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Training in the US for Russians - the cost of studying in America for Russians

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Training in the US for Russians - the cost of studying in America for Russians

America annually attracts a huge number of students and students for education, tourists for acquaintance with national culture and sights, and immigrants for living in a country with one of the highest living standards. Education in America is available for children and adults of all ages, even with zero level of knowledge: there are always a lot of students who want to study in the US - and this is not surprising, because there are top schools and universities that occupy the highest positions in world rankings.

States where academic and linguistic programs are available for foreigners and Russians:

  • New York
  • Florida
  • Washington
  • New Jersey
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • Santa Barbara
  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • Texas
  • Arizona.

Advantages of obtaining American education:

  • permission to work in the US after graduation
  • international diplomas, certificates, certificates are accepted all over the world
  • high quality education
  • Grants and scholarships for foreign students.

Types of Learning in America

Types of educational institutions depending on the level of study:

Types of educational institutions on the principle of separate and joint training:

  • private schools for boys
  • private schools for girls
  • private schools of joint learning.

Types of educational institutions from the type of residence of students:

  • full board
  • half-board (partial, flexible, weekly)
  • day visit.

Secondary Education in America

To obtain a diploma of High School Diploma, which is issued to high school graduates, Russian and foreign students can enter any private international school if their level of preparation meets the requirements. Foreign students can enter the US educational institutions at any stage of education - they take children from the age of five to the primary school. The American education system provides for an in-depth study of profile subjects for pupils over 15-16 years old - Advanced Placement: it helps to earn additional educational loans, which are taken into account when enrolling in universities.

Preparatory programs in international colleges and schools

During the pre-university program, students integrate into the US education system and adapt to American culture and lifestyle. Many students after the completion of the preparatory course can apply immediately to the 2 course of the Bachelor's program, if he has collected the necessary amount of educational loans.

Types of programs:

  • International Year One - a course lasting 1 year is designed for students for whom English is not native (set for the program is carried out several times a year). After the successful completion of the course with the required number of points the student can be transferred to the second year of study under the bachelor's program. The minimum price is from $ 11,960 / semester.
  • The University Pathway Program is a preparatory program before entering the undergraduate program, which includes linguistic academic programs. And this is the way to be enrolled in the US University without entrance tests! To do this, the training center must cooperate with the university / college where you want to continue your studies. The duration of the program is from 8 weeks: the exact period of study will be calculated based on the level of academic and linguistic knowledge. The program is available all year round.
  • University Transfer Program is a program for 1-2 years for Russian and foreign students, allowing after the end to transfer to the first or even second year of the bachelor's degree. If the student has already decided on the choice of the future profession, a curriculum will be drawn up for him with subjects that are necessary for admission to a particular university.
  • The International Foundation is a program for international students wishing to enroll in the US University (duration from 1 to 3 semesters). During the training, students earn educational loans, which are taken into account when transferring to a university.

Higher Education in America

On the territory of the United States of America are top universities in which schoolchildren from all over the world dream to study and get education abroad through bachelor's, master's, doctoral studies. Popular and popular directions for higher education:

  • business
  • management
  • right
  • international relationships
  • IT
  • medicine.

Examples of elite universities in the country and the approximate cost of training:

Language schools and courses in the US for Russian and foreigners

For children and adults of any age in America, there are a huge number of language schools with a variety of programs - the most common language for learning is English. Learning a foreign language can be combined with the following areas:

  • sports training
  • dances and drama
  • travels
  • The cultural program
  • Preparation for the passing of language exams: IELTS , TOEFL , SAT , GMAT , GRE , FCE , CPE , CAE .

Programs are also available for the older generation - for example, an English course for students over 50 in English Language Center (ELC) Los Angeles (cost $ 1470/2 weeks).

Examples of educational institutions with a general English course:

If pupils in educational institutions do not have a sufficient level of English to study in America, they can, in parallel with the academic program, attend linguistic courses, for example, English as a Second Language (ESL) or Intensive English Language Program (IELP).

Examples of prestigious American educational institutions:

  • The private school-boarding school Village School (Houston, Texas) offers programs: primary classes (from 5 to 10 years), middle classes (11 to 14 years), senior classes (14 to 18 years), cost from 56,000 $ / year.
  • Private school-board for boys Chaminade College Preparatory School (St. Louis, Missouri), the program is available: senior classes from 15 years old and High School Diploma + Advanced Placement since 16 years. The price for one year of training is from 39986 $.
  • International Study Center Roosevelt University Chicago (Chicago) is an international educational center. Students can apply for the program International Year One or Pre-Master: its duration is from 1 to 4 semesters, depending on the level of knowledge of English. After completing the International Year One course, students enroll in undergraduate programs in more than 30 courses at the University of Roosevelt in Chicago. Cost from 29530 $ / 2 semesters - International Year One, 21000 $ / 2 semesters - Pre-Masters.
  • INTO George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia) - one of the largest research centers in the state, the specialization of the university are the humanities. Available programs: Internayional Year One, University Pathway Program, Pre-masters, Bachelor's, Master's, Academic English courses. After completing the preparatory programs, the student can be transferred immediately to the 2-3 course at George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia). Tuition fees from $ 21250 / semester.
  • James Madison University (Washington) is a university designed for 17,000 students, where Russian and foreign students can complete the International Foundation, Bachelor's, Pre-Masters, Master's, MBA programs. The main direction of the university is the bachelor's program, which you can apply after the preparatory course, and in the presence of a sufficient number of educational credits to be enrolled immediately for the second year. There are more than 50 specialties in the university, the most popular ones: business management, economics, finance, technology, nursing.
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