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Training in Vienna for Russians - the cost of studying in Vienna for Russians

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Training in Vienna for Russians - the cost of studying in Vienna for Russians

schools Vienna Austria is considered attractive for study by the country primarily because the cost of studying in Vienna for Russians remains traditionally affordable. In state universities in Vienna, Russian students can receive free education: you do not need to take entrance exams, after the Russian school ends, you really should go to the country of waltzes to enter an elite foreign university. During your studies at a higher education institution in Vienna you can work in parallel in Austria or study at once in two prestigious faculties. Local elite enterprises are happy to take the practice of students from Vienna universities. The schedule of studies in Austrian universities is very convenient, students themselves choose their time for listening to lectures and passing exams. In Austria, a very calm political environment, amazingly beautiful nature and a decent standard of living.

Features of education in schools Vienna for Russians

As in any other capital, in Austria there are particularities of teaching in Vienna's schools for children. Full primary education in Austria is nine years old and is divided into three parts. At the end of nine classes in Vienna, Russian students on a par with everyone can continue their studies in a gymnasium, a secondary school or an educational institution with a certain thematic bias. The Austrian gymnasiums are in very good terms, they are the most popular among Russian schoolchildren and foreigners. There is one nuance: when applying to apply at once to several educational institutions of Vienna is not allowed, in each of the prestigious Austrian schools its testing. The top option is a boarding house where you can get in-depth knowledge of official German and additional English. In addition to the "native" Austrian, you can get a certificate of German, Swiss, British or American directions. In all secondary schools in Vienna at the initial stage of the training, linguistic programs for children with zero language knowledge have been developed, for Russian schoolchildren it is an excellent opportunity to join the new language environment as quickly as possible and communicate freely with peers. With regard to the cost of training, one semester in a private school costs an average of 10,000 €.

  • The private boarding school Amadeus International School Vienna accepts Russian children from the age of 11. The cost of training is from 14000 € per term. The curricula are designed in such a way that schoolchildren can harmoniously combine study and rest: sports sections, adventure trips, excursions. In the priority - a musical direction, which is quite natural for the birthplace of the king of waltzes. This is the only school in the Austrian capital with twenty pianos.
  • Summer camp Deutsch-Institut Wien annually hosts more than five thousand schoolchildren from different countries. Here is the elite center for in-depth study of the German language. Children live in the historic center of Vienna in ten minutes walk to the station and fifteen to the famous Belvedere Palace.

Features of higher education in Vienna for Russians

Thanks to the high standard of living, the peculiarities of higher education in Vienna are very attractive for Russians, and the affordable price of studying at a university and a large choice of universities are also a bonus. However, the cost of food, accommodation and transportation for the same reason is very significant (especially in the capital city of Vienna). Only twenty percent of students are Austrians, the rest are Russians and foreigners. All universities can be divided into several categories: classical, pedagogical, universities of arts and elite colleges of applied character. The main university is Vienna, which dates back to the 14th century. It is this classical foreign university that was the first in the history of higher education in the world to provide opportunities for women to study, and today it offers more than 180 programs with almost 100,000 students.

Summer camps in Vienna for Russian schoolchildren

In order to have a great rest and improve your language skills, summer camps in Vienna for Russian schoolchildren are ideal. Austria is rich in vacation programs with a linguistic bias. Vacations in summer schools and camps will allow Russian students to significantly improve the level of knowledge in German and English. Grammar, spelling, speech and listening comprehension - teachers take into account all the nuances of immersion in the language. Recreational programs are very diverse: sports, scientific, creative, adventure, etc.

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