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Training in the Czech Republic for Russians - the cost of studying in the Czech Republic for Russians

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Training in the Czech Republic for Russians - the cost of studying in the Czech Republic for Russians

Study abroad in developed countries is highly prestigious and in demand - what are the foreign universities and schools so attractive? At the stage of growing up, it is so important to receive versatile knowledge, because it is during this period that the outlook is formed, the personality traits, skills and habits that will help the person in his career and at home are provided throughout his life. Acquaintance with other countries, the culture of different peoples will bring up a strong and purposeful personality. Czechia is a country with broad opportunities for Russian students and students, which has everything: rich history, unique culture, world-famous masterpieces of art and quality academic, linguistic programs.

The advantages of studying in the Czech Republic for Russian

  • Czechia is a popular country, a participant in the Schengen agreement: this opens an excellent opportunity to travel all over Europe for the period of study. Practically at any moment the student can easily visit Berlin, Bratislava, Vienna and other European cities
  • Separately worth mentioning is the chance to immerse yourself in the cultural environment of the Czech Republic, the opportunity to see first-hand the popular attractions and live in one of the most comfortable and beautiful cities in Europe
  • It does not matter in which language the student is educated - here he will be able to practice both English and Czech
  • The Czech diploma is recognized by all countries of the European Union: in any European country it is possible to start working without the need to pass a diploma nostrification
  • Here you will find high-quality educational programs at reasonable prices
  • This country has a stable economy and political situation; every year huge amounts of money are invested in education, thanks to which educational institutions have all the necessary modern technical equipment
  • According to the legislation of the country, foreign students who graduated from the university have equal rights with local students and can enter the civil service
  • Curators of universities provide a great support to children from abroad at the stage of adaptation to the new conditions of life
  • Upon completion of training, Russian students can stay in the country, easily find a job and obtain a residence permit
  • The opportunity to get a second education in just two or two and a half years.

Actual information for applicants to schools and universities in the Czech Republic

  • In Czech public and private boarding schools, no one is forced to study: each student is responsible and interested in good knowledge, homework is not asked, but as a rule, schoolchildren themselves understand that it is necessary to repeat the material that has been passed so that it is stored in memory, and in the evening willingly devote time to study.
  • In the Czech schools a friendly atmosphere, to the Russian guys are friendly and understanding.
  • Russian students can study in Czech for free - or on a paid basis in one of the international languages. Most Russian students spend the first year of their life in the Czech Republic on special language courses , where after a year of serious preparation they master the basic language skills of the Czech language and then enter the state university on a free basis. At the moment, 2,887 students from Russia study free of charge in Czech universities.
  • Popular destinations in Czech universities are medicine, biomedical engineering (there are Russian-language programs), economics and management, banking. Among the English-language programs are highly in demand courses in architecture, multimedia, design, information security.
  • The cost of study in English will be from 2,800 euros to 7,000 euros a year, in Russian - up to 2700 euros.
  • After graduation, the student can easily stay in the country and find a job. An alien with a university diploma is not required to obtain a work permit.
  • Bachelor's programs (3-4 years), master's degrees (2 years) and doctoral theses (from 3 years) are offered.
  • In order to enroll in a Czech university , you will need to provide information about the school certificate and a certificate of passing a language course in Czech. Some universities need to pass 2-4 subjects, but in certain specialties there is a competition of certificates, and entrance exams are absent.
  • There are special employment services in higher educational institutions, whose task is to select reliable sub-work for students. At best, the student is placed on a part-time basis in the potential job place and after the diploma can move to full-time.

Leading educational institutions in the Czech Republic: programs and prices

the name of the institution


Karlovy Vary,

Carlsbad International Schoo l - international boarding school offers an elite secondary education. Here, advanced teaching methods, individual instruction are applied. In their free time, the children have a wide choice of entertainment. The school invites foreigners to study in high school on modern programs and on summer vacation.

1) The IB program is designed for children aged 16-18 - an international course that includes in-depth study of English, experimental and humanities, arts and mathematics.

The IB course requires a good knowledge of the language and an academic base, so for schoolchildren from abroad, aged 14-16, it is worth paying attention to the training program for IB. The course lasts a year or two, depending on how much it is necessary to tighten the knowledge of the student. From 37000 euros per year.

2) Extended Program is an additional program that consists of optional classes in one of the following areas: computer technology, fitness, art, media. From 24500 euros per year.

3) Summer English for children 11-15 years is a course for active and purposeful: here children can find new friends, practice their language and generally have a great time at the best Czech spa. From 900 euros per week.


MSM Academy , International Union of Youth is a public organization that seeks to unite the youth of Europe and offer them cultural enrichment programs. The MSM Academy works as an international language school. In a hospitable environment one can learn the language, prepare for entering the university of Britain, Canada, the USA and the Czech Republic. At school there is a summer camp.

1) English + rest (14+) - this course is suitable for children wishing to have a great summer with benefit: the program includes academic studies and trips around the country, which will provide good linguistic progress in the shortest possible time. From 790 euros for 2 weeks.

2) English + tennis (14+) - this option represents a combined direction consisting of lessons and tennis lessons at a professional level. From 1180 euros for 3 weeks.

3) English for Medicine (17+) - this option is designed for young children who want to enter the medical faculty. The result of the course will be the mastery of special vocabulary in medicine, the development of conversational and other skills. From 4900 euros per year.

Prague, Prague Language Institute . For foreigners, the institute has short-term and long-term programs that will help you learn English or Czech. There are developed both summer programs and various preparatory courses for the institute.

1) English + rest: from 880 euros for two weeks.

2) Preparatory courses for the university: from 3590 euros for 7 months.

3) Postgraduate qualification of the doctor: from 3290 euros for 3 months.

Prague, Czech College is a private business school that has established itself as a quality educational institution with modern teaching methods.

Bachelor's program in English - almost all faculties have bachelor's specialties, the duration of the courses is three years. From 4950 euros per year.

Master's programs in English do not exceed two years - here students can learn all the subtleties of the priority profession. From 6950 euros per year.

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