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Training in Madrid for Russians - the cost of studying in Madrid for Russians

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Training in Madrid for Russians - the cost of studying in Madrid for Russians

Educational opportunities that allow to combine rest and education in Madrid for Russians have a huge demand today, since the cost of studying in Madrid for Russians and foreigners is mostly low. The Spanish system of education , as in many countries of Europe, includes three levels of basic basic education: primary for children under 12 years, average age 12-16 years and senior level (usually 2-3 years) at will and is optional. In addition to public institutions in Spain, there are international private elite schools that also support the academic program envisaged by the state. More than a third of Spanish families prefer to send their children to study in the leading private schools . At the end of a ten-year basic general education, children receive a certificate of graduation that determines the course of their future education

Primary and secondary education for Russian and foreign students in Madrid

In the capital of sunny Spain, there are many prestigious schools that host Russian and foreign students from the very beginning of education. Here you can find both budget options and the best of the best, top-ranked private schools throughout Spain. Teaching for Russian children in Madrid can take place in Spanish or English as the primary between the ages of 3 and 12. The cost of a month of training in a private capital school starts from 725 € per month and depends on the type of accommodation (half board or board) and the language of instruction.

The basic secondary school usually receives children at the age of 12 and studies under a four-year academic program. Leading private schools pay special attention to foreign children. The main goal of training in these years is to develop knowledge and skills that will allow students to move on to further education, since it is on the results of the school certificate that students enter the professional educational level. Teachers of private schools form a strict system for assessing the academic success of foreign students and provide quick assistance to the student in case of a backlog of the program. The price of training in the basic secondary education program in the best schools in Madrid starts from 1823 € per month or from 7000 € per year. The cost of the program includes instruction in two foreign languages, the organization of meals and accommodation for schoolchildren and various additional activities carried out by each school.

Senior classes for Russians and foreign students in the best schools in Madrid

Those who want to graduate in Spain can go on to study under the bachillerato program for two years. Within the framework of it, Russian adolescents are trained to successfully enroll in a foreign university with a chosen specialization. Training can take place both in a greater degree in Spanish with optional electives in English, and vice versa depending on the specific school and its characteristics. At this stage, foreign students are brought up with perseverance, perseverance and bring the level of foreign language skills to the level C1 required in the world top universities. As a specialization for Russian children, programs on design, art, science, exact sciences and technologies, and humanities and social disciplines can be offered. For Russian and foreign students, educational institutions provide the opportunity to study in a bilingual language environment, special language courses are organized for them , which will help to bring the level of language proficiency to sufficient for the successful completion of the academic program. At the end of the last 2 years, students will take exams during May / June, and the final result will be based both on the results of these exams and on the basis of a two-year mid-term evaluation.

Especially for foreign students aiming to enter the top British or Spanish universities , King's College Madrid Soto de Vinuelas has an academic A-Level program with a deep specialization in the subjects studied. The course of pre-university training provides a high level of knowledge necessary for successful admission to prestigious bachelor's degree programs in medicine, engineering or law. The cost of studying for this course for Russians is 8000 € per year, including accommodation in the residence and catering services to choose from.

Professional sports training in Madrid for Russian

In Madrid, the best football fields and training facilities in Spain are concentrated, so there are many elite boarding schools and academies that allow you to practice football at a professional level without affecting the school curriculum. Football Academy Edukick Madrid offers programs of middle and senior classes with trainings under the guidance of the best diplomaed FIFA trainers. You can also combine study and rest for the summer or study Spanish with football. The cost of the academic program is $ 49,000 per year including full board accommodation. Professional trainers and teachers provide complete safety for foreign students for the entire training period.

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