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Training in Munich for Russians - the cost of studying in Munich for Russians

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Training in Munich for Russians - the cost of studying in Munich for Russians

Language and vocational training in Munich for Russians is a rapid step forward to a successful career in the future. Despite the high cost of living and studying in Munich for Russians (namely, Bavaria became the first land with paid training for foreigners), these investments will undoubtedly pay off and help to find a highly paid profession. In Germany, there is no single system of education - every federal land sets its own training standards in this or that region. Academic studies in Bavaria consist of several gradual steps of education.

Primary school and learning opportunities for Russian children in Munich

Children start attending primary school (Grundschulle) at the age of six and complete the first stage of education in 4 years. All primary schools of the city introduce foreign language training already in the third grade. For Russian children, too, there is the opportunity to get the best German education from the initial stage, having previously passed the language courses, since for entering the school you need a good level of German proficiency.

In Munich, there are several leading world language schools and linguistic centers . Most language schools offer an individual and flexible approach to teaching in Munich for Russians: you can choose a convenient time for classes and the extent of their intensity. Leading language centers in Munich also offer German language courses for children with zero knowledge for the summer holidays , training courses for TestDaF, German business and others. In addition, in Munich, prices for standard German courses start from 200 € per week, and vacation programs for children and schoolchildren by type of full board - from 1050 €.

  • One of the best options for teaching a child in the primary classes in Bavaria is the prestigious boarding school Landheim Schondorf. Founded in 1905, the school trains only 200 students, preferring adherence to high standards of education and elite environment. The cost of studying for Russians in an elementary school in Munich is 2935 € per year, taking into account living in comfortable double rooms and three meals a day. After completing the first stage, the pupil successfully passes to a secondary school, where Landheim Schondorf opens up opportunities for its students to participate in international exchanges with the US and French schools , both academic and extracurricular.

Training in Munich for Russians: elite secondary schools

After the end of primary school, Russian and foreign children have a choice: they can visit Mittelschule, Realschule or Gymnasium. The academic abilities of the child usually play a key role in which school they will go to, but this is also the choice of the pupil and the parents.

  • Mittelschule - offers a basic set of school subjects for training, after 10 classes the student will receive an incomplete secondary education.
  • Realschule - includes vocational training courses, where children receive additional education and vocational training up to grade 12 in one of four specialties: mathematics, economics, French as a second foreign language or music. Depending on the academic progress, the Realschule students can enter the gymnasium after graduation or continue to receive a profession in a technical school or college.
  • Gymnasium is the school with the most intensive training and high requirements to the assessments in the primary school for admission. The main subjects include mathematics, science and modern language studies. Successful students receive a degree called Abitur , which allows enrolling in academic programs at universities and colleges.

Those who prefer the British approach to education, St. George's School Munich also accepts for Russian and foreign children from the age of 5 for primary and secondary school programs + GCSE , A-Level and IB . Training in Munich for Russians in this school is in English and fully meets the standards of education in the UK . School of St. George's School Munich is distinguished by a high level of academic achievement among German schools , and its graduates successfully continue their studies at elite universities in Great Britain and other European countries. In the secondary school, children study 8 general subjects, as well as two foreign languages: German and French on a mandatory basis. Also, the academic program includes a drama club, sports and the study of modern computer technology. Thus, the student receives a maximum of knowledge from various fields, which will help to identify his abilities and interests for choosing a specialization at the next stage of education. If desired, the student can enroll in the future the best universities in France, Germany, the United States and Britain. The cost of training for Russians for one trimester of the academic program of the middle classes is 4585 €.

Higher education is available at one of the 14 universities in Munich , subject to the successful completion of Abitur. The last 3 years of study at a German school are crucial for the future schooling and career of a schoolboy. Therefore, the best private schools accept Russian and foreigners aged 16-19 years for the academic program Das Deutsche Abitur. Within the framework of it, schoolchildren study the required volume of compulsory subjects and are defined with their specialization. To do this, each school forms a list of electives, such as:

  • vocal
  • IT
  • painting
  • political science
  • health care
  • astronomy
  • theater
  • dancing
  • right
  • economy.

Optional subjects and academic directions are different in different schools, so it is worth to be treated with scrupulous care. Our specialists on the site are always ready to help you with the organization of admission to school or college, and also to choose the program that suits you, provide feedback on the best educational institutions and compare the ratings.

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