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Training in Miami after graduation, studying in Miami

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Training in Miami after graduation, studying in Miami

Miami is a popular destination for combining study and leisure abroad - students from all over the world come here! Here you can get an American or international education, enjoy beach rest and other recreational leisure. In the US, one of the best educations in the world , the most effective methods of teaching children are used.

Secondary education in Miami for children

  • Secondary school students attend from 12 to 14 years, which corresponds to grades 6-8. Children study a number of compulsory subjects (for example, history, mathematics, English, natural sciences) and 2-3 subjects, which they choose independently.
  • The next stage of training is the senior school, its duration is 4 classes (from 9 to 12 classes). The peculiarity of education is that children themselves choose which classes they want to attend and study: at this stage they start earning educational credits necessary for entering the university.
  • The last two years in high school can be used to qualify for International Baccalaureate (IB) - this international diploma is recognized throughout the world (for two years students are studying subjects to choose from).
  • In the 12th grade, students can study the Advanced Placement Program: they are chosen by students who want to enter the leading and elite universities. The essence of the program is that the student chooses subjects that he wants to study in depth, and this method of teaching in high school is very effective.

  • How to prepare for university entrance

    Universities of America are very popular among Russians and foreigners, but for admission it is important to have certain academic knowledge and to have a high score on the results of the language exam. In Miami there are educational institutions that allow to pass pre-university courses for children and schoolchildren:

  • preparatory programs with in-depth study of subjects to choose from
  • University Pathway Program
  • linguistic courses to prepare for the passing of language examinations.
  • The organization of the training is designed in such a way that the student not only learns, but also develops comprehensively - this is the key feature of education and upbringing.

    Types of training on language courses

  • in a group of 8-15 people
  • individual sessions.
  • Further training for obtaining a bachelor's title can be continued at the best universities in Miami:

  • New York Film Academy South Beach Miami
  • Johnson & Wales University North Miami.
  • For higher education , the leading institutions of the United States of America can also be considered.

    Linguistic programs for Russian and foreigners in Miami

    Often pupils need to pass language examinations ( TOEFL / GMAT / GRE / SAT ) for receiving foreign education in the US, the results of which can be taken into account by the selection committee. Miami provides an opportunity to prepare for them in courses in language schools. For example, at Academia Sanchez-Casal Florida, English language courses can be combined with tennis.

    List of prestigious educational institutions with preparatory academic and language courses

  • American Heritage School Plantation Florida offers preparatory programs for future students: Pre-medical Program, Pre-law Program, Pre-engineering Program. General academic studies are complemented by the possibility of in-depth study of medicine, engineering and law. The cost for the training year will be from 45000 $ / year. The school has 2 campuses, students live in host families.
  • OHLA Miami is an elite language school in Miami for children and schoolchildren, in which the University Pathway Program preparatory program is available. It includes an intensive linguistic course, academic classes in basic disciplines, preparation for international testing (TOEFL, IELTS , Cabridge FCE / CAE ). The price of training for the week will be from $ 300 / week.
  • Sprachcaffe Miami is one of the leading language schools in Miami; for students who want to continue their studies at the university, academic English courses are provided. Duration 12 weeks, the cost is from 2880 $ /, the intensity of classes - 4 lessons a day, all teachers are native speakers. The program allows not only to improve the level of English knowledge, but also to adapt to living in this city.
  • Training in Miami on preparatory courses has positive feedback among graduates, who later successfully entered prestigious American universities. You can contact Smapse, a partner of many international educational institutions, and we will select a program for you free of charge.

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