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Training in Manchester for Russians - the cost of studying in Manchester for Russians

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Training in Manchester for Russians - the cost of studying in Manchester for Russians

Manchester is a British popular city, there are excellent educational institutions. Training in Manchester for Russians will open many opportunities: colleges and universities have modern academic programs, many options for interesting pastime, museums for students are free, many gardens and parks, and the city is small and youth.

The advantages of studying in Manchester for the Russians

  • The modern British system of training is considered one of the best in the world: competently formed academic programs, advanced techniques and modern technical equipment contribute to a highly effective learning process
  • Students from abroad are friendly, teachers and local people are always ready to help
  • Comfortable living conditions: advantageous location close to shopping and entertainment infrastructure, close proximity to the city center, availability of everything needed in residences, on campus or in host families
  • The city has a close relationship with sports and music
  • Many foreigners believe that the easiest way to move to England for permanent residence is to enter an English school. There are two large universities in the city, thanks to which progressive young people from all over the world come here
  • Here is a wonderful atmosphere: the weather is somewhat colder than in London , but the city itself is smaller and living here is cheaper than in the capital. Foreigners will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of greenery and the red brick low-rise building, which forms a special look of the city.
  • In the top universities of the incoming students there is a serious load: the day is painted by the minute, much effort and attention will be required not only for study, but also participation in public life
  • Student visa allows students to work during the school year, but part-time, a maximum of 20 hours per week
  • In order to stay in the country after school, many students start sending CVs and going to interviews during the school year, although the student visa is usually valid for another six months after receiving the diploma. As a result, the work permit allows you to apply for a work visa and stay in the country
  • The employer will be obliged to pay a working visa of the foreign candidate, so it is desirable to seek work in large companies
  • The chances of staying in England are significantly increased if the specialty of students is on the shortage list: medical directions, pedagogy and IT sphere.

Features of educational institutions in Manchester

Manchester system of training is presented:

  • State and private institutions, the study of which is based on the basic British educational programs
  • Institutions that do not issue degrees and specialize in preparation for university
  • Colleges and universities that issue degrees.

For foreigners, the difference in the principles and methods of training between Russia and the UK should be taken into account and it is clear which educational institution they are aimed at. Let's consider the peculiarities of education in each of the presented educational centers.

Manchester State Schools for Russian

This type of educational institution has many advantages:

  • Affordable prices (tuition fees from £ 6000)
  • Most schools assume only a day-long form of education (in this case, it is necessary to find a host family), but there are public boarding schools
  • The training program in such centers is absolutely the same as in the private
  • Openness and accessibility to all comers.

Private boarding schools of Manchester

In boarding schools for children, elite education is waiting for - the cost, of course, is much higher than in public schools , but there are even more opportunities and amenities here:

  • Children live in comfortable conditions - some schools create the conditions equivalent to a five-star hotel: here the children are waiting for spacious dining rooms, comfortable rooms, many opportunities for sports and leisure activities
  • Children study in small classes, where teachers give each student maximum attention and carefully follow the progress of each
  • The guys are under constant control and in a safe environment
  • Among private schools you can find the following types: day, five-day and boarding houses.

Football Academy Edukick is a football school-board in which it is possible to pick up short-term programs or long-term training. The courses include sports training, English classes and listening to lectures on academic subjects. You can get training on the basic programs: GCSE , A-Level , High School Diploma . The cost of training will be from 42000 $ per year.

In the issue of admission to the university for Russian preparatory courses can be very useful and play a decisive role in enrollment. The Russian system of training differs from the British one - for this reason, graduates of Russian schools can not immediately enroll in a local university. Preparatory courses are designed to bring academic knowledge to the required level (the level of English school graduates is much higher) and help to adapt to a new language environment. Many foreigners find it difficult to adapt to life abroad, and to study at the university requires a decent command of the language, so these courses are recommended to those who are confident in academic knowledge, but have not enough conversational experience.

  • INTO Manchester is an educational institution for foreigners who have decided to receive higher education in Britain. In the center you can find programs that are aimed at future bachelors, masters and graduate students ( academic English courses , University Pathway , Pre-Masters ). This training center has become a launching pad for many international students! Tuition fees: from 17156 £ per year.

Features of studying at the universities of Manchester, the cost of studying in Manchester for Russians

  • University of Manchester is one of the most prestigious English universities with a large research and development center. It is a multidisciplinary institution that invites students to study at the faculties of music, commerce, business administration, pedagogy, art, science, engineering, law. The cost of training will be from 17000 £ per year.
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