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Training in Paris for Russians - the cost of studying in Paris for Russians

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Training in Paris for Russians - the cost of studying in Paris for Russians

Whether it is an adventure trip or a trip to study, in Paris for Russians there are many ways for spiritual and career growth. The most prestigious educational institutions of France are in its capital, leading, by the way, in the ranking of student cities in the world. In addition, the cost of studying in Paris for Russians and local correspond to the ratio of prices and high academic results. Comfortable average air temperature (+ 20 ° C in summer) and a huge number of elegant parks all year round favors a pleasant learning environment.

Features of the school system of education when teaching in Paris for the Russian

Officially, a primary school in Paris is taken from the age of six, but many parents send their children to school much earlier. The education system as a whole is similar to most European countries and is divided into three levels of primary, secondary and higher education levels. From 11 to 15 years, children attend collèges, which corresponds to education at the 9th grade level for Russians. Further training continues through a narrower and deeper circle of subjects in lycées, where children learn at the age of 15-18. The bachelor, or le bac, is the final stage of the secondary education in Paris, and the academic results in the diploma determine the chances of the graduate to enter the top and prestigious universities of the country.

The culture of school education in Paris, including the training in Paris for Russians, focuses on improving academic abilities and, as a rule, teachers play a key role with minimal intervention by parents. This can become a stumbling block for some Russian children and their parents during their studies abroad. Classes for Russians and expats in public schools are conducted in French, so when you receive it, you must provide a certificate of sufficient level of academic French. To fulfill this requirement is quite possible, because in Paris there are many year-round and summer language camps , schools and vacation programs for children from 6 years old, even with zero language knowledge. The cost of academic studies for Russian foreigners starts from 240 € for one week. The price of linguistic programs, including accommodation, meals and leisure, will be much higher, but at the same time it will provide you with maximum comfort and the best conditions for staying abroad.

Training in Paris for Russians: the best schools with middle and high school programs

Training in high school in Paris can be done in English at the prestigious boarding school Notre Dame International High School . In high school, students between the ages of 15 and 19 will receive a full secondary education in compulsory subjects, and will be prepared to enter the best top universities in the USA and France in the elite atmosphere of the Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux campus in Verneuil-sur-Seine. Administration is very serious about the safety of foreign students, so children can live in a residence on a 5-day basis, or in a host family (if the child is studying abroad separately from the parents). The cost of training for Russians in the high school program is 12,000 € for the academic semester, taking into account the residence and organization of joint recreation and study of students.

Higher education in Paris and the best universities in France

The French system of higher education is divided into elite high schools of high schools and universities, the first of which are more prestigious. Unlike many other countries, universities in France are specialized in specific fields, and do not cover a wide range of all kinds of professions. For example, École Polytechnique is an engineering school, and HEC Paris is a business school.

One of the legendary world-class universities in Paris is the leading culinary school Le Cordon Bleu , founded more than 120 years ago. Training at the best chefs of top restaurants guarantees a quick and successful job placement, as Le Cordon Bleu graduates try to get elite restaurants of the Michelin guide. Within the framework of the bachelor's program, the school offers the following directions of academic programs for Russian and foreigners:

  • Buisness in culinary arts
  • Buisness in international hospitality management
  • Restaurant Management.

Training at Le Cordon Bleu involves not only getting to know the technique of cooking traditional French cuisine, but also for the most part the practice of introducing innovations, creating your own corporate identity and mastering the skills of doing business. The first year of study at the bachelor's degree costs 12500 €, 2 and 3 year - 11500 €.

In addition to its cuisine, Paris is known as the fashionable capital of Europe. Of course, it is in Paris that the elite institute Istituto Marangoni Paris is located , which provides a specialized education in the fashion industry. Here you can master the profession of bayer, designer clothes, finish courses of visual merchandising and business. Teaching of academic studies is conducted in three languages: Italian, French and English. Training for a bachelor's degree takes 3 years and can include an annual internship. The cost of studying for such a program for Russians will be from 10900 € to 19500 € for the academic year, depending on the direction. The teachers at the Marangoni Paris Institute understand the importance of using modern technologies in design, so the institution provides students with everything from pencil to high-performance computers - so that any restrictions on material support do not interfere with creative development.

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