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Training in Montreux for Russians - the cost of studying in Montreux for Russians

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Training in Montreux for Russians - the cost of studying in Montreux for Russians

The unique Swiss education unites the best of the British, French, German and American educational models, so the training in Montreux for Russians opens the doors to educational institutions throughout Europe and the world. Diplomas received in this country are recognized all over the world, the availability of this document allows you to build a career abroad "from scratch." In Switzerland, qualified specialists from different countries with academic education are constantly required. In this country, the standard of living and income of the population is considered to be one of the highest, so training in Montreux for Russians is so popular today. The cost of studying in Montreux for Russians is quite high, but it will begin to pay for itself in the first years of professional activity.

Primary and secondary education in Montreux for Russian

Montreux is deservedly considered one of the best places to study in Montreux for Russian schoolchildren, because children can enter the primary school even with zero language knowledge. Linguistic programs in Montreux schools are designed in such a way that schoolchildren will receive all necessary language knowledge in the process of studying and resting. St. Georges School Montreux is one of the top 50 educational institutions in the country, all graduates of St. George's Guest House are 100% enrolled in the world's leading higher education institutions. The boarding house was opened at the beginning of the last century by Oxford alumni, focusing on the education of tolerance and humanism in the wards of the school. There is a school near Lake Geneva, so study and rest here are harmoniously combined, complementing each other. Training in Montreux for Russians at St. George's school-boarding school will cost almost 100,000 CHF (the price for the year, including accommodation).

The Monte Rosa Institute accepts children from six to nineteen. Here you can get primary, secondary education, and also take summer or winter courses. Children live in a residence that is in the territory of French Switzerland. Training in this Swiss institute is an excellent foundation for a future child, because education in Monte Rosa is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. A huge role in aesthetic education is played by the environment: next to the institute is the famous Chillon Castle, around the school there is a wonderful cove, a mountain range and forests. The cost of one term is just over 20 000 CHF.

Higher education in Montreux for Russians: nuances, features

When enrolling in a Swiss higher education institution, it is necessary to know that in a number of universities the Russian certificate may not be enough, therefore it is worthwhile to start training in Montreux for the Russians as early as possible. To clarify the rules of admission to a particular university, it is better to contact the university in advance via e-mail or to find out information on the official website of the educational institution, you can simply contact the Smapse consultants.

Such careful preparation is connected with the fact that the Swiss education system differs from the Russian one - and quite seriously. Also for admission to a prestigious university you need knowledge of one of the official languages of this country: German, French, Romansh or Italian. True, they will not demand a deep immersion in the language, it is sufficient to read fluently, write competently and be able to maintain a conversation with classmates and teachers. To confirm the appropriate linguistic level of preparation, you will have to pass the German or French tests, the Goethe Institute exam. In addition, a letter of recommendation is required. The minimum cost of training for Russian students in Montreux universities will be about 11000 CHF per semester, the maximum - more than 30050CHF. But the Swiss government encourages the most diligent and gifted students, students in elite universities in the country, paying them scholarships regardless of nationality.

For example, in the Glion Institute of Higher Education Switzerland in Montreux you can get an academic education in the field of hotel business, the skills of business and personal communication at a high professional level and, of course, a deep immersion in the linguistic environment. This Swiss university is one of the top institutions of higher education in the country. The Institute has developed an elite training program in collaboration with colleagues from Northwood University, which in turn is a prestigious university in the United States , which has the best reviews among foreign higher education institutions. The Institute is located in the most beautiful place of Montreux - on the shore of the famous Lake Geneva.

Summer programs for Russian schoolchildren in Montreux

The course of the summer program in Monte Rosa is two weeks, the cost of training is about two thousand Swiss francs. Three languages: English, German, French - to choose from. Students are given the opportunity to learn two foreign languages in parallel, as well as to obtain excellent linguistic practice of live communication. Bonuses are lessons in literature, mathematics, phonetics, business, and so on. In the summer school, an incredible number of sports sections, as they say, for every taste and color. In addition to traditional football, volleyball, tennis and fitness, there is mountain biking, windsurfing, horse riding and rafting, sailing. Traditionally, summer courses include excursions, visits to international parties and discos.

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