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Training in Salzburg for Russians - the cost of studying in Salzburg for Russians

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Training in Salzburg for Russians - the cost of studying in Salzburg for Russians

Why study in Salzburg for Russians is so attractive? In addition to being a Mozart city, you can get a diploma in high schools of the city, which are highly rated all over the world. This is the fourth largest Austrian city, where for several centuries the salt industry has developed, and since the beginning of the 15th century, metallurgical and brewing industries have added to it. Today's Salzburg is the headquarters of many prestigious international companies: Porsche, Red Bull and others.

In the universities of Salzburg traditionally receive legal and socio-economic specialties and, of course, academic music. In Salzburg is an elite European conservatory with a worldwide recognition - Mozarteum.

Features of secondary education in Salzburg

As in any other city, there are special features of secondary education in Salzburg. The duration of schooling in secondary school - both for residents of Austria and for Russian schoolchildren - is nine years: the first four years are devoted to primary school, then you can choose either an academic school or a gymnasium. In the first, children learn five years, in the second - eight. Subject to the end of the high school for "excellent" Russian students have a unique opportunity to enter the elite secondary school Allgemeinbildende Hoehere Schule, the country of about three hundred similar educational institutions. For five years at any high school the best Salzburg educators teach Russian children mathematics, compulsory German and three additional foreign additional ones. Upon successful completion of the child can enter the prestigious gymnasium of Salzburg. After receiving a secondary school certificate, graduates of gymnasiums easily enter Austrian universities , including those with a linguistic bias. Alternative secondary education in Salzburg - in private schools.

  • For example, in a private school American International School Salzburg AISS , located at the foot of the Alps, in addition to theoretical knowledge in full and practical lessons are also provided. For Russian schoolchildren, the age limit has been set - from seven years. Several top-level educational programs, including vacation ones, have been developed. Leading teachers of Canada and the USA work in this American school, so all lessons are taught in English. In addition to academic disciplines, children can choose additional lessons of dramatic or visual arts, design and others.

Higher education for Russians in Salzburg

Balakavriat, magistracy and doctoral studies - higher education for Russians in Salzburg corresponds to the already familiar Bologna system. The first step in most cases includes six semesters, for future doctors - ten. The second - two semesters and the final - also six semesters. Incredibly, but the fact is - in the universities of Salzburg, the system of deducing students, as a dowager, does not exist, any subject can be retaken several times. All universities are divided into research and art universities, applied sciences, pedagogical and private, with state accreditation. There are no entrance examinations, students can choose the discipline at their own discretion. The summer semester starts on March 1, the winter semester starts on October 1st.

  • Universität Mozarteum Salzburg (Mozarteum University Salzburg) is a prestigious educational university, which has its own symphony orchestra and a magnificent concert hall. Mozarteum's sphere of responsibility traditionally includes holding musical festivals of Salzburg, popular for Russian and foreigners of the Mozart Week. In the library archives of this educational institution there is a majority of the collected works of the famous composer. The main specialties that Russian students can get in the walls of this Salzburg university are vocal, music theory, string, spiritual and percussion, keyboards, conducting, musical theater, drama, visual arts and stage design.
  • The University of Salzburg has four prestigious faculties, where about 19,000 students from different countries, including Russia, study and rest. The University is considered a popular innovation center of Salzburg, well known throughout Europe. This is the Theological Faculty, the Faculty of Law, the Department of Cultural and Sociological Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The university does not have its hostels, so for Russian students, it makes sense to apply for an Austrian exchange, where they will quickly and economically find accommodation.

Vacation in Salzburg for children and schoolchildren

A great way to introduce the child to Austria is to arrange a vacation in Salzburg for children and schoolchildren. He deservedly has a reputation as one of the most beautiful European cities. In summer, Russian children have a wonderful opportunity to combine business with pleasure - study and rest. Typically, a three-week course includes a linguistic program and adventure events, a deep language immersion in German and English, games, outdoor recreation, live communication with children from many countries. For foreigners, rooms are available for two, three and four people, parents can also live together with vacations. Meals are three meals a day, the cost of living is from 2000 € per shift.

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