system of training in public universities is primitive enough for a European student: the emphasis is on reading the Koran and studying Islam
  • In most private universities, UAE programs are based on the British system of education, so a Russian student who graduated from 11 classes in Russia will have to pass the preparatory stage before entering the university. A similar requirement for Russians is advanced because of the difference in the educational modules of Russia and Britain: a British schoolboy learns one year longer in high school and a more in-depth program. There is another option - to transfer from a domestic university to Singapore after a year of study.
  • The UAE has branches in many of the world's top universities, which create special student campuses for their students. For example, with the permission of the state, the campuses of British, American, German, Spanish and French universities are open on the territory of the emirates
  • Between the two options, students from Russia usually choose to study in the preparatory courses, because thanks to them, it is possible to significantly improve academic and linguistic knowledge and perfectly adapt to the new learning environment
  • In order to study at universities in the UAE, you must obtain a student visa. The visa is valid for one year and is further renewed. The universities help the student with the procedure of obtaining and renewing the student visa. It is necessary to prepare a package of documents and pay 300USD.

In the universities of the UAE, the list of requirements for students varies significantly, but any university will need to prepare a standard package of documents:

  • Certificate of secondary education or another document from the last place of study
  • application and application for admission
  • Photo
  • copies of passport pages
  • certificate of passing the language exam.

Programs and prices of the leading educational institutions of the United Arab Emirates

Language Schools


Examples of educational institutions


average cost

English for Business

IELTS courses

English for Students



From 140 $ (week)

Teaching in the teacher's family

Arabic one on one

Arabic + Activities

Arabic + Sport

Home Language Internatonal


From 1740 $ (week)

Primary, Secondary Education

Course GCSE , A-Level


Swiss Federal Maturite

Kent College Dubai

Repton School Dubai

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai



From 26000 $ (year)

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