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Training in Venice for Russians - the cost of studying in Venice for Russians

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Training in Venice for Russians - the cost of studying in Venice for Russians

Today prestigious profile and academic training in Venice for Russians is becoming more accessible and foreigners. Venice is definitely one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in northern Italy. Located on a hundred islands, the city attracts millions of people yearning to see the popular sinking city with their own eyes. This is the largest pedestrian city in the world, which is the leader in Italy in the field of eco-friendly mobility due to its relationship between the use of public transport and the number of inhabitants. In terms of education, Venice can be a starting point in learning Italian in the summer for schoolchildren and students, and for those who speak English or Italian at a high level there is an opportunity to get a better education in academic bachelor and master's programs.

The education system in Venice and academic learning opportunities for Russian schoolchildren

The Italian school system of education is similar to the European countries, therefore training for Russians in Venice differs little in structure, say, from education in neighboring Spain or Portugal. Academic education in Italy is divided into three levels:

  • Primary school (in many families, Italian parents, like Russians, try to give their children to pre-school programs from the age of 4)
  • scuola elementare: from 6 to 11 years,
  • Higher education , obtained in universities or higher schools and academies for 3-5 years.

Education in Venice for Russians (as for citizens of the country) is conducted in Italian, so for Russian children entering Italian schools , it is necessary to first learn the local language at the initial level according to the programs of summer camps. The cost of studying for vacation programs in Venice for Russians averages from 1800 € per week and includes an active rest program. The summer program is a good option for family vacations and studying a child for the summer: according to the parents' comments, preliminary study of the language in an international environment abroad allows the child to adapt more quickly to the Italian school afterwards. There are private schools that host Russian and foreign students to study under academic programs 9-10 class.

Training in Venice for Russian and foreigners: the best programs, topics and directions

Specialized training for eminent designers for Russians who are in love with the world of contemporary art will become a dream come true on the way to achieving professional heights. Italy is rightly considered the cradle of fashion, design and creativity in general, and in Venice there are elite world design schools.

  • For those who speak Italian at a conversational level, the top European Institute of Design (IED) will be the best option for starting an academic education by profession. The work of the elite private network of schools of design, fashion and visual arts IED was launched in 1966 and today the institute trains students from more than 80 countries around the world. The popularity of the institute lies in the modern approach to the methods of teaching the newest technologies in the field of design, since talent and creativity are important to be able to develop and properly serve in the conditions of rapidly changing trends. The school in Venice trains on two academic bachelor programs: Interior Design and Graphic - Professional Training Program. The cost of studying for Russians in IED Venice is 15,000 € per year and includes academic classes in graphics, interior design, glass, art in Venice, media design, curatorial practice and others. Please note that the tuition fee does not include the cost of living, however the school provides comprehensive support to students in finding and renting housing. For those who wish to get acquainted with the school, there are two-week vacation design programs in English at a cost of 1500 €, and for those who want to continue their higher education and deepen their knowledge in design within the eminent university, there are master's programs for a price of 18900 € with training in English.

The cost of studying in Venice for Russians: programs, courses, prices

The IB program is offered by a number of leading private schools, taught under the guidance of the International Baccalaureate Organization. The academic program IB has existed for more than 50 years and is considered to be recognized in more than 140 countries of the world as one of the strongest and most status academic educational programs. During the training, the main emphasis is on personal development, the development of leadership qualities and skills of Russian and foreign children and schoolchildren, which enable them to become successful representatives of their generation. Moreover, all IB schools adhere to the principle of bilingualism, which allows foreign students and students to develop the flexibility of thinking in at least two language systems. All IB training courses change cyclically once every 7 years under the guidance of the International Baccalaureate Organization to incorporate the latest training practices and to adjust previous experiences. In Venice there are several prestigious schools, teaching Russian and foreign students on this program. The cost of studying for the IB Diploma program is an average of 25800 € per year, including the cost of accommodation as a boarding house. The training course is very rich and includes:

  • Compulsory subjects,
  • Electives,
  • General course of the theory of knowledge,
  • CAS (Creativity, Service, Activity),
  • Academic essay,
  • Development of skills in working with information.

At the end of the two-year course, the student not only receives a diploma giving the right to enter the best universities in the world , but also a complete idea of studying abroad at a higher educational institution. IB Diploma is recognized in universities of 90 countries of the world, therefore the graduate with success will be able to continue education in top universities abroad.

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