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Training in San Francisco for Russians - the cost of studying in San Francisco for Russians

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Training in San Francisco for Russians - the cost of studying in San Francisco for Russians

Studying abroad opens up ample opportunities for schoolchildren and students to obtain relevant and practical knowledge in the best universities , colleges and schools in the world . Language schools and other educational institutions offering training in San Francisco for Russians have excellent conditions for mastering a foreign language as a second native language. The result of studying will be the receipt of a prestigious diploma and a treasure of valuable life experience abroad.

San Francisco is the leading tourist center, popular all over the world for its resorts, architecture and developed infrastructure. In this city there are 25 universities, creative talented people come here, and education here is considered an integral part of life - therefore, training in San Francisco for Russians will be an excellent preparation for a successful professional future.

Advantages of studying in San Francisco for schoolchildren and students

  • In this place, overseas students quickly adapt to a new life and feel fine. It is a real student city with a friendly intercultural atmosphere
  • Thanks to the international environment and the openness of Americans, San Francisco is a great place to practice and improve English
  • Educational programs - both academic and linguistic - meet modern standards, educational institutions use the most advanced pedagogical approaches
  • The training system in San Francisco for Russians is built on principles different from Russian education. Much attention is paid here not only to the educational process, but also to the education of personal qualities: individualism, ability to defend their point of view reasonably, leadership qualities
  • It is a city with developed infrastructure and wide opportunities for creative people.

Features of the training system in San Francisco for Russian

In the district of San Francisco, many private boarding schools , including international ones. As for public schools, they have a rule: children are not required to go to a place of residence, and together with their parents can choose whatever they like. The policy of the city authorities is aimed at supporting equal rights regardless of income, race and language. Private schools are often preferred by expats, but in spite of high tuition fees, one choice of the school will not be enough - the children are faced with a rather difficult procedure of admission with entrance examinations and interviews. It is better for parents to start looking for a school long before they arrive or even before moving to San Francisco. Private education here is quite expensive, but some Catholic schools can offer less expensive training.

Here are the leading US universities , among which there are many private universities. For admission, you must pass the exams and provide information about academic results in the previous place of study. The academic year includes two semesters, the cost of training is high, but students with good academic performance have a chance to receive financial assistance from the university .

Top-rank educational institutions of San Francisco: programs and prices. The cost of studying in San Francisco for Russians

Linguistic programs for the summer

UC Berkeley

2293 $

Academy of Art University

Cost should be clarified with managers

OISE San Francisco

3850 $

Language schools for children and adults

Kaplan Summer Berkeley

1500 $ per week

ILSC San Francisco

From 330 $ per week

St. Giles International

Private boarding school

Squaw Valley Academy

Cost should be clarified with managers

Preparing for the University

ILSC San Francisco

From 330 $ for 7 days

Higher education

University of the Pacific

From 45786 $ per year

Academy of Art University

From $ 22500 per year

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