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Training in York for Russians - the cost of studying in York for Russians

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Training in York for Russians - the cost of studying in York for Russians

Making a decision to start school in York for children from Russian families of their parents can be a difficult process: a new environment for the child, the high cost of studying in York for Russians and not quite the usual climate make you think. But do not be afraid - according to The Sunday Times, York is considered the best place to live in the UK . This is a very picturesque city with Roman roots and historical heritage of the Normans. Today, ancient walls are surrounded by modern shops and colorful snack bars, and every month a new or regular festival is held here. Ideally located halfway between London and Edinburgh, York is different from any other English city with its magnificent Yorkshire valleys and hills. There are 30 top-level museums of the world level and the best racecourse in the country.

The system of academic education in York meets the standards of the UK and is divided into 4 levels:

Education in York for Russians in schools: primary school programs in the UK

Schools of York accept Russian and foreign children for training in preschool development programs from a small age - from 3 years and even with zero language knowledge. In primary school classes, children get an idea of the world around them in an easy game form. Great attention is paid to all sorts of activities for children, because they are at this age restless and very energetic. To use the advantages of this age with the maximum benefit for the development of the child, prestigious private schools organize swimming, physical education and dancing. Children are always under the supervision of the best educators, who protect their safety. The cost of studying in York for Russians in junior classes is from 12196 £ for one trimester. The price includes accommodation, often corresponding to the level of a five-star hotel, and meals, organized by the best chefs from different countries.

Education and the cost of studying under middle-class programs in York for Russians

By the age of 11, schoolchildren are completing primary education and moving to secondary school. At this stage, students are studying three compulsory subjects for which they will have to take exams to obtain a GCSE certificate , but apart from them, elite private schools in York offer a choice of training for Russian children in more than 70 optional subjects. This will allow the child to determine his future profession and it is easier to pass the pre-university training.

  • As part of the Queen Ethelburga's College Middle School, for example, it boasts a strong language component. Top experts are trained here in addition to European languages, in Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Arabic.
  • Queen Ethelburga's College is equipped with the best sports complex in the country among the top boarding schools, so the athletes are provided with a special academic program International EPDP, which combines 3-4 A-levels with professional training in rugby or netball. Training for the A-level program for Russians costs £ 15,368 a trimester, taking into account accommodation and meals on campus.
  • For example, for English teachers who wish to confirm their qualifications abroad, in York there is an opportunity to receive training and certification of CELTA. The four-week course at the prestigious Hampstead School of English York includes English classes aimed at developing pedagogical skills of working with foreign students and students. As a result of the training, the student will expand his knowledge of the teaching methods of English as a foreign language and will receive a corresponding certificate that will allow him to work as an English teacher in any country in the world. The program is available for Russians and foreigners over the age of 18 with a high level of English proficiency, and the availability of pedagogical education is not a mandatory requirement.

A-level (12th and 13th grades of the school) is not included in the compulsory academic program of secondary education in England, but it plays a key role in the student's admission to the university. At the age of 16 to 18, students are preparing for full secondary education, which will open their doors to top universities abroad and within the country.

Training in York for Russians: individual programs, courses and unique opportunities

Learning is a continuous process of self-improvement at any age. In private schools and the best linguistic centers in York, you can select special academic programs for the summer for adults and children, the cost of study for Russians starts from £ 229 per week. Such programs are great for effectively combining leisure and study abroad.

The decision to start and continue studying abroad is always an important and serious step, determining future career opportunities, personal and professional success. We are always available for you to help you make the right choice and clarify all the complex aspects of submitting documents for those who wish to receive instruction in York for Russian and foreign students of any age.

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