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Training in hotel management abroad, hotel business abroad

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Training in hotel management abroad, hotel business abroad

The direction of hospitality is one of the most dynamic branches of international business. Get a quality education from this area can be in the specialized institutions, which are quite numerous abroad. It does not matter what you choose - hotel management in Switzerland , restaurant business or culinary art - among the many offered programs you can definitely find the right option. The diploma of a hotel manager abroad is not only considered prestigious, but also gives his owner a good perspective for building a career.

Hospitality in Switzerland and Europe

In European countries, schools and universities of tourism prepare bachelors in several major specialties: hotel business, tourism, restaurant business, marketing research in tourism, public relations, event organization, sales and business administration. Students can choose for themselves an educational course and a period of study at discretion. This is possible due to the fact that the Swiss learning structure, recognized as classical for tourism and hospitality, consists of several stages.

So, in Switzerland you can get a qualification in the hospitality industry for 1.5-2 years, and after having finished studying for 3-4 years, the student will receive a bachelor's degree. Also, universities offer post-diploma programs that are designed for students who already have higher education, business MBA programs and short-term advanced training courses.

In the list of subjects for study are: hotel management, personnel management, operations with drinks and products, as well as foreign languages - a student of the University of Hospitality studies at least two European languages of choice. For example, English and the state language of the country of study.

All universities offering training in one of these areas have a distinctive feature: here the compulsory part of any educational program is practical classes and internships. This approach to the learning process helps the student to see all the pros and cons of the chosen specialty, and also to consolidate theoretical knowledge in conditions close to the real situation. Many internships for young people who have received a bachelor's or master's degree in the future become a way to employment: more than 60% of employers in the sphere of restaurant business, cooking or hotel management hire students who passed their internship. Among the companies cooperating with universities on internship, usually the best representatives of the industry. These are brands known throughout the world: Four Seasons, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Booking, Hyatt, The Ritz-Carlton and others. In Switzerland, students gain experience in the walls of luxury hotels, such as President Wilson, Grand Ambassador or Beaux Rivage Palace.

As for the choice of a place for training, the first thing on this issue is to study the proposals to Switzerland, because it was here that the first higher schools of hospitality and hotel business appeared. In this country, all institutions of a similar orientation are united by two large educational groups - the Swiss Education Group and Sommet Education.

The membership of the Swiss Education Group (SEG) includes:

The prestigious Sommet Education group includes:

There is another country that supports high educational standards and has several of its schools for tourism and hospitality - it's about the UK. On the territory of this state there are also several specialized institutions of different formats, where one can obtain the qualification of hotel management:

In Europe, there are many prestigious universities with a high rating, which are also well suited for the training of foreigners and Russian students:

  • Le Cordon Bleu (France + affiliates in London, Ottawa, Sydney and Adelaide)
  • Libera Universita di Lingue e Comunicazione (Italy)
  • Hotel School The Hague (Netherlands) and others.

Admission to all European schools of hospitality is held in the same way: candidates are not provided with any entrance exams, but to apply, you must properly fill out the application forms - the requirements for their design in each institution of their own. The requirements for the language level of the students applying are rather high - 450-550 points in TOEFL (some universities require IELTS and FCE language certificates).

Universities have international status and are accepted for training students from all over the world, so students need to know English at a confident level. At the same time, many institutions offer English courses for foreign students in order to help them fill the gaps in knowledge.

Training in the hotel business in Switzerland and in Europe - list, prices, rating

Studies in all universities, training professionals to work in the tourism industry or hospitality, is only paid on a fee basis. The exact cost of obtaining education in the field of tourism and hospitality will depend on the country and the particular educational institution. In Switzerland, study prices are almost the same everywhere - on average, this will require about 20-25 thousand Swiss francs. In Swiss universities, in addition to the educational process, this includes accommodation and meals for students.

At the same time, let's not forget that the students of universities of hospitality will undergo mandatory internships in a really operating restaurant or hotel - usually the employer pays the work of the interns on an equal basis with the rest of the employees. So, per month an intern in Switzerland can earn about 2 thousand francs. As for universities in other European countries, the average price here will average 7-10 thousand euros. At the same time, meals and accommodation for students here must be taken into account separately.

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