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Training in Brighton for Russians - the cost of studying in Brighton for Russians

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Training in Brighton for Russians - the cost of studying in Brighton for Russians

The traditional British training in Brighton for Russians is one of the most popular among the destinations for the cost of studying for Russians in Britain. Situated on the shores of the English Channel, Brighton is the most famous resort among Englishmen and tourists. Nightlife here boils so violently that with interest it can overshadow the best London parties in the summer, so among the English, Brighton is commonly called London by the Sea. Brighton was also named "the most progressive city in the UK" according to The Guardian in 2015 and "the happiest place to live in the UK."

The system of academic education in Brighton, including training in Brighton for Russians, meets UK standards and is divided into 4 levels:

By the age of 11, schoolchildren are completing primary education and moving to secondary school. According to the National Curriculum, all students undergo National Tests (NCTs) during the first two years of study in the major academic subjects "Literacy, Arithmetic and Science". In the past two years, students have passed GCSE exams to obtain a certificate of completion of the general secondary school or GNVQ with the professional qualification.

12 and 13 classes in the school are optional, but they are very important for the successful career of the child in the future. At the age of sixteen to eighteen years, students prepare for the A-level exams, after which they are given the doors to the top universities of the country.

Boarding schools in Brighton for Russians - the cost of studying in Brighton schools for Russians

Attracting feature of training in Brighton for Russians is the world-famous elite boarding schools , where students live throughout the school year in traditional English mansions. This form of training again gained popularity after the release of a series of books about "Harry Potter".

  • Academic study programs for Russians in one of these boarding schools are available at Brighton College , which annually trains 900 students from around the world and is included in the top 20 private schools in the UK . The cost of studying in Brighton for Russians is from 11,750 £ for one trimester, taking into account the placement of the student as a "full board" type. For Russian children with zero knowledge of a foreign language there are also additional English courses that will help the child to quickly join the academic process, even for children with dyslexia, classes with a qualified teacher are organized. In the framework of training for Russians in the middle-class program, it is possible to obtain an average professional qualification in over 70 possible areas, and in their spare time students can visit the library, music and sports halls, even sailing classes. Despite the rich program of leisure and a lot of optional electives, students at Brighton College regularly demonstrate a high level of academic preparation for the A-level exams, and 98% of graduates enter prestigious British universities.
  • Every summer, the prestigious Roedean school prepares an Embassy Summer vacation program for children with zero-language knowledge from 9 to 17 years old, who want to tighten up their English and spend the summer in the atmosphere of a traditional British boarding school in the southern resort of the UK. Roedean School guarantees adventure vacations for every foreign student and provides a wide range of academic English programs with an additional bias: from sailing with professional instructors to horseback riding. All additional classes are conducted by top specialists and a coach in their field. The advantages of these classes are that the child, doing what he likes in the English language environment, quickly overcomes the language barrier. The cost of studying for Russians in Brighton starts from 1295 £ for one week, taking into account the accommodation in a boarding school under the supervision of the teaching staff and organizing three meals a day, taking into account the wishes and medical prescriptions of the student. Qualified personnel and curators of the elite British boarding house ensure the complete safety of Russian and foreign students throughout their studies abroad.

International training in Brighton for Russians in the academic program IB

Prestigious worldwide education on the academic program IB is available in Brighton and for Russians. The IB program is offered by a number of private schools , trained under the guidance of the International Baccalaureate Organization. All students study languages, social sciences, experimental sciences, mathematics and art. IB is divided into three programs covering the following age categories:

  • The program of initial years (PYP) from 3 to 12 years,
  • The middle-aged (MYP) program is 11-16 years old,
  • The degree program (DP) is 16-18 years old.

The academic program IB has existed for more than 50 years, focusing on the education of Russian and foreign children and schoolchildren for the development of the personality, the upbringing of leadership qualities and skills that enable them to become successful and the best representatives of their generation. All DP training programs are reviewed every 7 years to accommodate changes in the world, and include the latest results of educational research and the latest teaching methods. IB Diploma is recognized in leading universities of more than 90 countries of the world: this means that the graduate is practically not restricted geographically and will be able to continue education with high rating in the best universities abroad. The cost of one academic year of study for Russians and foreigners in the boarding house is an average of 31500 £. All children live in comfortable residences, and dine together in a huge living room. Training in elite boarding schools in Brighton for Russian and foreigners is an excellent opportunity to get the best international education in a traditional English atmosphere.

Summer academic programs in Brighton for children and schoolchildren

Summer training in Brighton for Russians is a wonderful time for rest and study abroad. Weather in the summer especially pleases with a comfortable temperature of the air, the beach becomes a city center of attraction with its noisy parties and open theaters.

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