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Training in the Philippines for Russians - the cost of studying in the Philippines for the Russians

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Training in the Philippines for Russians - the cost of studying in the Philippines for the Russians

Annually, learning in the Philippines for Russians is gaining popularity: it is a cozy island country in the Pacific where students can combine language programs and beach holidays. The low cost of studying in the Philippines for Russians allows year-round to come to a large number of students - so the international environment speeds up the learning process of a foreign language. The Philippines is destroying the stereotype of the illiteracy and underdevelopment of Asian countries: the literacy rate of local residents is quite high, most of them are fluent in English , which creates favorable conditions for studying in the Philippines for Russian and daily practice of a foreign language.

The Philippines has excellent conditions for staying: a warm climate, the sea, sandy beaches, developed infrastructure, opportunities for an active lifestyle, high quality of education.

Types of language programs, training in the Philippines for Russian

Depending on the level of preparation and the desired results for foreigners, the following programs are available:

  • general English course
  • Preparation for language exams: TOEFL , IELTS , TOEIC
  • English for professionals
  • English for teachers
  • business English courses
  • English for Students
  • BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)
  • business English.

Preparing for language exams: programs and fees for studying in the Philippines for Russians

For students pursuing the goal of passing a language exam, there are specialized courses where the curriculum includes not only theoretical and practical lessons, but also tips from teachers, what methods to apply for effective preparation for the exam, how to correctly perform the test assignments in order to get the maximum score . Types of programs and prices for training:

  • TOEFL - from 980 $ / month
  • IELTS - from 980 $ / week
  • TOEIC - from 560 $ / week.

Organization of training in the Philippines for Russian and foreigners

International language schools in the Philippines provide the best teachers for foreign boarders and make training programs depending on:

  • the level of student preparation
  • desired results
  • the amount of time a student is willing to spend on school.

The curriculum includes:

  • learning grammar
  • increase in vocabulary
  • development of oral speech
  • correct pronunciation, accent correction
  • reading
  • listening
  • development of written speech.

Features and means of teaching in the Philippines of Russian children in language schools

With special trepidation, foreign teachers treat children's education: working with children always requires a lot of attention, time, patience and high professionalism on the part of the teacher. With the youngest students, the training is carried out in a game in an easy and relaxed atmosphere, which allows the child to be fully involved in the learning process.

In the Philippines, children and adults are taught, even with zero knowledge of the English language: the training program is designed so that students receive a theoretical knowledge base and from the first days began to practice their skills. For advanced students, there are thematic courses, where the main emphasis is on the colloquial component of language learning. In the classroom, program participants discuss various topics, prepare presentations, read, compose dialogues, watch video materials, and listen to audio files.

Principles for the education of children and adults in the Philippines, knowledge assessment systems

When enrolling in a language school in the Philippines, Russian and foreigners are tested by teachers for distribution by groups with an appropriate level of English language skills. At the end of the linguistic course, each student passes the final test, which determines the progress during the training, on the basis of which a confirmatory certificate is issued. Also during the course, teachers regularly monitor the progress of their students and, if necessary, adjust and change the methods of study, so that the education of children and adults in English is maximally productive.

Forms of education in the language schools of the Philippines

Participants of language programs have the right to choose the form of training depending on the capabilities of the training center:

  • group activities
  • individual training.

Groups are formed small, usually 8-12 people, so that the teacher has the opportunity to pay attention to each student in the lesson, and during individual classes all attention is focused on one student who is engaged in private lessons with the teacher. The last method of training is most effective if the student has certain gaps in knowledge, as this allows us to quickly work out the weaknesses.

Leisure while visiting a linguistic program in the Philippines

Language schools conduct not only classes, but also try to organize interesting and fascinating leisure for their students:

  • sport in the open air
  • beach holidays
  • field trips
  • creative evenings.

Top language schools in the Philippines, the cost of studying in the Philippines for the Russians

  • EV Academy (Cebu) is a language school that uses CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) as its main teaching methodology. The school has official accreditation of the Philippine government, certificates of prestigious international organizations, confirming the high quality of the services provided. Types of programs: general course, preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, professional English, language course for teachers, business courses, academic English for students, tuition fee from $ 560 / week
  • Genius English Proficiency Academy (Cebu) is a multinational language school where teachers from America, Australia, Canada and other countries, for whom English is the mother tongue, also work in addition to Filipino teachers. The school is located on the beach - near the beach and 3 swimming pools on the territory of the training center, rooms with panoramic sea views. Tuition fees for language programs range from $ 400 / week
  • SMEAG Global Education (Cebu) is the only certified British Consulate in the IELTS Testing and Learning Center. Types of programs available: TOEFL, IELTS, business English, ESL by Cambridge (general English course using materials from Cambridge University). The cost of schooling is from $ 660 / week.
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