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Training in Geneva for Russians - the cost of studying in Geneva for Russians

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Training in Geneva for Russians - the cost of studying in Geneva for Russians

Switzerland is a popular and prestigious place of study for students and schoolchildren: hundreds of educational programs operate here, and living conditions and leisure opportunities are at the highest level. Training in Geneva for Russians, even despite the rather high cost of studying in Geneva for Russians, will be an excellent preparation for higher education and a springboard to a successful, promising future.

The advantages of studying in Geneva for Russian

  • Children from abroad, including Russian schoolchildren, can start their education at any stage of the school and university program: from primary school to postgraduate education
  • In Switzerland, four national languages - foreigners will be able to practice here and with special zeal to learn another foreign language. Training in Geneva for Russian will help you to easily know several foreign languages by the time you graduate
  • Educational institutions in Geneva occupy top places in all sorts of ratings
  • Impeccable quality of education and excellent climatic conditions, developed culture and friendly local population - all this certainly applies to Geneva and justifies even the high cost of studying in Geneva for Russians.
  • Features of educational institutions in Geneva: programs and prices. The cost of studying in Geneva for Russians

    In Geneva, there are academic programs based on different national educational standards. Accordingly, the language of instruction in Geneva for Russians depends on the choice of the program - at the end of the course the student will receive a certificate of the country whose program he studied:

  • Here you can get education at all recognized courses of the British system of training A-Level and GCSE
  • Schweizer Maturitat - Swiss Learning System
  • High School diploma and Advanced Placement - American direction
  • French courses Diplome National du Brevet and French Baccalaureate
  • German program Das Deutche Abitur
  • The Italian branch of Esame di Stato.
  • For schools in Geneva, there is a bilingual education system, thanks to which you can learn two foreign languages. At the end of the middle classes of the Geneva school with good results, graduates can apply for places in the best universities in the world , and in high school students choose which subjects to study and prepare for the university. You can apply for a university only after graduation from the Swiss school or after a special pre-university training.

    In Switzerland, the courses of the International Foundation last two years. This program operates, for example, in the IFM University Institute of Finance and Management, a university specializing in training specialists in business. The cost of training in the preparatory course will be from 6500CHF per term.

    In Geneva, there are prestigious universities and business schools, in which the following are very popular:

  • hotel management
  • business
  • travel business
  • management
  • finance
  • restaurant business.
  • Higher education in Switzerland can be obtained in English or French. In Geneva Business School there are bachelor, master and doctoral programs, this is one of the leading schools in the country, located in the business center of the city. The educational institution offers training on exclusive programs for foreigners seeking to obtain a diploma corresponding to international standards.

    A special point for admission to a Swiss university is the registration of a student visa - this should be taken care of in advance by contacting the visa center and providing a number of documents:

  • certificate from the university for admission to the university
  • certificate of payment for training
  • school certificates, certificates or diplomas
  • guarantee letter of the sponsor.
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